Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I could stay awake....

Nothing much about me this week, just some pictures.

It's been a half year that I don't play table tennis, my skill is rusting.
Or should I say I don't even have a skill LOL
So I just went to volunteer for the tournament to have a certificate.

As u know my best buddy came back from KL, and he left yesterday.
This time I didn't promise him to send him flight, because the last time I promised him, I ended up sleeping at hostel :D

Ah boy supposed to be there too, but damn him, always say he's tired and he went home without notice.
We bored till we just hang out at eldy's house and played Jenga.
Just me and him! @.@

Then I invited 2 kaki.

2 days I felt happy spending time with the buddies.
Uni assignments that never end make me feel tired.
The never ending argument makes me doubt whether my decision is right.
The moody days I don't know who is the right person to complain to.

I'm heart breaking too when I said something that hurt him, which I think it's right to hurt him and ask him to go away, at least he may feel happy without me in his life.
I understand when he starts blaming and scolding me saying that I'm selfish, but what to do? 长痛不如短痛。
but who can understand that I really need time to heal?
I need time to make myself think "having a relationship is something happy, not....."

OK, I can't explain in words how I'm feeling now.
I just want to be moody-free.

Next week, UBD is organising Enterprise Day, where, US, being 2 days of entrepreneurs.
A very economy entrepreneur ^^

The only thing we worry about is the number of visitors. Hope it's not gonna be little!

Will blog about the Enterprise Day next week...

Remember to come to UBD and support my booth!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Still like always, I'm very busy with my uni life!

But i'll always just make myself off at the weekend to hang out with friends, or watch movie at home.

2 childhood friends of mine came to bandar and looked for me. If you stalked me in FB, you will have seen these pictures. hehe
These weeks I just can't stop laughing when I start to laugh! Which is a good thing to me, but to my friends, they would say "can you please stop laughing?"

Mal, Eldy dy, and me
I was photogenic that day.
Good hair day, good skin day~

K-Box updated their karaoke machine to touchscreen.
I didn't play with it, because the 2 guys were those who did the singing, and I did the laughing.

Brought them to Snowhouse since Eldy never been there.

We were excited whenever we took a nice photo with everyone in the picture.
We are good in self-shot ^^

OK~ this moment was one of my happy moment in life, where we are able to have reunion.
You know, you have a lot of friends, but how many of them are the true friends? who stay in touch with you? and most importantly, those who don't back stab you.

I actually don't mind when people back stab me, but I'll just feel sad.

It's so hard for me to look for some of my friends, may be they don't want me to look for them, or they have new group of friends and don't wanna hang out with you anymore.
There's a friend of mine always complain that I don't look for him, but he never reply whenever I sms him =.=

I'm lucky that most of my friends are nice, or should I say, at least I didnt get bullied by my friends.
The only bad experience I had is when I was in KK with my friends. One of them came and told me, "hey eahui, u know, XXX behsong you."
And I cried so hard and kua jang LOL
And I went to say sorry to her, but she said "I never say such thing like that."

However, the trip to KK was so bad because was spoilt by one of the girl.
I will never go travel with this girl anymore.
This girl doesn't know the definition of "Travel" and the definition of "childhood friends" and the definition of "人情味".

So, that time, we, whole group, didn't eat, shop, have fun with her.
We only see her in the apartment when when we done our day. HMPH!

Sometimes she asks for my help. I should consider not helping her anymore. LOL
There's no point helping someone who don't even care whether you are alive or die. right? ^^

Chua family is going to Taiwan later,
leaving me here spending time with assignments.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eat is the happiest thing in life

I'm always lazy to drive to Kiulap and have a groceries shop. Hoping that someone could just drive me there.
Friends would say, "Go to Giant la..."

But I don't like shopping at Giant because I think the vege there are not fresh.

However, I'll always feel happy after having my groceries shopping, I would just throw everything I like into my trolley. What I have bought are called Impulse Goods (lol, learnt it this evening in my lecture, it means goods that you purchased without thinking)

I know I know, the things that I bought just now shown in the picture above are all unhealthy foods, SO WHAT!!!!
As a uni student, si beh lot of assignments, sleep late wake up late, don't even have time to eat, so, this is when all the instant foods come to the rescue!

Anyway, I also buy healthy foods ok. I eat cabbage almost every night, healthy enough?

