Thursday, September 27, 2012

The classmates

Some of us were separated since form 5 (6 years ago), and some since form 6 (3 years ago). Some of them I rarely contact, and some still keep in touch because we study in UBD together. So sad right when we were once so close then lost contact because we have different goal. So we are going to have another reunion this weekend with a bigger group. It's been a looong time that my house didn't organise gathering :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thief in the hostel

Since it's my final year, when I thought of we are going to leave hostel few months later, I feel sad. These 3 years+ we have been staying together, sometimes eating together, we can communicate with each other so easily and talk at the corridor, or stay in friend's room to chat for hours, so easy to ask for accompany when we want to go out, just knock on the doors when I have problem, etc. Our bond got closer because we stay together.

BUT...most hostels have this case happen I believe. Something that really pissed me off is when people STEAL my things, yes it's steal. The first time when my cooking stuffs got stolen was around the time when my car window was broken by the bastards. And I have to re-buy everything. I put a warning notice without sensitive words, and hostel manager also put a warning notice there.

And this is the 2nd time my stuff got stolen. I know my hostel mates sometimes may use my things, I'm generous enough and don't actually mind if they are not too over. But this time I found my cooking oil lost, I assume that person must have finished it and thrown it away. !@#$%^&* I don't think this is the right way, right?

Luckily I have a spare cooking oil, if not, when I was about to cook and found no cooking oil, and I need to purposely drive out and buy!? Shouldn't be that way ok. 

First, they should not even use my stuffs, Sorry to be bias, but I don't mind if my friends use it, but my friend have to tell me that she is the one who use it so I won't be that angry.
Second, if you use people's stuff, then replace it la. 
Third, you shouldn't use, for example, cooking oil, until finish! That is selfish. Just buy your own!

Do I look very rude here? I was very sweet the first time and it's the thief's fault. And I actually received phone call, message, knock on my door asking "What happen to your cooking oil!?" lol

The third time, I'm gonna use foul word that starts with F.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birthday vid for Carol

I recorded this while on the way to Miri. Dk had already reached my home that day to pick me up, and I don't even have the time to record the vid. Then we went to KB tea etc and didn't even have the chance to record because Dk was with me and it was so embarrassing, so ki siao to talk alone to my phone. 

I may 婆婆妈妈, 咯里咯说 if my boyfriend asks me to record a vid for him. But that day I was so semangat and promised Carol without second thought "ON! I'll do a vid for u." Sigh, 我在女人的面前是多莫的懦弱。

We almost reached Miri Custom and I couldn't even talk in front of my phone with Dk beside. Until he stopped at the road side, got off the car and let me talk to myself with the phone. I was so nervous and afraid he peeked me, so I kept looking at him. At the same time, the Gangnam song kept interrupting me. 

I know I'm stupid so you don't even need to comment that unless you think I'm cute. Or you don't even need to watch because this is my online diary, I just want to keep the stupid memory here and laugh at myself 10 yrs later. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Miri!

This was the most productive day during the sem break :)

Dining at Station One. 

If you know Station One got a popular drink named YesTea. It looks so refreshing and attractive. Please don't expect too high if you are ordering it. It's just a green tea, unless you wanna drink green tea

Salmon Pasta, not bad.

Wanted to take a pic of the hot babe behind.

 Mini haul:
Bunny perfumes from Parkson.
Few months ago I already have an eye on this, but I didn't buy. Went back and it was out of stock. And I saw them again yesterday. It smells really nice and light, like you're in love :D

Cute. Yes, I mean me.

Very nice earrings. 
Kinda headache at first because I have 7 pierces. Wasn't sure how to match them. And I figured out. 

Get this because the smell is bit similar as Body Shop limited edition Cranberry shower gel
Yea, it's limited edition, that's mean no more selling on the rack. So I replace it by this.
Only RM1 for the second one, so Dk chipped in RM1 and asked why do I need to consider that long since it's just RM1. lol
Because it's really a big bottle, I wonder when can I finish it. 

MQ hot pants.

Before going to Miri, I recorded a stupid birthday vid for Carol. Since Carol said it's not stupid so I decided to upload it for the sake of memories in case something wrong with the gadgets and I lose the video. Do you know how much courage for me to upload that stupid vid!? I am so stupid in the vid ok. I'm throwing my own face ok. But I don't care. Because I look chio in the vid lol Stay tune.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My weeks in photos

I have not been blogging...I know! I couldn't even remember what I have blogged and I referred to the previous posts lol

I'm currently having semester break and it's like FINALLY I HAVE A BREAK. Because we have been busy almost everyday doing assignments and uncountable meetings, we couldn't breath. 

On Wednesday I had my interview for the trip to Japan, and suppose today I can receive the result, however I have not receive any message yet which kinda make me nervous. We have around 8-9 students joining and only 4-5 students can go. I don't wish I'm the unlucky one, but if I am, no choice right, I go myself loo.

These are the photos for these 2 weeks plus. 

It's not a good thing looking at this kind of picture at this time (midnight). I miss sashimi again~

This is my fav creamy seafood udon. It's not in the menu because too many people order, you can imagine how popular is this. But if you want to order, they still available. 

Sweet delivery from the friends.

My lecturer is so nice that he treated us nasi katuk. 

I don't sing k that often but whenever he looks for me, I am singing k lol

When I see her, I see lol
It maybe partially my fault? It all started when she wore angry bird shirt on a party because I told her to cincai wear, then my friends thought I tricked her but :( how I know this would happen. 

总为你忐忑为你心软. 毕竟相爱一场. 不要谁心里带着伤~~~

Water best for happy hour lol

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sushi Feast! sluuurp

Ima make you crave for Japanese foods at this time :)

Just now noon we had a sushi feast! Unlimited sushi treated by my relative. We can even customize since the chef was there making the fresh sushi. 

Sashimi my fav!

My mom stopped CJ to take photo then he said to me "Your mom like you eh." lol

CJ's face so smooth, this is unedited ok.

This was just in 2 min! The chef must be feeling pressure.


We all faster grab before it's too late.

After that, it was impossible for the chef to fill up the boat anymore. We were waiting there for the sushi and grab when the chef put onto the boat.

Aniston excited to see herself in the phone.


It's my dad's birthday today! And this 3D card is made by me.

My family always like to ask the married couple to kiss "KISS KISS KISS...." lol

It's mango cheesecake from fluer-der-lys (not sure how to spell). It's nice!

Chocolate cheesecake made by my aunt.

Enjoyed the sushi and they are really delicious.