Monday, August 31, 2009

Au Lait Cafe

Au Lait Cafe

Adult: $16

Call 223 1901

I received a mail saying it's $12 for adult and $10 for child. =.=

I think Sungkai Buffet is a good chance of trying different foods of the restaurant (if you always order the same food)

Today they have beef chop, lamb chop, BBQ chicken, macaroni, salad, bread tart?, corn soup and drinks

I'm disappointed that the buffet does not include spaghetti

But the lamb chop is nice!

I always wanted to try their coffee, now I got the chance!

This is cappuccino with arts on top.
YH with love = Yaya and ah Hua / YaHui XD

This mushroom is part of the salad. It's like dried mushroom?

A very weird taste and feeling when biting it

It's soft like you're eating pillow

Conclusion, I don't like it

What's next?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grand Sales is ON now!

sIt's good to hear when people say, "hey, u're so chio today eh." *blush*

It's good to reply, "not everyday meh?" hah XD

I feel uncomfortable when people keep staring at me, its STARE, keep looking at you wherever you go! The first thing comes to my mind is, "Am I pretty or what? Any problem on the way I wear?" Izan said, "Don't stare, but do eye contact."

I told Hua about this guy who kept staring and add a very-hiao-gong 'Hello', Hua said, "you're sexy ma."
"I'm wearing long sleeves le"
"U think people will look at ur long sleeves meh?"

Arh~ Now I know what guys are thinking.

Bo-liao-ing while waiting

Here's two EVENTs that I know:

1. Jualan Istimewa @ Batu Bersurat Basketball Court. 28th Aug - 4th Sept 10am-10pm

2. Sales at Rizqun Ballroom 4th Floor by Megastore 28th Aug-30th Aug 10am-10pm
They sell A-grade bags, girl accessories, toys, etc

Went to The Mall window shopping. There's a booth with funny stuffs at the 2nd floor. Can visit in your free time.

Sales everywhere!

Charles and Keith has improve the taste of fashion. The shoes are more IN now. I almost got tempted by them!

I-Top and Deseo have nice clothes! I love the boutique environment, which makes you feel like to shop there the whole day.

Winmark has a great sales too with nice and simple clothes. I bought a tube top with $8.

How can paradox of thrift be possible!?

I have been controlling myself not to buy clothes and unnecessary shoes, esp heels. It has been 9 months that I didn't buy shoes, only a pair of flats as the previous one died.

I always tell myself I have too much shoes, and my mom, too, complaining about it. Even sometimes I need a long time to think which shoes to wear. My shoes cause problem to me huh.

I have almost the same heels with this cutting. It's the highest of all my heels, not sure how many inches, but it's the most comfortable-ST of all! It's because of the height in front.

And this kind is the pain-est of all! See the height in front of this heels =.=

How can this be comfortable? I wonder if they really stable.

I have a tip for myself when I shop.

I don't give a second to think whether I like this shirt or not, whether it REALLY suits me, whether it's comfortable, whether it can look through inside bla bla bla, I DONT

I go to the fitting room, have the top on, *SNAP* if it's the one, then it's the one, it will be perfect for me

If I take for a minute to think whether I really need this, that's mean I don't need it. It's not perfect

Fast and Easy. Don't need to waste time in the fitting room with a top which might not be suitable for yourself.

It goes the same of me choosing a shoe

I always want my clothes and shoes to be perfect.
Perfect doesn't mean the prettiest in the world
Perfect Target of your own

Friday, August 28, 2009

Let's pee together in one toilet bowl!

Face mask only can have a little help to prevent H1N1? Face mask can prevent only 0.3 microns and above, but H1N1 is 0.1. What can we do to prevent!? So I think for those who are sick should really stay at home and rest.

There's a vaccine for H1N1, I heard it from friend that it's made in China? Not so sure, but I bet it did mentioned in the newspaper few weeks or days ago. Brunei will get it in December, as countries are Q-ing up for it.

How much cases now in brunei? 1000+?

Brazil (I guess) is having this campaign of pee-ing in the shower to save the environment, to save the flashing water in the toilet I guess. This is a cute site: xixi no banho

For me, I have to pee in the toilet bowl, feel a bit disgusting to pee in the shower, which I, myself, will step on my own pee? Ewww... But it really can help in saving the environment, saving the water and saving the world. You can try, but not me ^^

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I want it NOW

Better not when I'm not in the mood, sometimes my UNI's service really make me....ANGRY! They are so not efficient. This happens few times already. If I have any inquiry, first I will go to A, then A ask me to go B, B ask me to go C, C ask me to go D and so on.

I'm so fed up, walking up and down, until I ask them "Are you sure they can help me? I have been going up and down in this building."

C: Yes, I'm sure D can help you.

D: Urm, you have to go E.

Ya right, I'm not going up and down again, I want to have my problem solved NOW!

I always say that I'm a sports noob. Now I know what makes me a noob. The reason is I wasn't trained properly. And now, I'm trained from the basic. If I still don't improve with the help of trainer, that's mean I'm really a sports noob.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I-phone selling

Name: i-phone (new)
Made in China
Price: $250

Include: Headset, charger, pouch, cable...and something else that I'm not sure what is it. The 'basics' are all included.

Contact: Mr Liew (+6738630084)


Went to KTM. This is the Special Beancurd (招牌豆腐). You MUST eat it with the sause served and anything which is served together with it, it tastes damn YUMMY~. There's steamboat too, $10 per person.

Sungkai buffet is coming soon on 26th I guess. Get the daily buffet menu, seems delicious too!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

KO today

I drink so much yesterday night. Dad's, root beer, peach tea, water, sprite, non stop for 2 hrs+. Didnt get to play bouncer :(

I thought it was BBQ, i'm so excited and cant wait for the BBQ chicken, but it was buffet.

