Tuesday, March 31, 2009

At work...

I have been very free in office for 2 days, don't know what to do and colleagues don't know what work to give me. Did shredding for most of my time =.= I'm actually doing the work when there's system error, and I do the procedures. So no error, no work.

I have a "powerful" boss, whom people "fear" (guess the meaning). She's been very busy and didn't realise me. And bombed by her, "Who are you? I don't know you, why u come in?" (One department has different section, so she might not know me). Colleague explained the "source" of me, and bombed by her, "Who give the permission for her to come in?" How can I response? haha I just keep quiet and back to my section. XD

We went to the Job workshop of Miss Imelda's saying different kind of colleagues, some are really true. Sometimes feel funny looking how my colleagues act. XD

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A week later...

I have fringe again!

This is the 1st time that I go 佛堂 (fou tang). Because it's the 1st day of the month in chinese calender, so Buddhist pray on this special day. How to explain? =.= And so, this is the 1st time I pray for about 1 hr. From doing this, you can learn ur patience and your concentration. I can't even concentarte after 30 min I guess and I feel tired.

I feel tired because I don't really know how to do these praying. They have steps and the way of praying is like singing. They have many activities like, having fun fair, performance, cooking class and trips to Penang and S'pore using cruise. How nice!!

Yee and boy came to my house last night to chat since I come back seria once a week. They were teasing me on the way I cook mee goreng. Yea, most of my friends tease when they 1st see the way I cook, but after that, they follow the way I cook! HMPH Guess I should teach you guys to cook nice mee goreng. I wonder if Yee is a machine, she didn't even feel tired at 2+ am =.= I fell asleep...x.x

I always feel tired after 11pm. And after 12am my pimple start to pop out. :( This's the reason I sleep early. Good for health, mantain your beauty~

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sku- driwer

I always think I will online the next day, and the next day I think the next day.....

1st week of working make me blur, I don even know what I'm doing (it's normal as told by colleagues). I accidentally deleted info =.= and sometimes wrong spelling and wrong numbers. It's my 1st time and people make mistake. My colleagues made mistake too when they 1st working there.

There so many numbers making things complicated. It's a big difference between $123.00 and $1,234.00.

Blue and Pink, nice isnt it?

Go back Seria every Saturday, and it will be the only 2 days spending with family. That's one of the reason why makes me no time to online.

Working is not even fun until you get the money

My 8 yrs old bro always like to pronounce the 'L' heavily like Indian accent.Was teaching him the right pronunciation of 'School'.

Yaya: It's not schooLLLLLL, it's SKU

bro: Sku.....- driver! (he means screw-driver)

yaya: =.=

I know it's pronouns something like SKUEL.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yaya don't like to go Fratini-or-high class-kind of places, I love kopi tiam or so-called cincai restaurant. Love cheap, simple and nice foods. Wonder why a piece of meat (lamb chop) can costs $20+.

Ate duck for 1st two days. Next to Happy Star has a very nice duck restaurant. Food court at Gadong property not bad too!

The famous in Jing Chew kopi tiam (gadong), but I like the sandwich more. This cafe is identical to Universal in Seria

饭菜is famous at 甜心格 (gadong). Almost everyone eating it. There are many choices of foods, every person can get 3-4 different food, costs $2-3. Nice foods and worth!

Went to pasar malam after work, this really BIG bbq sausage costs $1. I cant find sotong there!

Monday, March 16, 2009

This look exactly on how I work in office. Work in card centre...

I see mostly papers and numbers @.@ The office is like paper factory. Face PC for almost whole day. Colleagues are nice and helpful. Codes are complicated but OK for me. Piece of cake XD

How can a person afford if they eat at restaurants every meal and every day. If each meal costs $4, it will me $12 for a day. A month will be $360 just for foods!

If your salary is $650, deduct foods, petrol fees, entertainment, left $100+ =.=

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not jobless anymore

Finished packing my things and done my planning how am I going to live when I stay at Bandar. Gonna drive myself later~

Went to the new Baiduri at Seria yesterday, nice renovation. Went to SCB, I didnt know we don't need to go to the teller to deposit money, just use the machine, and we can do it ourselves. Sakai kan~ x.x And I found that most of the banks now, we cannot see the teller when we enter, it's normally machines at the 1st place.

hmm gonna re-pack my things now @.@

Friday, March 13, 2009

Not again~

My blood report is out. Everything's ok except for high cholesterol. I thought only starting from 30 yrs old will have this kind of problem, but doc said it's common for my age for having high cholesterol.

Doc said I have fats, but obviously I'm skinny. The fats are not under my skin but in my blood vessel. If I don't exercise much and control my diet, more serious like blood vessels blocked by fats can cause strokes or heart attack.

Met Miss Tan at Soon Lee, she has knowledge about health, kept asking me to eat oat.

Today, went to Lumut picnic. St James was having family day at there too. We played cards and balls. My mood didn't go well because something happened in between.

Video below shows Desmond got punished because he lost when in Turtle XD The punishment: Give a drink to a stranger.

I'm recruited by BBb starting on this coming Monday. Should I say my 1st time applying jobs is a disaster? May be because I can't decide all by myself, it affects my family too. Guess I mafan the HR and family :( Again, I hope everything goes well. I'm really a mafan one :( But I don't mean it.

Sorry people...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When death rate increases...

I dreamed that I have to blog about death. There's something related to death that I want to raise my opinion, but I can't remember what is it.

