Sunday, February 28, 2010

CNY day 15


Today all people must be enjoying the last day of CNY, try our best to gamble as much as possible, or drink as much as possible, or receive ang pao as much as possible.

I feel a bit unwell. But, I finally finish my MIB essay!!!!!!! FINALLY!! with the help of my bro. Hah! what's the use of brothers, especially when you have a book worm brother? xD

What I did just now? Hmm, I eat ho-liao at my grandma's house, and have a long chat until 11+pm with CJ. We recently chat about the same topic because it's a HOT topic, xD.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I was thinking what to post, because these 2 weeks are Chinese New Year week. I am doing the same thing everyday, beside doing my work, I go to open houses, pai nian, "earn money" and....

Yesterday was UBD and ITB table tennis tourney for PSK selection, if not mistaken. I played 6 matches, won 4 matches. I seldom win, so I super-duper happy when I won although no certs and trophy.

I like it when he sings "I don't know why~~~~~". He's cute.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Uni life

OMG! When I entered my room this noon, the floor was a mess! The 1st thing I thought is "Thief entered my room? by how? Boxes? I don't eat these. Why?" I thought again, OK~ now I remembered that I told Chien that she can collect recycled stuffs and sell it to the recycle company, and now she gave it to me.

Got ICT mcq test this noon. I can't manage to study all the chapters. When I saw that I got 55%, 2 feelings: 1. Thanks god, I pass; 2. damn low mark. So, should I feel happy that I pass, or disappointed that I get a low mark. If I fail, I definitely will feel unhappy; if I get a high mark, I will be super happy. What can I do is to prepare earlier next time. This time so coincidentally that we have to submit our group and individual MIB essay at a same time, so it's a bit too much to do.

Went to Ice bar again.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CNY day 10

Today's my grandpa "passed away anniversary" (any better words?). So we have ho-liao again!

This is just part of it.

Ba-zheng mee sua, sort of chinese herd I guess. Very nice!

Time for crackers! A very BIG cracker.

Long until neighbour's

Super loud and u can feel the floor shaking. Watch the video.

I ran because cannot tahan wa, and you can't see anything, all smoke.
It's a quick one actually, because it was BIG although it's long. Imagine the giant fire cracker.

The smoke moved towards us very quickly and we all RUN, even tho we were upstairs! Imagine how strong it was.
*choke choke* hard to breath.

However, it was nice after that, red all over the floor and roads.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Life's like that

I'm really exhausted. I just don't like to do MIB, but I have to. Deadline is nearer, and I sleep later and later every night. Now I'm having sore throat and a bit headache. No chicken soup for me :( Life's hard.


Oh, got a news that Wu Chun is back to Brunei. His house full of fans now. ^^ How I wish I can be there, for sure I will do my work rajin-ly. And play panat with him xD Well, not a fans of him, but local artist ma, proud of it.

Opps,, should I expose this? Rich people has many rules. I'll delete if someone inform me not to post.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY day 7

Vaccine Rumours Baseless: MoH READ


Didnt take much pics this year. All how how take xD

Yesterday open house at mine, I just knew it last minute because i thought it's a small gathering of my dad's friend and it's on sunday. But my dad called me telling me got open house OK~. I have been eating restaurant's foods at open houses whole week, and few times a day. x.x I thought my parents gonna order from restaurant again, but luckily, my mom cooked, and all were my fav foods.

...and OPPS! how could I forgot to take pics of yesterday's fun! If not, u will 流口水 reading. Btw, I won again! ^^

Friday, February 19, 2010


I miss Wretch 无名小站. Before I use blogspot, I used Wretch. I love the design, the feel with all chinese words, and the music of wretch. I used wretch few years ago, so I might have something which is immature and talk craps xD

Love reading posts from wretch.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY day 4

I'm very careless. Sorry groupmates. I'll improve myself.


@ GHK's
How many maids does this house need?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY day 3

Day 2 went to mom's parents house, GHK's and friends.
I think I eat more than 5 meals that day. So many open house. I'm glad I'm skinny, so no need to worry xD

Day 3 super rush. 10-1 and 2-4 have class.
Then after class, rush to aunt's open house.
After that another open house, and another.

This is humpthy dumpy's(spelling?) wall. Something like Jenga (spelling?). You cannot make let the dumpy fall.
Suppose this is for the kids, but after that, we teens and adults joined.


This is my plastic teeth
The container is glow in the dark!

I never thought of showing my bag, but everyone says that it's nice ^^

Because I have a good sense of fashion.

Tomorrow going to Pehin Lao's open house most probably.

I totemo beh tang kua on day 30. I don't like ugly photos of me get posted, and also don't like people say they love it when I think it's super 'beh tang kua'. :'(

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy CNY and Valentine

Sui o? ^^

Happy Valentine!

And Gong Xi Fa Da Chai!

This year's Chinese New Year is usual like every year.
Afternoon go to grandma's house, watch lion dance, take LOTS of pictures, open house at mine for family at night and watch fire works.

