Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Secret in the box

Everyone has dream dream dream.
Dream car, dream house, dream husband...
and I have my Dream Make Up Box.

I always want a nice make up box few years back after I saw Ivy's.
I was searching it in Brunei for cheap and nice one, but FAILED.
Cheap one doesn't look nice; Nice one was si beh expensive.

There was one day Hua went to KL and he saw lots of make up boxes.
FYI, I'm super ngiam chiam for things that I like. I was so worry hua will choose the wrong thing. I was afraid I don't like it.
So on the phone, I was explaining all the details I want:
1. Nice pink.
2. Many small slots inside.
3. Size not too small, not too big. (Damn, size is very hard to describe k!)

I almost gave up and asked him just not to buy in case he buys something that I don't like.

The day he came back I was so excited to see my box. and here it is!!

Perfect Perfect!
It's what I want!
I forgot its RM120 or BND 120, but no matter how, it's still expensive.
My mom was "Please don't ask ur boyfriend to buy such expensive again."
I didn't ask him to buy, it's a gift from him ^^

It was so empty last time, but now it's super full.

I can't bring it up and down to Bandar, it's heavy.
So I have this small bag to put all my MUST cosmetic.

What I have in my box?

I dislike Face Shop eyeliner, it's soft and easy to break.
I haven't try the Beautifulu eyeliner yet.
I like these kind of eyeliner, which u twist the back of the eyeliner like a lipstick.
And u don't need to sharpen it.

The best eyeliner I used, Artistry!
I like coz it has a blender behind, in case u draw it wrong or u want to smudge it.

This is no-brand eyeshadow (means it's not branded like MAC or Anna Sui)
Can see from here, I use black a lot.

Love all these mascaras.
Face Shop mascara is worth to try. It lengthen and volumized. GENG one!
The 2nd from the left is a Japanese brand, doesn't work on my upper eye lashes, but works good on my bottom's.
You know Maybeline Magnum is good! It raises ur lashes high like singing national anthem.
Artistry is good in volume, lengthen, and last long.

I normally put more than one mascara, Artistry/Maybelline first and Face shop the last.

Concealer is a must on my stupid bad skin.
I normally use Face Shop because they have liquid concealer.
Which other brand has liquid concealer? Anyone knows?

I have many of them. I have more on my table, but they didn't join this photo.
I can't throw it away because the stick concealer is si beh tahan one.
Liquid is more faster to finish.

liquid concealer.
I was so headache when Face Shop was out of stock for more than a month, and chinese new year is coming!
I went there again last week, still no stock but they have a new brand named "Face it".

this is suppose to be eyeshadow, but I use the dark brown as eyebrow color LOL

My favorite party color!

I used to like this, but when I have a better eyeshadow, this is being ignored ^^

Yaya love fake eye lashes ba!!
My brother used to ask me why I have eyelashes and I still buy the fake one.

I mom bought me this blue + gold XXXL eye lashes.
Didn't get the chance to use it yet.
Any more Gaga theme party?

Love this most, like Gyaru (japanese girl)

I wear this to small gathering or not very grand parties.
Coz it looks simple.

my only bottom eye lashes.
seldom use this.

I bought it wrong, didn't realise it's 11mm, si beh long.

Theme parties!

I normally wear the simple eye lashes + this.
It looks very nice.....on me ^^

I'm a lazy person, so I seldom use fake eyelid.
Normally use eyeliner to fake it.

Primer works good before eye make up.

I don't know how to use this color ah.
It's Laneige Snow Crystal Eyeshadow.

the thing for eye lashes.
This is cute, but not friendly.

this ok, more friendly than the orange, but still not what I want.

I don't have lip stick, only lip gloss.
Love the laneige lip gloss, taste sweet and sweet color~

Oil cut balm from face shop to control oil.

Elianto Make up set.
The black blusher brush is from Face Shop.

Free goodies from Face shop for purchasing more than $39.

I'm a person who need to make up to be pretty, I'm not naturally pretty.
I look disgusting without make up.
You can see my disgusting look in Uni or hostel.

