Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Depot VLO

 Went to Depot VLO again but this time I brought my family.

Caesar salad

Mushroom soup. One of my fav soup.

I introduced my mom this Fish Normandy because I really like it when I ate last time. She said not bad too.

Beef roll...something. Can't remember the name. It has a pic in the menu.

The beef is stuffed with onion, beef, tomato, etc. Not bad too! 

My brother forever order the same food in Western restaurants, Fish and Chips =.="
If Japanese restaurants, he orders Unagi Don everytime! 某D新意 (no creative).

My mom took this pic then my dad asked me "Unhappy?" No I said and wondered why he thought so.
Then I saw this pic. I didn't actually feel that my expression looked like this. Like I was afraid of the cam and say " that creature?" lol I was just normal smiling anyway. 

Time flies and it's August tomorrow! Just booked ticket and I'm flying to Kuala Lumpur next week. Yay~~ Who doesn't love holiday. 
I found a cool part time job too which the working date is next week too, it clashes. Too bad, the pay is not bad some more, interesting job somemore. 
That's it for today, goodnight :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weeks in Photos

Hello! It's been good and bad. 喜怒哀乐all in a week. Nothing special here, like usual, do a little part time at home, hang out with friends, chit chatting, waiting time to pass and can't wait to make fun of the brothers at the friends' wedding and lil getaway to Kuala Lumpur. 

Went to Miri for dentist and got my pretty teeth back. 

Bought this cool stuff in Miri. 


and After. Captain America the leng zai!

I wasn't sure how the puzzle looks like when I bought, was afraid it's too easy or too difficult. It's OK, does has a BIT challenging. 

My mom saw and asked who I'm making it for, is it for my lil brother. I said "No, it's mine." She replied "ha? I thought this is for guys." Well, I like to play with puzzle thingy. I like to turn the pieces into a complete work. I like interesting/nice 3D puzzles more. There's so many 3D puzzles I saw in the shops, but not all that I would like to display because it wastes space. So I only get those I wanna display ^^

This is a puzzle too. A music box I made last time.

Iron Man

Work it Iron. Be sexy~

Then I realise when these kind of toys landed on the girls hand, they will try to make it sissy. Y.Ling was trying to make it sissy too!

It has 2 kinds of transformation. 

Iron man, FLY!

I said this is COOOOL because....

They can be combined together and becomes Iron America!
It's really troublesome to transform from one to another =.="

This is another combination where Iron Man is the main point.

They are so cool that I wanna get all of them!

My grandma is having garage sale in Seria. Selling a lot a lot of stuffs, like brooms, wash clothes tools, neck tie hanger, luggages, etc they are all cheap because we wanna clear the place. Do go and check it out because the weather is very hot, I pity my grandma staying all day long there waiting for people to come. More info in the previous post!

A dinner with le friends. 

I tried making this mug choco cake topped with Ice cream. Not perfect but not bad :)
My mom was shocked when she knew I wanna bake cake at 5+ish because it was almost dinner, she was trying to stop me or something, but I got everything done in 5-10 minutes. My mom was like "so fast!!? can eat or not oh?" lol Actually the baking process was just one minute. 

Yesterday was a bad day. Something happened and it broke my heart, I couldn't accept that whole thing in a short while, so was kinda lost my temper and control. I dislike it when people judge me when they know nothing, but they think they know everything. I was trying to explain a little but I find it hard to communicate with this kind of people when they don't even understand my main point. But on their side, they are the innocent one. So fxxx it. I wanted to explain, my tone maybe rude, when I start to find it difficult to make people stand on my side then I'll BURSSTTT! We have different point of view, can't communicate then. 

Anyway, I was soooo down that I couldn't be alone anymore, Y.Ling came to the rescue and I felt SO much better like nothing happened before that. Was like why did I feel so heart broken.

Was trying not to smile but laughed so hard after that. She wanna be anonymous here. 

Like nen-nen.

Dessert makes you happy, it's true.

This girl makes me happier. 

Friday, July 26, 2013


我是不会接弄我pek cek 的人的电话。你打来要问我为什么没有让你请吃饭,你叫我怎样答你,你讲啊!我没有让你请你已经“汗凡” 啦!还要像警察审问犯人。你觉得我还敢找你meh!


我最讨厌那种人,明明我不生气,他偏要惹我,最后还要怪我stubborn!? 吃屎啦你!我鄙视你*鄙视 hand sign*


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Caring our lips

Have you heard about this brand, Kji & Co? They have few products, but I'm seeing this World First Hours Lip Spa. I already have facial masks, lotion, foot masks, etc but I think we should take care of our lips too. I have dry lips, I need to apply lip balm few times a day. What I need is not  keep applying lip balm, like it dries and I apply, dries again and I apply. I need a moisturize lips without applying lip balm so much ba. 