And if u know me, and you're thinking "Ei? I thought eahui doesn't eat chips."
Yea I don't, one packet of chips took me more than a month to finish, that's fine, it won't damage my skin that much. I don't wanna eat instant noodle that much, so may be would eat some chips OK~~~~ 不过分好不好~

I was happy, but the night class from 7-9pm and meeting later 10pm-1am just make my mood down.
Stop mentioning dooms day if we can't even run away from that! I'm so scared of dying :'(

I pray for the people in Japan, hope everything is fine,
hope the disaster would stop.
U know what I want to say ~~ *love*

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hachiko: A Dog's Story Trailer

The best movie that I've watched in my life is Titanic. I love the story and it is still so touching no matter how many times I watch.

Few days ago, Long introduced me this movie and kept telling me how nice it is. I watched the trailer and it looks like a boring movie. He told me that this is a true story so I read the wikipedia, yea, the story is really touching. So i decided to watch it just now during my lunch. I ended up eating salty mee soup (coz of my tears :'( )

I may not cry that hard if it's a not a true story. But it kept coming to my mind, "How can this be true? How can this dog be so loyal?"
Even human may not make it, waiting for their loved one till die.

This is another movie that will printed hard in my memory.

Download it and watch, darlings...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Clara International

I used to do facial at Miri V-Beauty around 2020. Well, guess I can't go down that often anymore due to some reasons.

I've been searching good beauty salon that satisfies me and most importantly, they can solve my skin problem. I've tried Almost @ Paradise, my friend's, etc and I don't really like it in terms the way they do it.

Some beauticians try to persuade you to buy the expensive products or do expensive treatments, but the skin problem does not solve. I met a beautician, who loves to tell me how good the product is and asks me to buy buy buy.
I told her, "the product you introduce me last time, makes my skin worse and my skin was so dry."
she replied, "OH! because u haven't try all the products yet."
Hello~ only if your products are free, then it will be possible for me to try all. Beautician like this just can't persuade me, and makes me lazy to continue listening to them.
Products may be good, but may not suit everyone.

And one more thing this beautician makes me really cannot tahan is, she is not flexible and argues a lot.
Normal salons trim your eyebrows for free if you do facial there. However, this beautician argues a lot when it comes to money, even when I was the loyal customer there.
It's normal that a customer says "hey, since I do facial just now, discount a bit for the treatment la."
She will reply "cannot discount, this is cheapest already. you want cheaper is it? You go to another salon lo."

lao eh~! still got mood or not if you listen this. Let you earn so much, $10 cheaper will die meh, no free eye brow trimming somemore.

Anyway, I have heard Clara International before but the price is very expensive.
Since I'm not sure when I'm going down to miri, since my face grows a lot of things and I can't tahan anymore, since I can't find other better salons, FINE, I'll try.

I searched about them, and read this article.

It sounds good when I read:

"All beauticians in the branch received certification from the Clara International Aesthetic College, Malaysia's first beauty academy established in 1977 with the primary aim of enhancing beauty knowledge and skills in its students through comprehensive and extensive training and development in the beauty industry. "


" its treatments is that there is no squeezing, no peeling, no bleaching and non-surgical - hence leaving no ugly marks, no redness, no uneven skin tones and most importantly no side effects. "

I went to try this evening, and the way they do it is quite similar as V-beauty. Only that the products are different, and price is quite expensive x.x
At least I was comfortable and skin looks better.

OK, cash decreased again, damn it!
Thanks god that you are born to have a smooth skin. Pity me...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Be A Member Today

*photo take from rano's site*
Have you seen this advert?
Today's 10th March, 3 more days for u to grab!
And I have renewed my member card just now~

Some people want to get these awesome freebies, but don't know what to buy.
I'm a big fans of Face Shop Concealer.
If I don't buy it now, I'll buy it next time. So why not get it now since the freebies are so attractive!
The concealer costs $29.90 with 10% discount if u're a member.

2 free mask sheets and BB Cream tester

Vouchers si beh nice one. There are discount vouchers, free skin analysis and free make over voucher.
I love the Free Make Over voucher.

White Tree samples for whitening you skin.

It smells nice.


I found that it's actually the Sleeping Mask which smells nice.
I WOW when I see this sleeping mask from face shop, I love sleeping mask.
I only tried Laneige's. Now I'm gonna try Face shop's.

Stem Cell for age defying skincare

After u use the skin cares above, U will look leng like me...^^
*like I've tried lol*

"sok" like me...
Guys pass by also will say HI to you
seriously, I had the experience when a guy came and talked to me in a polite way, when he didn't even know me.
Taiwanese call this 搭讪 ^^

Introduce u this, it's nice and it's from Escapade.
Someone treated us eat, because he "fatt tak" in a sudden lol

Don't be lazy, keep yourself pretty will make yourself feel happier

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This week

Gonna be a boring post hehe

*click to enlarge*
LOL the room number written so small using pencil, and we were looking for it.