Without Make up I look like this:


OH MY GOD isn't it?
Well, if you love me and want to be my hubby in the future, bear with it!

There's a joke like this:
One day this couple want to have sex.
The wife requested "hubby, can we on the lamp tonight?"
The hubby agreed and had a request too.
He said "honey, then can you put ur make up on tonight?"

See how make up is important?
See how much guys love those girls who have their make up on?
Guys love to say "I like girls with clean face."

Ya right!?

But they love SNSD.

I have a bad skin, and ofcourse I wish my partner accepts it.
Anyway, I'm gonna laser few years later WOHOO!

Me with make up:

No photoshop at all, coz I don't know how.
I only know how to edit the background colour nia ^^

Asta la vista!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


In one week, I heard my friend's father had passed away due to heart attack and a friend was having coma.
And this friend of mine have passed away this morning.
Not very close to her, but I feel sad too, the pain in heart~

This is the only picture with her.
Was performing together for her grandparents anniversary.
Err, ya, suppose if we practice dance together for a month, we may be close and talk a lot.
But nah....we didn't talk much.
I was very quiet few years back.

It was sad to hear she is suffering.
It was pain to see when she is in pain.
but now she has relieved and doesn't need to suffer anymore.
May be enjoying in another world.
may be online is another world checking her FB messages from her friends.

People are afraid to lose when they got something.
My grandpa passed away and it was sad.
I hope things like that won't happen in my life again, but it's impossible.

because life's short
because 人就是会生老病死

Talking about life's short and I remember this advert:

friend, rest in peace

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another busy sem

This already happens in the beginning of the semester.

In the beginning of every new sem, before we start making friends with the module, the 'gossips' start to attack us.....

ok, very bad description. What I mean is, before we start having lectures, we already receive assignmentS!

I'm chosen to have internship for my 3rd year.
Well, if I'm self sponsored, there's a possibility that I can do Student Exchange Programme (SEP) just for 6 months.

I said "6 months SEP is better than doing 1 year of master."
OK, ofcourse, logically, master is better than degree la~
But, master has requirements, may be you need to have high GPA.
And, since I have a chance to apply SEP, why not? Who knows I bo-lat (no energy) to study master anymore.

I got a part time work... always since I was 13.

Well, I actually sent my CV to A+ tuition school.
Guess I'm not gonna work there, tuition school's time is kinda fix.

I'm currently working with Blacksnail. Only work whenever I'm free.
And it's enough.
++ si beh a lot assignments.

My life now...
all about...
Part time work...
Watching HK seires...
chill with friends...

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I'm kinda emo whenever people mention about my bro going to study in Australia.
Not because I miss him *yucks*...if you know me, you may know why.
Whenever people start talking about my bro, I'll keep quiet and leave the group, not hoping to listen anything about that.

I thought blog is where I can tell all my stories, which I don't tell people, but I don't want people approach me and start questioning what I have written here, or saying I'm childish (because this is not how you define "childish").

My bro left Brunei this morning, I thought for a long time whether I want to send my bro flight.
Conclusion, I'm not gonna send him. Why?
I start to cry whenever people talk about my bro studying abroad (again, not because I miss him).
I cry when my dad asked me why I don't wanna send him (I kept quiet).
I cry when I sms my dad confirming I'm not gonna send him (telling my dad I have meeting).
I cry even when I blog about this, now. lol
I don't wish to cry, but....i can't help.

I was OK, that's why I spent my holiday in Australia happily with my family.
I was OK, that's why I talk to my mom and bro.
I was OK, that's why I go home.
I was Ok, that's why I smile.
But afterall, whoever whenever mention about my bro, I'll start to cry.

I hope I won't be crying tonight when I reach home, facing the truth that my bro has left.

I feel that way because I haven't get the answer yet, the reason why my mom didn't allow me to study abroad.
4 years ago, the reason she gave was because I'm not a good girl, and Vui is better girl than me.

From that day on, I told myself "My bro must not study abroad when he's my age."