Sexay pic of the day

For me, the foods are too spicy. whooott

闪亮 do re mi

Hah, almost every year we have same pose, and the angle from downwards.
This taken in 2007

2008 my grandpa passed away, so not much pics taken.

This is 2009

We getting more leng loi every each year, aint we?^^


Wanna show off my dress. It's not original like this. I think it's too simple, so I DIY a bit. I made the dress shorter in front and longer at the back, something the dress of bride xD
a bit princess-ness also. ^^

I bought this at KK. That time ah Hua totally disagree of that dress. I asked him why but he just didn't know why. But no matter how, my feel tells me that the dress is OK. Luckily, I insist to tell myself that the dress got nothing wrong and it's perfect, and I bought.
I showed again to ah Hua few hours later, he said, "Ei? How come just now I think it's not nice? Now I think it's nice." Great to hear that.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ban Hup 万合

I removed my braces!
But it's replaces by a plastic fake teeth making me uncomfy. Show u next time, it's in my mouth now.

Went to this kopitiam name Ban Hup which set up in 1946. It's located at the so-called 'miri old street'.
What do u call this big-name-tag? a banner?
Anyway, this is made in 1946 too, that's why it's a bit faded. And the words are hand written.

Nothing much to eat because it's kopitiam.
Only different kinds of noodle, burger, sandwich, drinks.
What attracted me to eat there was the set lunch which costs RM4.00 to RM 7.50.

A very chinese style kopitiam. It was just renovated. Before that, it's super old.

The man who set up this business is the grandpa of the current boss.
His grandpa is well-known, was positioned Kapitan.
One of the roads in miri is named after him, something like Jalan Ng.....

This is Chicken 'Dang Kui' soup with rice.
It's delicious, but getting bitter and bitter when u about to finish it.

Why I know so much about this shop because the boss kept introducing and tell us the history. This shop experienced 2nd world war.

This is the upstair.
It shows the pics of the shop in 1946.

Du...that's the boss.

The most below one attracted me. That's the antique kettle people used before.

This pic has been 100 years. It shows Miri's 1st oil well.

Now I can smile like that ^^

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chinese New Year song


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reflection Wellness Zone (Stone Spa)

Remember, I went to consumer fair part 5 last week, and I bought a $10 voucher from Reflection Wellness Zone. It was for the Hokutolite Stone Spa, the normal price is $69 (if not mistaken).

These are what u can see when u enter the place.
They sell products too.
Love the place, because it's super clean.

Before doing spa, I was asked to drink a bottle of water. It's filtered water with stones inside which is good for ur health. Real big bottle which made me si beh full.

Was asked to change to Kimono. Have to take off ur clothes and under-wareS.
Very sexy lor...


They use this kind of stone, what I see is only these black stones, not sure if there's other kind.

The spa takes place in this coffin-liked thing. You can see from the 1st pic how they put the stones. It was then covered by a towel and u can lie on it.
The spa takes about 30 mins.
30 mins is like jogging for 30km.

For the 1st 10 min, I was not sweating. I thought I got a problem.
But after that, I super wet on my whole body.
I feel hot inside. My feet felt the hottest but my body was okay.

After the spa, was asked to drink a tea (ginger + lemon grass + pandan).
I should say, I never drink such a nice tea before. I bet the girls will love it because it smells nice, taste super delicious.
So ngam I just finish my period, so I guess ginger tea is the best for me. hehe

There's a promotion for the voucher purchaser:
- 3x treatment
- 1x blood test
- 2 complimentary voucher (can bring friends or family)

The benefits of Hokutolite Stone Spa:
- Activation of Autonomic Nervous system (ANS)
- Strengthens Immune system & speeds up metabolism
- anti-aging, skin radiant & regulates hormonal functions
- body slimming, dissolves body fat & triglyceride
- balance blood pressure & balance blood sugar level
- reduces water retention & reduces swelling
- improves bowel movement & detox
- improves blood circulation & reduces cholesterol level
- improves stress tolerant, body fatigue & muscle rheumatism
- improves chronic arthritis & gout
- increases musc;e strengths, vitality & mental stability
- increases in oxygen & nutirents in the cells
- improves EQ


My mom employs a maid. The maid agent saw my skin, and introduction of product starts. This month I receive a lot of intro to products. aiks...My skin is recovering wa. It's a lot better than before, a bit scars but my skin still very smooth! She intro-ed this hydrogen water made from Japan. It can cure cancer or whatever, I guess we don't need doctor anymore.

I told my dad don't need to buy. It costs $180+ for 30 packs. You drink it and leave a lil and tap on ur face. How if it doesnt work? My dad said, "Just try la". My mom said the seller went to shop to introduce, and started to use cotton to put on people's face to show how good it is. I sometimes don't know which products can work on me, because I have used thousand of products. I still remember my skin starts to be not nice after Jason's birthday on 2008.

My dad bought a TreadMill. I don't need to go gym anymore! Actually I can jog on my uni's sports complex field. But whenever I REALLY jog, I feel tired easily. However, I don't feel tired on thread mill. Haiya, go to Stone Spa, no need to move also can sweat xD