Friday, May 6, 2011

Prawn Salad

It doesn't look attractive, but it's delicious.

This is one of my fav salad, and the only salad that I know how to do.

- Purple Cabbage (it provides more vitamins than the green cabbage)
- Prawn
- Thousand Island (or your fav salad sauce)
- carrot (optional, my mom insisted)

*now I'm feeling so-not-me when I'm telling you how to make my salad lol
Who doesn't know that I'm not interested in cooking, but I like to make foods that I like*

1st: Cut the cabbage into smaller pieces like the picture shown above.
Do not slice it. It tastes different when the cabbage is TOOOOOO small, the most important thing in this salad is when you can chew it and feel the crunchi-ness of the cabbage.
Cooking the cabbage is not necessary. I didn't cook it.

2nd: Cook the prawn. Peel the skin. Cut them into half.
It is not comfortable to eat such a big prawn, unless you like. So cut into half is recommended.

3rd: slice the carrot.
It doesn't have any difference between with and without the carrot. The only difference is you will consume more vitamins, therefore, healthier.

4th: Mix everything together with your fav salad sauce.

5th: chill it.
The taste of the salad will blend into the cabbage and prawn. It's nice to eat it when it's cold.

Too much vege may not taste nice. I like it when it has a lot of prawn.

Enjoy your healthy salad!

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