I never tell this to my parents because I don't want them to feel bad sending my bro and not me.
I never tell because I know I'm lucky enough to have a life like this.
I never tell because I don't want my parents think that I have a lot of complaints.
Doing all these, just because I want them to know I'm a good girl.
But.....................I wonder if there's a game asking them to list my good sides, I wonder what will they write.

I dislike people telling me how lucky am I comparing to others.
I know some people has no $ to study, that's why I asked my dad about his financial condition before I decide whether to study abroad.

It's not me comparing to others.
This issue is only between me, my bro and my mom. Not others!

Before I thought this way : I sacrifice not studying abroad, leave the money to let my bro to study since he is good in studies.

But this way of thinking doesn't work now.

May be people telling me how bad it is to study abroad, tell me it's not fun at all, may be I can let go.

I did forgive, I try to forget, I thought I let go, But in the end, I realise, The needle is still in my heart.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Last week of holiday

I went out most of the nights in my holiday.
I tried to go home early but it always ends up going home around 12+ or 1+ am.

I went to the charity hair show by the Koreans last saturday.
I'm being a bad audience and tried to snap a photo even though it says "NO PHOTO/NO VIDEO", because I saw someone doing that too LOL

But the audiences can take photo at the end of the show. So I think it's alright.

This hair show is kinda grand.
You'll get their $60 worth products by paying $30 ticket.

The hair show is great, the DJ, the music and the video they showed are great.
But but but......a lil bad comments here xD

1. I think the models need more training. I know you can hardly find a professional model in Brunei, but at least something. Eg, may be give more energy in walking. (okla, I know I don't walk nice, coz i'm not professional kay~ at least I had some training when I was a model.)

One of the models is good! Good in posing and the expression like very pro and daring like that. Wonder who is she.

2. They danced a bit, and I think it was obviously not synchronize. It then resulted...messy.

However, the hairs are really nice! Stunning and impressive!
With their nice dress sponsored by Deseo.
I love their POP RED (hair color).

Well Done!

Uni starts. I hate uni! I hate accounting, hence I hate money.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Brunei Sales

I didnt take any pictures, aiya...this posts gonna be bored~~

Consumer Fair this time has a lot of booths, they invited China and Taiwan to set up booths too. Not only China and Taiwan, but also Sabah, Singapore and other countries.

This fair is about sales, so you can see salesmen and salesgirl keep talking and promoting their products to you.

Met quite a lot of people this time, as some of my friends set up booths there.


1. I saw a leng loi who looks like a doll selling green tea and lemon tea near the entrance. U can check her out!
We bought the drinks just to have a close look of her LOL

2. A salesgirl asked "you look skinny, but you have big boobs! What do you eat?"

3. I told this Singaporean salesman who sells vacuum cleaner that I'm just a student who cant afford to buy that expensive $900 cleaner.
He kept promoting saying Bruneian is rich, so I said I'm from singapore.
He said: I'm from Singapore too! Where do you live?

4. There's a salesman selling massage thingy said that I'm pretty.
He then said "It's raining now because Ah-Mei (张惠妹)is coming". OK I don't get his joke.

So I said "yea, I'm Ah-Mei".
He "Wah, u're prettier than Ah-Mei ah!!!"

Doing sales need to be sweet mouth too!

There is Yoyo show, Brunei Cyber games, japanese booths selling snacks, etc!!

What did I bought?

1. 玛瑙 is a kind of stone. well, I bought the one for my studies, hoping to get As LOL

2. Fried seaweed from Sabah for Chinese New Year. Super tasty!
$10 for 3. But I bought quite a lot, so I asked for Free 2

3. got the samples of sanitary pad, damn expensive $27 for 3 packets I think.
Not gonna, so get the samples enough.

4. Won POP MEE in the lucky draw, but I gave back the POP MEE giving other participants chance since I don't like to eat those. *angel*

I stayed there quite long. From around 4pm to 9+pm. OMG! damn tired.
Because the girls wanted to watch the yoyo show where me and yvonne not interested in.

Consumer Fair Part 7 @ ICC
From 6th Jan to 9th Jan 2011

Brunei Bonuz Bonanza @ Batu Bersurat
From 31 Dec to 9th Jan 2011