Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1 minute commercial but you understand it well

Watch this video below. It's a simple commercial yet meaningful and you see stories by watching this one minute commercial. This director/creator/producer is really creative.

The girl is walking just few steps in few different countries. Awesome!

And this is the making of the commercial:

I'm going to Singapore tomorrow. Not using Singapore Airline but AirAsia from Miri.

May or may not be blogging these few days since I'm bringing my laptop along because I need to do assignment. Just one assignment but need to do a lot of work.

bon voyage me *smooch*

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's not exam period, and I'm stress

As the students know, UBD is not very efficient. They like you to refer here and there. Don't get it? When you got a problem, you attend to someone, that person would tell you "Sorry, I'm not the one who deal with this, your lecturer is the one." I went to my lecturer "Sorry I can't help you in this, programme leader's the one." How many person you want me to refer to?

I thought my uni modules registration had settled last Saturday, I'm finally relieved and not worrying anything about that anymore.

Today, I went to confirmed the lecturer that I have joined the lecturer, but I'm still not in the list. She responded "programme leader gave me the student list, and he said it's final."

I said "Yes, I went to the exam department, and I'm sure I'll be in the list. I want to know will be I given a grade for my 1st and 2nd week's assignment."

She " I only give grades to those in my list."

I "Yes, but now I have joined and I have done the assignment, so would I be given a grade?"

She explained a lot of things but not answering my question.

I "can you check with the programme leader to make sure I'm in the list"

She "No, I can't do anything about this. He gave me the list and he said it's final."

I told her I have registered wa!!! Then do something!!! But...

She "I don't know who can I refer to."


If a lecturer doesn't know who to refer to, what more can a student do?

I'm in the list at the exam department, but I'm NOT in the list at the faculty. Shouldn't the staffs who should deal with this and not a student?

I'm so helpless. I thought it's over. Then now I need to....what.......who can I go to? Me, as a student, I need to figure out these things which the staffs the one who should deal with it.

Student's job is to sign, to register and to confirm. We have no idea what every staffs is doing, so the staffs should do it.

You won't believe, neither I, would expect I cried after so much explanation and the lecturer didn't get a thing.

Somemore, one of the lecturers never reply my mail.

Helpless :'(

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nur Wanita Buffet

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I appreciate it ^^

Among the buffets than I have eaten, I highly recommend Nur Wanita.
It's not as many choices as Cheezebox or Rizqun Hotel, but every of the dishes are delicious. When you eat it, you can feel how patience is the chef cooking every of the dishes *yummy*

I didn't take much photos as they are too delicious that I'm not willing to waste my one millisecond to try them and continue eating.

Fruit punch is just good.
Tom yam soup is not too sour, not too spicy. Very nice.
Those on my plates, the curry chicken, soy sauce chicken, vege, etc. What I like about the dishes are they are not very spicy and they taste just nice to swallow.

Chiang Mai noodle is not bad too.

This meal is very very satisfy. At least I feel it's worth spending on it, unlike Orchid Garden Hotel, the foods were terrible.

They have the typical Thai dessert: the tang hoon and squid salad; cakes, ABC.
They have various drinks like fruit punch, Valentine Milk, Soya bean, Coffee and tea, warm water.
They have BBQ chicken and beef. They bbq it on live!

There's this fruit named "red rubby". I'm not sure if I mistaken the name or the spelling because I cannot find a picture of it online. Carol kept "WOW-ing" while she was eating that as she felt the fruit is *indescribable feeling*.
So I tried, OMG, I can feel the indescribable-feeling too. It tastes like pearl at the outer layer which we have in the pearl milk tea, and it's crunchy inside.
They put this fruit somewhere around ABC, so I'm not sure where this thing should be eaten with the ABC.

The buffet costs $18 per adult.

Yes, thumbs up to Nur Wanita.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unusual Miri trip

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This trip is rather different. Let me begin...

Spot the man behind sitting lonely and unhappy over there.

I bought few things, here are the interesting one.

It's the facial mask made in Korea which I mentioned in my twitter "It sounds ok when a face mask costs RM29. But when it is discounted to RM9.90, you start to suspect the quality."
When I was going to pay, I didn't know there was a great discount. I was shock it actually cost less than BND 5.00
I'm gonna try it tonight and see if it's going to spoil my skin.

A lot of CDs with a total RM 80+. ok, it's not mine actually haha

excuse me, that's not wrinkle on my forehead, it's my scar.
I'm still young ^^

A very clear reflection from the sunglasses

therefore, another photo :D

The main point of this trip is paying a visit to the Miri Crocodile Farm.
First thing when you say Miri, most people would think "A zoo in a small town is not interesting."
Hmm, yes, it's not interesting but interesting + scary...for me.

