Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Conscience- audition

Hello darlings, it's been a while. I want to update this space but the wifi sucks here. I've been busy about...what else? My life is all about make up now. I will be free like a bird in 2 weeks, and will show you the pretty pretty places I went. 

Have you heard about short film in Brunei? If you have passion and enthusiasm in acting, you are welcome to the audition of this short film, The Conscience. You can meet awesome people here too. 

Check out the Facebook page and join the audition if you are interested :) see you there. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My June in words

OMG...It's been a month that I did not update this space. I've been pretty busy, life's been happening (good way and bad way), too crazy...I didn't take much pictures recently and I won't for the coming 1-2 months because my phone is broken. I have registered for the DST package to get that iPhone5, so I'm still in the Q yea.

I didn't have wifi during my trip in KL, so I didn't online much too.

My house got broke in, so there was two days for me to settle everything and repair the damaged stuffs. I was alone at 1am when I found out my house got broke in, I thank god I'm safe although things got stolen =.=

I was able to watch one movie, X-Men. Although I fell asleep for 5-10 min, but the movie was good. And I want to watch Transformer!

Few Brunei friends went to KL and so I brought them around hah!

I'm now preparing for my make up career and I feel slightly stress, I don't know why. I'm applying for a job that commensurate my Bachelor of Business Admin too. Any recommendations?

Life's been great. Although sometimes bad things happen to me, but it's good to learn from mistakes and at least I'm safe 平安就好。I'll be crazy busy in July, and hopefully I can update a lil bit here. Let's see hehe.

Tata, *smooch*.
Miss the egg Benedict! So hungry nao...><