The kids made me think of xiong xiong and avril. Miss them much ^^

Tonight sushi again!

Friday, August 21, 2009


It's raining this whole day. Happy puasa to the muslims!

I miss French Toast of Universal

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Virus speaks now?

People see creepy, people feel creepy, people heard creepy. I THINK I chatted with creepy.

I was msn-ing with my friend. His Chinese (especially in typing and writing), not that good, but he replied me in Chinese.

Me: hey

Him: 您好 (how he knows 您?)

Me: Why are you speaking Chinese?

Him: 不能梅?

I wanted to see who is it by webcam, he accepted and closed it few seconds later.

Me: Are you virus?

Him: 我不是病毒。(I don't think he knows what is 病毒)

Me: who are you?

Him: 我是您朋友,你忘了我已经?(tries to speak improper chinese?)

And the next thing I think, is it possible for a virus to speak?

This world is full of technology and now virus chat!!!???? ANSWER ME!

So creepy man...

Because this friend of mine always has virus in his computer, that's why the 1st thing I think is VIRUS!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I fall in love with 小宇! His voice is the mixture of 胡彦斌,李久哲 and himself!

Mei Na Me Nan 没那么难 - Xiao Yu

有修长的腿 性感的嘴
皮肤的清香 不用化妆
想到快和你见面了 哇哈哈
你竟然属于我 哇哈哈
别人都流口水 擦擦擦
有谁想要碰你 卡卡卡
嘴巴说赞赞赞 心里只能干干干
我不想太多 想也没用
我所有感动 只跟你说
别把我珍贵的感觉 当成笑话看
天使的脸庞 魔鬼勾当
想到还要和你见面 妈妈妈
你竟然欺骗我 呜哈哈
别人都在笑我 XXX
很多人碰过你 卡卡卡
心里说赞赞赞 嘴巴却说干干干
我不想太多 想也没用
我所有感动 只跟你说
结果我珍贵的感觉 被当笑话看
我不想太多 想也没用
我所有感动 只跟你说
结果我珍贵的感觉 被当笑话看

Friday, August 14, 2009


Oh~ Her nose is red~

Went to the most dangerous place, the airport. Met so many people there, because some friends were going to depart and arrive.

Tomorrow Eldy is going to fly too!

I always worry that I would cry when people cry. Ofcourse, I'll try to hold to my tears, how embarrassing if I in front of people.

I would think when will be the time for me to fly and people come to send my flight. Of course it wont happen I guess, because my plan is to get degree in Brunei only, impossible for me to study abroad. Then I have to wait for my next life.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

You were a kid...

Now I know, kids are excited for their birthday. They excited for the presents and the cutting of cakes.I can't remember the feeling I had when my birthday arrived when I was a kid, but I can remember how happy I feel on my 12th birthday. That's the year I received the most presents in my life. After that, I asked my friends not to give presents on my birthday, but they can give ang pao ^^ hahah

But now, the age 19, I want to receive presents again, memorable presents.

Too many presents can eat up the space of the house, that's why some people say, "Why not ang pao?"

Went to my 3 years old cousin's birthday, even there are only 3 friends came, but they still enjoy the party. My 6/7 years old cousins know how to break dance!

I love parties, but not organizing it. It's pretty tired to prepare and to clean up. How would my 21st birthday be?

A grand one or a small gathering?

I 1st play table tennis when I was form 3. I never get to improve because I think I don't have the gene, im a sports noob. U know, people are good at different things.

And Chien said to me, quoted by Chien:

"You train (table tennis) once a year. 10 years later, you say you never improve in ten years?"

Meaningful, aint it? Hah!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kendo freaked me out

The 1st time I heard Kendo, the 1st impression is, it's a sports like karate but using a bamboo stick. BUT, when I went to watch the Kendo, the definition becomes, it's a scary sports.

Why scary?
Because the keep shouting and hitting people's head! I watched the training, the training was like, many pairs fighting with each other. So the shouting was so loud, scary and looks like violation.

This video is good enough, not that scary, because it's a game, not training:

I'll show u the one I watched in the training some other time ^^

Friday, August 7, 2009


These people never see La Mee. They were so excited when they saw people doing it in front of their eyes.

La Mee is made of flour. For me, a bowl of La Mee can make me feel explosive full!

Today, I'm very interested with gelato when I saw it when I was having window shopping. I asked my friend what gelato really is.

Gelato, or the plural gelati, is Italy's regional variant of ice cream. Sorbetto is dairy-free, made only of fruit, sugar and water, so it contains no fat or cholesterol. Gelato does not contain eggs.

As delicious as gelato is, it's lower in calories, sugar, carbs and fat than American ice cream. Gelato uses more milk than cream so it contains 4 percent to 8 percent butterfat; American ice cream features 10 percent to 18 percent butterfat.

It looks attractive. Too bad, i'm not an ice-cream fan. But I love Snow House's ice cream.^^

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's 100 degree

The weather really has to be that HOT!!??

I'm forced to be in the library to share the aircon with them.

Life of UNI is okay. This week wont be having any class until next week. We have at least 2 hrs continuously lecture everyday, today's 1 hr lecture almost made me to sleep yawn. It's not boring, but I cannot stand listening to people for a long period of time.

The class which I enjoy the most is Japan class.

When the tutor came in, she spoke Japanese like we understand =.= But, we have already known some Japano words.

I want to go to Japan one day when I earn money. I mean I REALLY want to go even though I'm not that rich, this is my dream ^^ and accompanion?