Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!


Although I'm not ang moh or Christian, but I like X'mas much! It makes me happy :) Especially the songs~ ONCE BITTEN AND TWIIICE SHY~~ I KEEP MY DISTANCE BUT YOU STILL CATCH MY EYES~

And here's my new hair colour, gradient Black Blue. As I wash my hair more, the color will be lighter and lighter. May be become a bit turquoise then bleach. It's not really blue actually, it's turquoise.

I'm celebrating Christmas somewhere in this world :) 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Garage Sale 3

Most of stuffs are new. 
Everyday or every few days there will be selling different stuffs, depend on the sales. 
Things are selling really cheap so...
please drop by to support my grandma :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Christmas Nails

I like the snowman, so fat so cute.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dooms day, 2 days away?

Dooms day is just two days away, believe it or not? Everyday the news channel will report related news like, how people prepare for the dooms, what are the latest news the researchers have found, how the Mayan pray for the dooms day, etc.

Some professors from the Taiwan believe that dooms day is not coming anytime soon. For me, I'm not really afraid right now. Before, yes, I'll research everything about dooms day, read the articles and calculate the probability of how true it is, and I cried every night. =.="

As I watch the Taiwan news everyday, some related news are quite funny. You guys should watch Astro Channel 317 at 1pm or 9pm, and Channel 316.
Some people are building a safe place to hide from the dooms day and the people are making money from it.
There's one restaurant in Taiwan that offers free Mee Sua if you say "Dooms day is coming, can I eat your Mee Sua." It's like a password lol
There's a weather app that shows fire balls on 21st December 2012 representing the dooms day because rumours of fireballs are destroying the earth one that day.
Many many patterns la!

On that day, it's also a Chinese festival 冬至 where people eat the round dumpling, "tang yuan".

Anyway, no one knows what's gonna happen on that day. I hope nothing bad is going to happen. May be you can now do something that you have been wanting to do before you regret, naked on the street? :D
Maybe you can say I love you to your family and the love one.

Photos last weekend
I'm EaHui and she's YaHui.

Dancing king of the night and the fans.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Taty's Burger

Is Taty making the best burger in Brunei? A lot of people seems loving it. For me, it's okay, nothing like extreme delicious or "OMG! I'm craving for it." No~

This is the in front of Times Square's branch.

The customer's drawing.

The lamb + rice.

Grilled chicken + Fries

Moi drawing :)

P/S: Super tired now. Just dyed my hair! Pictures soon ^^

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Seria Supa Save

So the Seria Supa Save has just finished the renovation. New concept, new style, new design.
During the first few days, everyone is so kepo wanna see the new Supa Save until they parked at the roadside =.="

There are other stores, including Coffee Bean, are going to open soon.
Is it a good idea to have 2 coffee bean in a small KB? hmm...

The air-conned washroom.

The interior is similar as Mata-mata's.

Another yogurt lover.

This cheese is so big okay, costs $100+

After a while I saw a bigger one! Very heavy too! 
I wonder what's the big cheese for. For restaurant?

Ling asked me to take a photo of this, because it's her fav.

Nothing special la, it's still a supermarket. 
The only differences are they have other stores, have washroom, and much more colder. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

曾公子鮑魚 Prince Chen Abalone

I'm selling Prince Chen Abalone, a product of Taiwan, and ofcourse made in Taiwan. 

More about Prince Chen Abalone?
鮑魚價格高的另一個原因是鮑魚不僅口感鮮嫩,還有極高的食療價值,可以滋陰養顏,潤補而不使人上火燥熱;可防治高血壓、糖尿病,且無膽固醇,具有養肝明目之效。因此特別被美食家所極力推崇。 100%真正鮑魚加工製造,原汁美味,保留鮑魚獨特口感,採高溫滅菌處理,不添加防腐劑及工色素,極受美食專家喜愛。"

So it's saying abalone can moisturize, healthy, prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, no cholesterol, good for liver.


If you are young reader, you can ask your family if they are interested. It's suitable for the New Year.

Price: BND 85 / RM 205 (8 abalones)

Interested please contact me through anywhere, Facebook, email (, or text/call me 8670030 or Tony 8753666. 


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Charcoal Restaurant

Charcoal has opened for a long time, and has been popular, but only recently I tried the foods there.

Oxtail. I don't really like the texture, it's too soft and tastes like pork?

Medium cooked wagyu beef with fries and mashed potato.

It's a very big one, and I managed to finish it ^^ tastes good :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Deseo Christmas and CheongSam Fashion Launch 2012

Lily here looks like the Chinese Charlie's Angel.

Mark from Australia.

The make up artist if any models need help. I did my makeup anyway.

Pictures taking before the show.

A successful event I guess. Lots of people attended. 


Christmas collection.

I like this cheongsam, the cutting, design and the color suit me. 

The tauke niu, Denise.

The yummy refreshments. 

These outfits are from Deseo too.

Looking for outfits for the Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year?
Visit Deseo :)