Heard that BBb is going to call me for another interview, might get recruited. I'm scared because I don't have experience working in office. Paper work from people's mouth seem like easy, but may be not for me?? And I have to live on my own, as in I have to deal with my meals, daily needs, wash clothes and stuffs.

Thinking that I might be going to bandar soon for further studies, I also have to take care myself. One word, KIOK (scared). I never live on my own, worry that I can't handle. Wonder how will it be if I'm abroad. x.x Everyone has their 1st time.

About death, for me, life is short. People can be healthy today, and sick tomorrow. Something strikes, MURDER. I know what my dream want me to blog! OK~

There are cases in Brunei, people being murdered. Brunei is not as peace as what people thinks. Heard that an Indian is murdered in a restaurant, and found few days later. He's being divided into parts. Heard that, it was not posted in newspaper (tell me if there is).

Why not being posted? because they worry that, WE, rakyat, are afraid. I think these cases should be posted so people can beware, instead of hiding. The police, FBI, CID, D.I.E, should that action, try their best to find the murderer. I don't know if Brunei is efficient enough to deal with cases, like 古灵惊探^^. Finding the murderer is important, u know why.

Hope police is efficient enough, hi-tech enough, not to be greedy (corruption), to check the finger prints or whatever, and put criminals to jail. Isn't it selling and taking drugs are illegal?? And I know people who are dealing with drugs are not in the jail yet. Urh...

Monday, March 9, 2009

彭佳慧- 舊夢

Julia pang 彭佳慧 has a nice voice. Love her song much. This MV a bit creepy haha, but nice song.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Angel Beach

BBRC family day again, and this time at Angel Beach. I like to join BBRC party because the services, entertainment, esp foods, are the best! You just enjoy and do not need to worry anything. I feel that way may be because I'm not the organizer?? hmmm...

I wonder what water we drink

I'm the DJ of the day~

We have catering and BBQ. The chicken wing si beh tasty!!!

Titanic bouncer which is super high and deep in the pool. Wanted to play but didnt play to avoid bath in queue in public washroom (but it rains at last).


...bugee ride...

...tug of war...

...Limbo, coconut game, hula contest and children's games too.

And night, went to Kaizen with family. At the door step of Kaizen, all the people in front you are your friends. While walking to our table, keep say HI here and there, so funny. One of my ex tutors went there too, saying "Wah, today Japan day? Everyone is here."

I got a Pink Femme Hugo Boss perfume from perfume lover, Hua. Nice~

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rainy to sunny

Didnt blog yesterday coz my sick get worse. I ate hospital's medi and I feel so HIN (dizzy). I ate 金贵妃, also feeling dizzy. And today, I feel so energetic! Tomorrow going to beach BBQ. XD

Now I'm fear of spinning stuffs like yoyo. I can't look at it for long, or I feel dizzy. Phobia of spinning? Imagine u're in a spinning room, that doesn't feel good~

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Yaya collapsed today. At 9+ am, the 1st thing I saw when I open my eyes, "Why everything is spinning?" Hope it was a nightmare, but it's not. Feel so dizzy until I hold my head tight. Can't imagine how hurt it is? It hurts until I went to hospital.

Few times of looking at things spinning, 3 times vomiting with empty stomach and the rest of the day feeling drowziness. Family said may be it's low blood pressure. If it is, that's mean I have a REALLY SERIOUS low blood pressure.

My weight 28.1...Nope, dizzy-ness made me wrong, it's 38.1 my mom told me. I'm brave today, I test my blood. Hurt one :( Next week get report.

Can't even stand well until 4pm. Before saying who visited me, I assume this happened:

Monday, Tues and Wed:

Yaya: Free later ma?

Chien: No, i'm not free today.

Thurs (today):

Chien: ei? why yaya didnt call me today? OK let me contact her.


yaya's bro: she's sick, cannot stand and vomit.

And she came to my house. She looked at me vomiting, and carried me up (coz I can't move due to my dizziness).

And I start to eat and drink. And felt much better after that. Still a little dizzy now.

Hua doesn't feel well today, after work he's tired, still he came and look for me.


Thanks to those who said "get well soon" and my family. The 1st time I see my 8 yrs old bro so guai, he gave me tissue when I vomit ^^

I dont know when I recover. So worry it's for few days. Luckily feel much better now~ Can JUMP!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yesterday learnt about eyes, tongue, palm, nose, ear, skin, lips and nails. Different colours indicate different things. Obviously, I'm have low blood pressure. No celery for low blood pressure!

Yellow eyes show that your liver is not functioning well.

I can be a doctor now ^^

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sleepness Night

This is today...

萧敬腾 is very funny. He's so quiet and every question asked by the reporters, the answers are all so short. =.=

Later going to listen a lecture about the colours on ur body. If your eyes is yellowish, what does it mean??

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beauty is my priority

I feel like a woman today.

Every lady wants to keep their beauty, so do I. Just finished my skin care, and bought another brand. So confused whether to use Artistry or Dermedex this month. Artistry has new formula of skin care, four times better than the previous formula. Dermedex has the combination of Chinese medicine which I found not bad too. Urm urm...decision.

Artistry Essential Set releases in this month (March), purchase and free BUM watch (I saw the watch, "elegant" I can say)

U can't buy Dermedex without ONE in front, RM 1xx. I found Dermedex distributorship online!

If I'm rich, I would buy both brand at a time. How I wish that I'm a CEO now. Using the best skin care, top 1. FYI, Artistry (skin care and cosmetics) is now top 4 in the world!

I'm off to keep my beauty now! xoxo