Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flooding CNY

Day 5...

We are so energetic go pai nian the whole day. And what we do is keep talking and eating. I have to say that, Jem's daddy is really good in cooking. Why I like to go his open house? Coz the Chicken Wine 鸡酒 and spaghetti is SUPER DUPER nice one. I have 3 plates of them. Opps, it's over? REALLY NICE WA!!

Went to Des's house to play Wii. x.x My arms pain.

Day 6...

Heading to KB, a SUPER traffic jam there. I queue for 1 hour, some others have queue for 1.5 hrs. Because there's a flood and police traffic in between. After the police traffic, you will think, "what's the point of Q-ing?"

Kua jang not?

This lion came to my dad's shop. Lion has nothing special, but ah ming is inside^^

I got my results. A bad one :(

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Day 3, the day for my assessment test at BBb. Test Maths, English and Essay, English is easy but hard to answer! Maths and essay is good. Went to Pehin Hua Ho's house, BIG until you might be lost inside their house; there's lift, and the kitchen is machine intensive. I didnt get to see their rooms, so paiseh to say, "Can I see your room?"

Day 3, the day I have open house. Well friends, didn't inform you because I don't know what time I will be back from Bandar. These people waited me to get back home and another two was so clever that they didnt even ask if I'm at home and enter my house straight away! Pan-nai I can say.

Card-ings is the only thing we can play?

Day 4...
When they came and picked me up, "Wah we look like triplets."
Someone: Wah, super star with 2 dancers!
The others: hey, today 大姐 with 2 kaki

AG my idol ok!! impressive! He used 2 min to complete

*click to enlarge*
Eldy-dy *sob sob* is back to KL today

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY 09


We sang Karaoke. That decoder has over 200 songs.

There's a video with my uncle singing Aaron kwok's 爱不完, moon dancing & break dancing. They don't wanna get famous online HAHA or you can see how crazy my family is.

Before in 2007...

After in 2009

2009 is all about Checkers!

We love our grandma so much!

Day 2...

Day 2 is the day going to mommy's mom's home. I ate whole day from morning till night. Mami is hakka. Hakka cooks nice dishes, how can I miss. Finally K.O. at the last station at 8 pm, cannot fill anymore!!

Went to GHK's house. It's day time, so less people and it's too early to gamble? So I just keep eating.
I missed the Chicken Wine (鸡酒)at night! :(

Pehin was too busy, so I just take photo with the photo which includes Pehin, Pehin's wife, Prince and Princess Sarah ^^

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gong Hei Fat Choi~

Happy Year!!!

I'm SOOO excited.

Heard that results reach Brunei already ><

Saturday, January 24, 2009

As we grow older...

I have a batch of 20+ years old friends and they used to tell me, "As you get older, your ang pao decreases." Yes, it's very true. Discussing whose house to visit, people will say that they have to work. Unlike student times, we can take leave and copy work from others.

I'm one of them. I have to go up to bandar and have my assessment test before interview.

It's chinese new year...

My mom keep complaining about my shoes. "So many shoes, you can wear a year already lo. Can borrow me one pair or not? Stop buying!" All my shoes are different to match different clothes and events.

Telling my mom that I want to have a baju kurung that can be wore in Uni or working. Telling my mom that I only have one set of working attire and she expect me to wear the same everyday? "So many clothes, you only have one set of working attire!!? The rest are spaghetti la?" =.=

She's the one who say, buy when you need it. I never work before, what for I buy working attire? It's not that I don't want to buy OL clothes. Man, Chien told me FOS has many. Yes, it's many. I tried all the clothes, all the S size but it's still too big for me, and not suitable on my bodeh. Even Chien said I look weird in formal.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Jobs and Performance

Screams at 1.24, people thought it was the end, but we continue. When it really ends, toiinngg, a sudden silence ahahahahaha. People said, they don wan to make mistake for clapping hands.


Followed Stan to ITB "Career Day" and...

It was a jam

...and hungry. Luckily, Chien made breakfast.

There are more than 40 booths and 39 companies were there to recruit people. I bet 99% of the people who went there are jobless! Met friends and they said they were looking for job. Most of the co. need engineers as Brunei is lacking of it. One of the exhibitors said that she believes every companies need accountant or clerk, so there still a chance for business background.

I threw my CVs there and chances are low. Vacancies are mostly in Bandar, unless the employees in KB get pregnant.

Chien thought it's a maths and I thought it's a magic. Approach it and it said it's illegal to play "sap sam cheong" =.=


Performed at night at CCMS lion open eye ceremony.