RM 6 per ride per person.
A very short journey only. Kids will love it and you will not.

I'm not sure why 兵马俑 is here.

The skeleton of a crocodile.

Dare you eat?
We didn't got the chance to eat because the chef had left. So go early if you want to eat.

The life span is similar as the human's.

Crocodiles are fat and big. They obviously look strong.

They stay like that for a very long time. They don't move and you would thought they are dead.
It's a strategy for them to get their prey: "acting dead".
I was so scared that they may suddenly jump and that would really freak me out.

They don't move, and so their mouth. They open like that for a long time too wondering if they are not tired.
They don't blink too.
Aiya, they are just identical to a fake croc okay~


There are other animals too.


Squirrel moves pretty fast!

Peacock doesn't show their beautiful tail if there's no female.

Hill Myna.
They can speak and whistle. Watch video below.

Civet looks innocent.

The pond that make you wonder if there's crocodiles inside.
Ok, may be just me wondering.
Of course there's not, unless one of them have escaped from the nest.

You clap, the birds fly away.
And watch out for their poo dropping to head if you clap.

"If a Cassowary is disturbed then generally the bird will choose to fight rather than run away and it can inflict severe and fatal injuries to anyone...Cassowaries will also attack cars and will kick with their feet and stab with their beaks at doors and windows"- VinceLewis

Buy the foods and feed the horse

Huge dairy cows

Goats escaped from the cage. We witnessed it!


Ok, I know I look weird here

Wishing well

Alvin "Please, I need a girlfriend."
Lee "中头奖 please."

Watch us feeding the crocodiles with the chicken:

The crocodiles show. I guess the crocs have live there so long that they know it's their dinner time when the MC announced "Here comes the crocodile show....", then all the crocs started to move towards the lake.
Watch video below to see how the big/old crocs eat the whole chicken:

I really afraid of animals, including dogs and cats. I dislike them touching me, I'll freak out.
I was then so scared when the goats escaped from the cage, I was afraid that they gonna hit me like anytime.
I was afraid of the snake that it may chase me even though the zookeeper was there to take care.
I was afraid of the monkeys.

So this may be the last time visiting the crocodile farm.
It's more interesting and fun if you go in a big group, and the kids will make the trip merrier.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The worst of me

Back to 10 years ago, when I was a teenager, the time when we all are growing up and the time we started to know how to make up ourselves.
At that time, I didn't think I was that ugly because there were still some guys proposed to me, but now it's a OH-NO to me. I looked terrible @.@

In 2002,
when I was 12,

I'm the left. Yes, I was chubby and still wearing the geeky glasses.

In 2003,

when I was 13,
I thought I was beautiful with that hair style.
This was the age when I started to have acne, and it was really horrible.

In 2004,
when I was 14,
There's actually a clearer version of this which you can clearly see my pimples *urgh*
But I'm not going to make you lose appetite.
Since this cannot actually spot my pimples, so I thought this was the best picture of the year.
And that was the age when I started vaining.

I thought I look sexy like that.

In 2005,
when I was 15,
Again, in that year, I thought this is the best picture of the year.
This was when I have my first hair rebond.

Tell me why there were still guys like me when I looked like that?

Then I cut my hair like that @.@
and I started to wear contact lens.


In 2006,
when I was 16,

During the prom night, I got the best dress unexpectedly.

The first time I got my hair dyed red.
After that, I start dying multiple colours.

In 2007,
when I was 17,
The first time I got a crush on a guy.
I highlighted my hair pink.

I then cut my hair like that.

And I got a sweet look like that.

In 2008,
when I was 18,
I liked this outfit so much.

I have my hair dyed for more than 3 colours.

The suddenly I became so wild.

In 2009,
when I was 19,
I wore braces that time.
So when I smile, I didn't show my teeth.

I straightened my hair again.

After some time I permed it .
This is the ugliest hair of my life.

As my hair grows longer, the perming part got uglier.
So there was a period I tied my hair like that and it turned out not bad.

in 2010,
when I was 20,
I removed my braces, and I have a beautiful teeth.
From that time on, I am confident to smile widely.
I started to become prettier I know. hehe

when I turned wild.

In 2011,
I am 21!!
This year, again, I dyed my hair red.
But not sure from when, I don't my hair much.

And this is the most recent photo taken yesterday.

You had your mouth opened so wide in the beginning of this post, then your mouth started to go smaller and smaller. LOL

May be you thought I looked OK in some pictures, but in real life, I tell you honestly, I don't think you would ever want my number (I mean back to few years ago).

At least I look better now, at least there are people who think I look like Jolin Tsai, some say I look like Amber Chia. lol

I hope few years later I will not laugh at myself looking at the pictures in 2011, saying the same thing "OMG, how could I thought myself was beautiful that time."