This Dr, a lecturer of mine, quite funny. And he talks a lot.
He calls me blonder, because of my red hair. I'm happy that he knows my hair is red, not brown like what others say~~

Hey, I watched I am Number Four. The trailer doesn't attract me actually, and I said "I don't wanna watch movie." to everyone I see lol

However, after the stress of studying the Financial Management, fine, joined a friend with his BIG group of couple friends for the movie. That really freaked me out okay~ I never seen a BIG group of couples watch movie together.

The movie not bad la, at least I didn't fall asleep. It's great to watch it in cinema, since it's an action movie.

It's been a loooooooooooong time that I didn't take pictures of me and friends. Gonna do it when I'm going out with any of them.

Recently, I'm just busy with tests, meetings and assignment. Hell lot the assignments that I have. That's what the mid of sem is.

asta la vista

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Papaya Milk Drink by Thermomix

Hey darlings,

Have you ever heard of Thermomix?

This machine si beh KIK one. You can use it to make a lot of foods. Basically, ur home just need this one machine, and you can have your 3 meals still.

It can cook rice, make sauces and dips, bread, cakes, biscuits, pastries, cook vegetables, soup, drinks, jams, desserts and foods for babies and toddlers.

This is the machine, and my mom was doing Papaya Milk Drink.

I took quite a long time to finish this, my mom made a big mug.
I don't drink milk in case you don't know, but I can drink this.

I like black bean + pandan drink made by this machine, really nice!

I dislike the lemon drink which my mom forced us to drink, si beh sour one.

I made a chocolate cake for Hua's birthday using this machine.

This machine costs around $2000+ if not mistaken.

What's so good about this machine? It can cook a lot of foods, and it's fast in speed!

I'll find a day to make banana smoothies!
will treat you if it's nice ^^

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Morning in JPMC

I have been wanting to have a cervical vaccination since last year suggested by my dad, cousins and friend.

Since I'm having a week holiday now so I went. Lucky I didnt took it before my semester break, because my arm feels pain ok! So not convenient to do everything, only can do it with one hand.

I have been thinking to take this vaccination in JPMC or private clinic. Because JPMC is more expensive and I wonder what's the reason for that.
Was worry may be quality of the vaccine is different, but I asked my doctor and she said "there are only 2 companies who produce the vaccine for cervical."
Guess that's mean no matter which clinic u go, they may have the same quality of vaccine.

The first person I saw when I arrived in JPMC is the boy who opens the door for u like a bellboy.
"oh, so that's the reason why JPMC is more expensive?"

This is the 2nd thing I saw, the interior design. It doesn't look like a hospital OK~
"oh, so that's the reason why JPMC is more expensive?"

And a very nice looking bakery.
"oh, so that's the reason why JPMC is more expensive?"

My appointment was at 9.20am, like usual, I only arrived at 9.20 am. I was actually asked to register at 9am.
I just love to sleep

I need to pay $10 for registration. "ha? registration also need to pay? :'( *yuk cek = heart pain*"

At least the service was fast.
I don't need to queue, and I wasn't the only patient.
But well, I didn't wait too long. And I didn't have the time to read something too, may be the brouchers on the table, or the magazines on the shelf. No, I didn't have time to read those for the 1st time in my life going to hospital.

I gained weight from 38kg to 39.5.
However, hmm, I thought I was 159cm, but this morning I became 157.3cm.
I'm happy with my height actually, I have standard height, since Asian guys aren't tall like the ang mohs.

I was consulted to know more about this vaccination.
There are 2 kinds, so I went for the more expensive one around $400+, which not only prevent cancer, but also prevent warts when exposed to sex.
This cancer may be caused by multiple sexs, your partner him/herself or u yourself.
I forgot to ask the doctor whether these diseases will spread if the couple use condomn.
This consultation costs me $75. So good to earn being a consultant, I'm gonna consider being a consultant, just to talk about few things then $$$$$ coming in.

I was so brave to sit on the chair ready to have the injection on my arm and I didnt feel scared.
But dang, I saw her doing with the needles.
I was OK when I was injected in the beginning, but the nurse started to push deeper and deeper. She said "ok, I'm going deeper now~" "GOD~~~~~~~ *start to cry*"

So embarrassing as a 21 years old cha boh, I still cry for injection.
Wonder if I would still cry when I'm a mother.

I'm feeling a bit pain and numb on my arm now.

And this vaccination is for life! Just 3 doses, and you don't need to inject again till u die.

Girls, consider this vaccination although it may be costly.
But for the sake of your health, yea!