Thursday, November 6, 2014

Danes Cafe

I've been hearing people talking about this new restaurant in town, Danes Cafe. It's a place of pork! Ok~ not really. That's what I heard, so I thought they have a lot of pork dishes but not really. Their variety in the menu is not that much. I had a hard time deciding what to order since they don't have much choices. 

Not all dishes are in pork, I only remember they have pork burger, other than that, I don't remember if they have any other pork dishes, may be they don't hmmm. 

 I like their interior design. Very cozy, ang moh-ish and Marvel-ious. Do you see the picture of my man on the table, yea, Iron Man's my man!

 Pork Burger with fries. It's definitely delicious with the juicy pork, but a bit pricey for me, costs BND$17 (if not mistaken)

I ordered the grill chicken, it's so-so for me. Not bad, it's not very dry but not juicy. BND$12.

The foods are good, great environment, however a bit pricey for me. If you haven't, you can go and have a try, their pork burger is good yeah!

Location: Batu Bersurat, the blocks beside basketball court. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Month in Photos

Hello darlings! I've been wanting to update this space seriously. Everyday I tell myself "I wanna blog tonight!" but always ended up too tired to do so. I always afraid being late to work as I'm not a morning person, so I try not to make myself too exhausted the night before. 

This month has been busy and productive...kinda. Basically it's because I have a full time office job that makes my schedule quite pack. I can't really do things on the weekday, I have to push everything to weekend. 

I went to KL for airbrush course. It was fun and challenging. It was not as easy as I thought but I managed to do better after some practices. 
If you haven't heard of airbrush make up, it's actually a new technology of makeup using a compressor that improves the appearance or texture of the makeup. It looks very natural and lightweight on the skin. It's so natural that the makeup application can barely seen by eyes. Unless you take a before after pic to really see the difference. 

Went to tried TGIF restaurant. The foods are just okay, the chicken is kinda dry. 
However, the drinks are great. It's very refreshing and my hot chocolate tastes just right. 

Really appreciate it every time he meets me as he stays not very near to my place. 

Then went sing K after that. Sang for more than 5 hrs just us two, I do felt sleepy at the end of the night. But he doesn't seem singing enough lol I miss sing K! Have to find some time to go Miri to have my "craving" fixed.


There's was a charity event for Pusat Ehsan last few weeks. I was impressed these hand crafts work by the people from Pusat Ehsan. It costs $200+. The quality is good, very cultural feel and the most awesome part is that they are Disney characters. 
The characters looks just right, they are not out of shapes. I like Betty Boop the most, so sexy!

Went to My Town on one beautiful Sunday. To my surprise, the environment is quite comfortable tho. Except for the flies which quite annoy me, I hate flies in restaurants!

Crispy Ayam Penyet, it's good with the green chilli. 

Curry fish balls is not bad too. I always see this in Hong Kong movies, it' was my first time trying. 

Mango LOH. I still prefer the snowflakes from Ice Bar.


A pic of me trying to be retro with a little cute mole on my cheek.


This is quite overdue. Haha It was during July when I was about to leave Kuala Lumpur. I don't wanna go Soju Club anymore for my next trip! Too much clubbing at the same place seriously very sien. But thanks to my lovies for making the night great :)


It was Halloween last week! It was a very last minute plan to have a Halloween dinner. 

Too bad Cheezebox is not able to organise a Halloween event anymore due to, I guess, the laws in Brunei. It was really fun back then. A lot of people dressed up and walked around Gadong in costumes taking pictures and have dinner together, the atmosphere was great. 

Spooky deco at Paddington House of Pancakes.

Although I didn't prepare any Halloween costumes, but at least must have a bit Halloween feel on that night. Haha I was a Spiderwoman
I got a free pancake for "dressing up" and a 10% discounts for posting pics on Instagram. 


Visited the Greenhouse somewhere near I-Lotus.  I like to have a walk at this kind of place where there have plants and fruits, green scenery with the nature smell. I'll feel great and healthy.

The best garden I've visited so far is Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. The temperature, the environments, the plants, the fresh air and everything are awesome. 

FYI, I've tried the cherry tomato from Pusat Ehsan greenhouse, it's so damn good. I'll try to search for that place one day and get all their cherry tomatoes! WHAHAHAHA~


It was my grandma's birthday. My uncles & aunties were trying to sing birthday song in different dialects and languages. They are always that funny. Can see my grandma is happy to have all her kids and grandchildren and great grandchildren with her. Isn't she still looking so young! Don't have white hair le 开玩笑。


Last Sunday, I-Lotus organized a wedding fair at their ballroom. I actually planned to just visit but in the end I took a booth on the last day (they had 2 days). I didn't know what can I do there at first, that's why I rejected, then I realized they need make up artists to do makeup for the models, so I contributed. 

I thought I was gonna sit at my booth whole day approaching the visitors introducing my services, so I had an idea of helping the lady visitors to curl their hair for free if they want, to fill up my time actually. 
However, it didn't turn out that way, I was super busy doing make up for the models and other people, touching up for them, I have no idea how many ladies I did. My waist was hurt, applause for my high heels. Ladies are 要美不要命 (want pretty, don't want life), am I right? haha

Live makeup and hairdo show. 

My pretty models. Hair done by City Hair Studio, Gowns from Santiago Studio and other studios which I'm not quite sure, opps. 

Aren't they gorgeous!?

With Emmy and pretty photographer, Riley. 

Thanks I-Lotus for the opportunity, I enjoy this event making the ladies beautiful, I did learnt new things from the event too and also from City Hair Studio, it's great to meet new people, it's a great experience and it's a successful event. It's great when the ladies put a smile on their face after I done their makeup. Thank you for the support and also thankyou my friends for dropping by ;) And thanks the Dick for the last minute poster design (although I hate him so much). I love you all~