Our cheerleaders

It's a successful one and received good comments. The emcee told me, "好赞阿!学多久啦?好厉害阿你们!(It's great! How long u guys been practicing? Steady eh!)" May be because they never see this kind of performance.

The flipping part made bruises on my body, jack's knee hurt. It's hard to breath inside the mask and guess we need oxygen tank next time. Thanks to Stan for the unexpected reward. We all thank you U.

*Uploading video. Check again later*

Sam is still the crazy one. It was 11+ pm, he on the buddhist song in his car and told ghost stories x.x

My primary ex-teacher, miss Lim jus passed away yesterday. Reading minna's blog and I just knew that she had her funeral in the noon. If I know it early, I would go and see her the last time. Few days ago, my friends were planning to visit her during their attachment, and I didnt expect she went that fast.


My first time working procedure is a mess one! Hope it goes smooth and nice.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Maska Walkies open ceremony

Maska Walkies
will be performing tomorrow (22nd Jan) at night at Chung Ching School, Seria, at the lion open eye ceremony. Come and support me!...I mean US :)

I've been thinking long whether to go ITB career day tomorrow. Gonna check out ITB and make my choice for further studies.

BBB called me this morning to go for assessment test at the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. I asked if I can go in the noon and she said she will make it next month. I keep worrying that whether that NEXT MONTH is to throw my CV away OR REALLY next month. So let's see. I really need a job!!

Some of my friends are not desperate to find a job, they said "I'll miss my holiday." Uh-huh not for me, I need I NEED A JOB!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Happy Birthday Bigail!!!

Tomorrow will be a holiday for me!! Gonna clean my room for Chinese New Year.

:'( Im jobless! Gonna search for job again as there's only vacancy at THE bandar branch.

I used to be excited and looking forward to Chinese New year, but not for now. Coz results is coming soon! x.x

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Chloe" Day 8

Today filming is a relax one. But dont know how's the results. Let's have our director to comment on the result ^^

Whole body got bruised. Arms, legs and butt!! Because too much break dancing on the floor.

Tonight really made me a guilty one. In this world, there are many choices for us, and sometimes we only can choose one. Question like "Which one who do want?" will approach, and that's what I fear of. You dont know which option is right for you, you can be greedy and choose all; u might only can choose one, and feel bad if its the wrong choice.

My brain is hibernating, can't believe I fell asleep while blogging. Good night!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yaya divided into 10


Happy Birthday Gail~~

It's difficult to cut the cake, so...

Pictures tell everything. I realised that whenever I hang out with THIS group of friends, I'll get super hungry x.x

Today driving to KB is so wrong! Learn from mistake!

I cut my hair this morning and I feel I'm so pretty~

Why I have to be so busy these few days. Tomorrow!!! See how I split myself.

Why results on Jan 21st. Spoil CNY mood.
Family: Why results so bad? NO ang pao for u. U're grounded!!


Thursday, January 15, 2009


I spend my whole day at KB, PS-ing, sleeping and CHA-CHA-CHA. Was too tired as have to wake up VERY early to get certs stampped. Happy sparking LX today wahahahaha she's speechless XD yaya so bad~ kacau ma

Hope not the results coming out next week.

Hope I'm employed.

NOW, I hope tomorrow I can hear the word "OK, no problem". Hope everything will be OK, please~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Your beauty is on your hand

二十年前,长得不漂亮,不是自己的错; 二十岁以后,还是不漂亮,就是自己的错。

(20 years ago, you're born ugly, it's not your fault; But if 20 years later, you're still ugly, then that's your fault)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coz of Sales...

I drove up to Bandar with liang moi beside me.

*click to enlarge*

A4 paper sales, and someone bought a trolley of them

"Wohoo! I'm so happy to have a trolley of A4 papers. These are not enough, I'll buy again before the end of sales."


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Summer Feel

Jayd Boo suggested to blog about "Summer Feel". I dont know why. May be he was saying that his hair style has summer feel.

Summer makes me think of Brunei's weather. A 365-days summer country.

Summer makes me think of a friend. A friend who has almost same interest with me. Make up & girl stuffs I guess. I was like keep asking her about make up, wonder if she feels annoy XD Not everyone can touch my face. She's the one I trust *heartzz*

I know this is weird. The only pic with her =.=
Gotta take another one with her when she comes back

Summer makes me think of twilight? Haha I dont even know who's Edward Cullen until her group talked about how handsome he is. They are crazy about him. Because of that, I went to watch Twilight. From her, I know the music of "A river flows in you". *heartzz no.2*

A River Flows in You by Yiruma.mp3 -

She left me to further study *ewww*. Miss ya and love ya *heartzzz no.3*

Summer makes me think of Allano Lotion. Because I use it to prevent sun burn at the beach ^^