Friday, August 28, 2009

Let's pee together in one toilet bowl!

Face mask only can have a little help to prevent H1N1? Face mask can prevent only 0.3 microns and above, but H1N1 is 0.1. What can we do to prevent!? So I think for those who are sick should really stay at home and rest.

There's a vaccine for H1N1, I heard it from friend that it's made in China? Not so sure, but I bet it did mentioned in the newspaper few weeks or days ago. Brunei will get it in December, as countries are Q-ing up for it.

How much cases now in brunei? 1000+?

Brazil (I guess) is having this campaign of pee-ing in the shower to save the environment, to save the flashing water in the toilet I guess. This is a cute site: xixi no banho

For me, I have to pee in the toilet bowl, feel a bit disgusting to pee in the shower, which I, myself, will step on my own pee? Ewww... But it really can help in saving the environment, saving the water and saving the world. You can try, but not me ^^

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