Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Couple Shirts updated at MissFab Fashion

I've just uploaded Pre-order couple shirts at MissFab. Go check if you haven't! You can comment or inbox me telling me what kind of couple shirts or any fashion that you're looking, I'll try my best. 

I'm still jobless, who wanna hire me!? 

Feel like wanting a getaway to KL or Singapore or somewhere cheap. Checked the flight to KL & SG and they are not cheap! :( Not feeling that happy in Brunei, I need to get out of Bru visit my friends, eat and shopping and make my life a bit more happening! I'm going to KL 3-4 months later, but I want to go now baaa.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'm 23!

Still okay to tell you my age now, may be not after few years. haha

Although it says my birthday, but BB is the main character haha. 

I celebrated the eve with my family because I would be in Miri the next day.

BB came to my house in the morning and we car pool to Miri. The car got problem while on the way and we had to stop few times at the road side for the car to rest. Luckily, the car didn't die completely and we didn't need to push the car, or else that would be the most unforgettable birthday ever. 

Was so happy to see a bathtub in the shower room and that's mean I can bubble bath! Soaking in the warm bubbles smelling awesome is the most enjoyable thing.

Went shopping at Parkson only and these are the hauls. 

We went dinner at Mr. Ho which now they changed the name to JD. 

I like this pic!

and party time!

That 杀气 in my eyes lol

More photos at my FB soon.

Most of my gifts this year are in pink.

Super translucent La Senza lingerie and a book. 
Sometimes guys receive condoms as gifts, and girls receive lingerie huh? This is the 2nd time I receive lingerie on my b'day. 

Roses from Dick. 

I still have presents and birthday treats to receive! Can't wait can't wait.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weeks in Photos

Times flies. Today's my 14th day of holiday and soon I'll be working. 

I have moved out from my hostel. These are the post it from Shimmy, we always write messages and stick on each other's door. Sweet times~

I finally ate crabs at KL that I had been craving for. My friends didn't like it, I think it tasted good.

I've been craving for Ice Bar's mango snowflakes but don't have the chance to drop by and eat. Then I found that mango ice cream is quite easy to make so I made it and it's yummy! I ate too much that I'm kinda bored of it already, I still miss Ice Bar's!

Last 2 weeks, due to heavy rain, the arrival hall of Brunei Airport got flooded. People actually made fun of it and made a 9GAG saying "Brunei Airport is also a foot spa." lol kinda embarrassing. 

Then someone photoshopped a photo like this. I thought it was real at first but friends told me it was fake la =.= 
RBA has claimed:
"Royal Brunei Airlines has been made aware that this image was uploaded and circulated via social media after last evening's flash flood at the Brunei International Airport. Please be aware that the image of RB's aircraft partially submerged in water is edited. 
Please understand that creating and circulating an allegation such as this is considered a crime. Thus we seek the assistance from the public to stop circulating this false image."

I rarely eat breakfast, and that's why I love having a nice breakfast, the western style that includes egg, toast, orange juice etc. Breakfast always reminds me the happy times in Singapore as I woke up early everyday to take my breakfast in the hotel <3 p="">

Of course happy hour on the weekend. 

I like calling his name, very nice to pronounce like Kosa Kosa. lol

Celebrated Mother's day at a opening soon Jap restaurant, Gohan at Kiarong.

Big macaroon! 

Triple chocolate mouse from me to my mom. That is a chinese word pronouns as 'Mi', that's what I call my mom. It's supposed to be 咪, but it's too complicated for the non-Chinese staff to write. 

the mothers. 

I'm starting piano class on this Friday, excited! I never thought I would have a chance to learn piano, because my mom was being unfair that she didn't allow me to learn but allowed my bro. Nah, sad times. Since it's a holiday, with some savings and have a power to make my own decision, it's a good time to learn new stuff!

Monday, May 13, 2013

MissFab Fashion

Hey dolls,

My online boutique has just launched. I'm super nervous actually, I hope everything goes well. Click here to enter the page, thank you for liking the page and I appreciate your support.

I'll update at least once a month. Do tell me what kind of outfits, accessories or fashion you're looking for. I need comments to make this page better, right right right?

I've been planning and working on this boutique for months, I thought I could launch it earlier when I was still in Uni but uni works were too hectic for me to do this. I designed my logo last year and that was the time when I have this boutique idea. I designed my FB cover, adverts, etc etc and I was super happy when I got good comments about them. But that's not the important part I know.

Please visit and share the page with your family and friends, I thank you for that. I'm planning for guys outfit too, so please check the page for updates. Arigato gozaimasu~

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Insomnia? I watch videos

I have serious insomnia, it's 3am now. I'm not sure what makes me energetic at this time, but I guess it may be because things keep running in my mind. I keep thinking stuffs like what I'm gonna do, how I'm gonna do etc.

Sometimes I feel sleepy but I don't wanna sleep, I wanna do something! So I'll always watch videos at this time, I'm addicted to watching YouTube and it's a must before I sleep. I have subscribed channels that I like, I'll check them everyday to see if they have any updates then watch them.

The channel that I for sure will watch everyday, because they upload everyday, is The Ellen Show. I like listening to Ellen, she's humorous, the guests are cute and funny, she surprises people, etc, I like everything about the show la. It just make me feel happy by watching it.

I like this kid with lots of expressions lol

I like to watch what people do in their personal life, which it's called Vlogs. Ofcourse, not everyone that I'm interested. Normally famous people, and my idol maybe. So I watch Daily dose of Bubz. She's from HongKong, she's active, cute, funny and her dogs are cute! I like the way she talks too.

She does make up tutorial too but I don't really watch them because....

...I prefer Michelle Phan's. I'll faint happy if I meet her one day. I was impressed by her Lady Gaga's make up few years ago, then I started watching her. She's so good in making up herself, and ofcourse, I like listening to her ^^ Besides make up tutorial, I like watching her favourites. Because compare to other videos, she talks more in her favs. 

If I don't feel like watching short clips, I'll watch 康熙來了. The show is funny, esp the female host.

I have the same reason of watching these videos, that is, I like listening to them, I like the way they talk. I don't really like watching those people with Australian accent, I guess. I'm not really sure if that's an Australian accent, they have heavy 'th' or 'f' sound. They sound like there's a hole between their teeth and has lots of wind coming out while talking. 

Like this:

I'm not hating people with these accent, but I just dislike watching them. It makes me headache =.="

I need to try to sleep, goodnight :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tasty Corner Steamboat

Hello dolls, I'm having holiday now and I haven't meet boredom YET. Been good these days, dinners with friends, happy hour and do my own stuff. I plan to start working in June if any company is going to hire me. I just need one month to rest and do my own things, that's isn't too long right? Because my mom asked me why not I start now. Noooo...I need holiday! I want to be super ON if there's any function. Urm, but not really, not ON if I have some other things to do. 

Have you been to Tasty Corner's Steamboat, I just went last week after so long lol Located at Gadong, under the bridge. 

It's renovated. I'm not sure if they have steamboat only at night, or whole day. I'm not sure they have other foods except for steamboat. opps ><

This is the steamboat menu, a menu full of words that I really lazy to look through. They should put pictures.

We ordered a steamboat set with one prawn soup and another is their famous porridge soup.

Cool Fish paste.

Their seafoods are fresh. 
They have some special foods comparing to other steamboat restaurants. Some restaurants they only have fishballs, toufu, vege etc which are quite normal, but Tasty Corner has a bit special.
It's a nice place for a group of people, especially family. 

I'm right now not feeling well and got annoyed by my brother's voice, he is so annoying and noisy and super terik voice!!!! sigh...ok, tata.