Thursday, May 26, 2011

Consumer Fair @ ICC

I'm always excited for consumer fair.
A lot of things to see, promotions, etc etc.

The funny thing is, like I saw just now, salesman uses mic to promote their stuffs and attract the crowd.
And few salesmen in a row, all using mic, and they kept promoting their stuffs, trying to grab business, and it's kinda noisy, because we can't even hear properly what this salesman say as u also can hear the salesman next door are promoting his things too. LOL

Consumer Fair I guess will held from today till Sunday.
I may go again this Friday or Saturday. Definitely not Sunday.
If u love crowd, and if u love the feel of hard breathing,if u love traffic jam, u can go on Sunday.

Meet the Hello Kitty @ ICC

I saw a guy sitting at the corner having a nap like that, I went close and took a picture.
Creepy thing is, few seconds later, we realise that the guy is just a soft toy/fake man.

RanoAdidas at the same time and same place celebrating the 8th anniversary.

Red Bull has a booth there

buy a set and entitled to play games and win IPad!!!!

the games,
u need to kick...

need to shoot...

need to blow...

A lot of booths there, go check them out.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Big Eyes make-up workshop

Yes, since it's holiday, so do something meaningful.

So I attended this make-up course at Seri by iMany Faces.
Actually, few years back, I attended a basic make-up course, coached by the same person, Jasmine.

The recent make-up course I attended is Big Eyes Make-up Workshop.
Taught how to do day and night make up, how to apply eyelid sticker, how to apply fake eyelashes, etc.

Fees is *ka-ching ka-ching*. If you know, make-up courses are never cheap.

The reasons why I attended this course are to know other ways to do better make-up, and to know some girls.
The colleagues are friendly, and they got so much to talk. I felt I was super quiet there.

It was 6+ hours course.
Comment? Ya, I learnt something.

Receiving the cert from the coach

Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm 21!

This year's birthday, when I'm 21, a lot of people celebrated with me.
Especially when I never expect these people will be here and celebrate with me, I feel thankful and appreciate it.
I have been saying "thank u thank u" the most these days.

It's a memorable, diamoney, unforgettable birthday ever.

15th May, my family gave a surprise party at Rizqun.
1st, they told me it's my cousin's birthday, and I said "I'm looking forward to it!" and they thought, I know something. Actually, no, I don't.

My cousin started to distribute his invitation cards to the kids, I saw it, and they thought I would suspect because inside the invitation card is written "13th May at Jungle Gym".
No, I didn't suspect. Because I was thinking Friday is for his friends, and Sunday is for family.
And this statement was supported by one of my aunties saying "Yea! He invites friends on Friday, and family on Sunday."

and supported by this invitation e-card

Normally, at my birthday, especially 21, my dad would ask how I want to celebrate it. But he didn't ask nor mentioned for this time.
Even if he asked, I have no idea how to celebrate lol
So, I didn't expect to celebrate it.

I went to Rizqun with my family, walking toward the cafe and everyone yelled "Happy Birthday!"
SJ jumped out and put crown on me,
someone put the "cloth" over me,
crackers all over,
then I saw a cake in front of me,
....still kinda blur....
they started giving me gifts,
....still blur...
they talked to me, but I kinda couldn't hear properly, because I was surprised!

I didn't put make up on because my eye was swollen

made by Teng

Then I asked, "So....cheng's (my cousin) party still going on?"

They laughed. OK~ I got it. The party was mine!

We were able to choose our meals for the lunch, the choices were lamb shanks, beef, chicken and salmon.

Lamb shanks

I ate Salmon. It's nice!

The desserts

It was a very successful surprise, but the surprises for my birthday was not over yet.

I went to Icebar that night to eat steamboat with these 2 guys.
What's that really print deep in my memory was, like usual, I laugh a lot when I go out with them.

On the actual day...

I went to lunch with DT.

YY baked me a 'cake'.
The 'cake' that I have been craving for, is made of mashed potato.
I always say "I don't want the normal cake, I want mashed potato."
and she remember.

Then, went to dinner with them at Kaizen.
I said, "Just make it like a normal dinner okay~"
But still, I received gifts and a cake. *paiseh*

XL picked me up, and the gift really kek-dou me.
and another non-stop-laughter from me.

It's a very nice cake.
But i'm not sure what the cake is....may be...chocolate?

The gifts!
something wrong with my pucca umbrella,
so I got another one!

diamond bracelet

diamond key from my dad

another pendant from my dad

diamond earrings

from my grandma

hinting me to be 'dirty' that night LOL

I got few cat pressie this year

Thank you people, I appreciate everything that u have gave me, the party, the gatherings, the sms-es, the greetings, the presents, the accompany.
Beside thank you and feel happy, I don't know what more can I do to show my appreciation.

Special thanks to my dad, aiya, I never expect he was planning for my birthday, which he claimed had planned it for 2 months since March.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Creamy Chicken Penne from Pizza Hut

It looks attractive.

It's not bad, but a bit salty.
The salty-ness makes me thirsty.

If less salty will be really good.
Guess if I'm ordering the pasta again, I will another dish.

Yesterday, I got a surprise birthday party from my family.
It was a memorable one, and it's kinda long story to say.
I didn't take picture using my cam, so I'm waiting the pics to be uploaded.
I still have presents to be received, means I haven't received yet. It's from New York.
So, I'm gonna show you my presents when I got them.
It was a very Diamoney 21...