This thing is indeed a good stuff, costs RM130 (promotion price) at Sasa. I was shocked  to know the price, never thought it's that expensive. But I need a better lip care so yea...and I researched about this product before I bought, and it looks good. 

It consists of 3 lip care, and it needs to be used together.
Lip Tattoo 1 is for discoloration (yes, I need this part). It lightens lip discoloration. It can be used on nippies too! 
Anti Age Lip 2 is line fillers and lip plumper (woo~). Some people ask how can lips age. It does! Compare your lips with your mom's. Aging lips have lines and not that filling I think. 
Lip Masque can be used overnight and doesn't need to be rinsed. For reducing dry, wrinkled, parched and flaky lips. 

First, apply Lip Tattoo 1. It's watery, the smell is not awful but I dislike >< Wait till it dries.
Then apply anti age 2, the smell is sweet orangy! And that's it!
For lip masque, apply it before sleep, or whenever you need it.

After Tattoo 1 and anti age 2. 
It's effective. I say so because I didn't apply properly at first, so the lip color actually changes, it appeared pink patches (the parts I didn't apply remain the same lip color), then I knew I didn't apply properly because I never thought the color changes so fast and obvious. 

This thing is too good that I have to introduce to u ladies, men can use the masque too.
Be sexy with your lips *pout*

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ah Ma Garage Sale 4

Hello dolls! My grandma is having Garage Sale again. Starting from tomorrow till 2-3 weeks later depend on the sales. 
The garage sale majority sells NEW stuffs, like stationery, plates, kitchen stuffs, kids stuffs, car stuffs, cute stuffs, whatever that you can think of. You can request to visit the storeroom because storeroom got more stuffs. 

Everything is selling cheap because we wanna clear the place. It's hell too much stuffs! 
I may be selling my stuffs too, new and second hand.

Raya is coming, so you may need a lot of plates, cups, etc, you can go check them out. Please help me spread the news. Your maid may be interested too, they like to send things back to their country. My grandma won't stop doing this till everything is sold out. Thank you much :)


After a year, I finally going to the dentist in Miri tomorrow! Excited and worry. Worry that the dentist tells me that my teeth is out of shape. Damn the thieves who stole my invasalign and passport last year that made me couldn't visit the dentist in Miri. And Brunei government dentist don't wanna accept me because my braces was done in Miri. Private clinics are not allowed to do braces in Brunei too. JPMC is hell expensive. 

I just hope it doesn't cost too much for reshaping my teeth/doing invasalign. Because I wanna dye my hair so much!!! Sigh, jobless sucks. tata...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My week in photos

I said it was my first time driving to Miri, it's not that hard actually. But these 2 kacau confused me with the directions. So in the end, I'm still not very sure about the way. And to save time maybe, Gerald drove after that. 

The Hello Kitty!

The minion! I'm not a big fan of them but a fan of the banana song.
(ok I just realised he's poking the eyes)

Main point of going miri was to do facial as my face went really bad and dry, and no matter how much moisturizer I put, the skin is still peeling off. THEN....on the day going to Miri, my skin recovered totally and smooth. =.=" But facial still on la, haven't do facial don't know since when already. 

Si beh ugly after facial, I don't know which part to cover. But they kept telling me that I looked OK and wanted to take pictures ><

Ate bah kut teh before sing K. 

While waiting for the night session of Terminal KTV, we chilled at a bar first.
Covering face again x.x really ugly bah.



Then in the weekend, we celebrated J's birthday and happy hour.


The next day...

Went to beaches to search for stones for Dk's aquarium. 


Dinnered at Sushi Tei. The omelette clam udon was so good. Our orders were so good that I kept making the 'yummy' sounds like "MMMM.....WAA.....好吃!" If you ever eat with me, u may know what I'm talking about. Then Dk asked "你要爆炸了哈?(are u going to burst?)" lol xiao kia.

Later that night...
Beribi petrol station opens till 12am right? I went there at 11+ and it was closed! Maybe because of puasa.
Not enough petrol to go back Seria, so....happy hour!

 Recently I have that don't-touch-my-woman face when I take pic with SY, I'm actually smiling :D !

 The next day...
Breakfast at Mr. Baker

Then watched RoofTop by Jay Chow. I slept again but this time, worse! Normally when I woke up, I agak-agak know what's happening in the movie, but this I totally have no idea. When I woke up, Jay Chow is already with his admirer...anything exciting before that? =.=

Yesterday the guys chilling at my place.

The present I received this morning because I parked at the roadside.  A lot of people park like that but I was unlucky just now. I had just wasted B$50 in my life. I could have use that to eat ho-liao. Sigh...

It's ok, 小财不去,大财不来。