Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tamu Trader

I thought of selling cars. But I don't know much about them, then engine and stuffs...hmm hmm

Friday, April 24, 2009


Where Am I?

...was a question for me after my work. I was on my way home from work, and minutes later, I found that I'm on my way TO WORK! And I ended up at Jalan Sultan, the so-called "Bandar". It's my 1st time to drive home really ALONE. x.x p.s: I have moved to another home, so have to re-learn WAYS~ ^^

Tomorrow I'm going home!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bakerlyn Cafe

Bakerlyn Cafe...

Nice place, BUT a bit costly, aint it? Good place for meeting customers, to discuss project.

Mango cheese cake is nice

Tuna cheese toast...hmm cheese only that small piece

HECAS...HECAS....UBD please~

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Explodes at Shabu Shabu

My 1st time butt on yee's car, I learnt my mistake, lesson: Either I drive myself out or ask her to park her car at my place and out together with the SAME car.

Went to Shabu Shabu.

This is the Economy set. Every set "Lamb set" " seafood set" will come along with this economy set, meaning, the basic set, the "MUST have" set

Every one has their own pot

I found that Orange tea is a nice drink

My stomach explodes after this steamboat x.x

This is really nice! From mina's blog. so WOW!!!!! CLICK

When I was unemployed, I told my parents, " I don't need ATM card." I really don't need it, whenever I deposit, that's the money I want to save and not gonna withdraw.

And I'm employed, I have a ATM card given by my company. Excitement is a will, it's my 1st own card! Wonder at what age, I would be having credit card, let's see...^^

Friday, April 17, 2009

Flying hotel a try?

Isn't this flying hotel cool??

I always afraid of sitting in a flight. U know why...

...afraid of cruise too, after watching Poseidon and Titanic...

If I got my salary, I want to have my 1st manicure, a present for myself!^^

...or may be not, because next month is mother's day and my birthday.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fitness makes u strong

Went to so many gym, love Fitness Zone (the gym of Wu zhun) most! Feel so nice and high when you enter because of the music. There are cycling classes, yoga and aerobic which the tutor look so professional. The place is big, 3 floors? The rich people go there, including the royals.

I don't eat ice cream, but Snow house's. I only remember to take picture after I eat. Bit ugly~ ^^

Lasagna toast is nice

This is Fun wok restaurant at Kiulap, in front of Hua Ho. Foods are nice, but slow service.

The popular, steamed chicken mushroom something something....

I'm gonna try Shabu Shabu, many people eat there!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Too nice that I fall asleep

I'm HOME again! Miss home, love ma bed, and I got a new pillow. It's upstair, show u next time. Went to facial, massage, pedicure, it's the most enjoyable moment in my life! It's so hard to describe~ =.=

2 kinds of people,

1. who's willing to spend on foods, and save in "wants"

2. who save FOR their 'wants', and save IN foods. (complicated? XD)

I'm a person who save IN foods and spend FOR my 'wants'. Everyone has different reason to save, I save for beauty. I can eat lunch which costs $3 everyday, and the money I saved use it on facial, pedicure, hair, skin, etc.

But, saving in foods might make urself unhealthy. It might end up you can't enjoy better get a healthy body and enjoy ur life!

There was a blood check at Sally salon few days ago. Magnify the blood in xxxx time, you can see red n white bloods cells, different kinds of bacteria. With this checking, you can know whether you have cholesterol, or the beginning of cancer etc. There will be another check in May, I want to have a check!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

No No x Ya ya

I don't eat ice cream until I ate Snow house's. Don't know why ha, only snow house's will interest me, soft and not very cold. I always remember to take a picture after I eat it. =.= Lasagna toast is nice too.

I'm so looking forward to saturday. A day for me to relax. Have to rush to Miri to do braces and relax on my facial. ^^Feel like I have stay bandar for so long, I want to sleep my own bed~~ and have my maid to wash my clothes.

Called Cineplex asking for schedule:


Cineplex: What's your name?

Me: Yaya

Cineplex: Yaya?

Me: ya (as in yes)

Cineples: true ar?

Me: true la! =.=

And he can't stop laughing =.=

What's so funny about my name? Is it weird? I think it's cute. Even colleagues asked me why Yaya. Coz Yahui ma =.= duuhh some even thought I'm malay after I tell my name.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another year...

O-mi-to-fo I want to give Yaya my car key

The daddy has "collections". And this is one of them, grape wine of year xxxx? Taste like red wine, but it's much better. The family said it's good to eat cheese cake with grape wine.

Impress with my shot. Like somekind of cover page XD

This party is relax. I mean, at least unlike some parties which people mess up and u have to clean; people asking you for this and that and you get real busy and cant enjoy yourself. We played games of action, and it ended when I did action which they were not willing to follow XD

Today, a surprise party at Rizqun. Love party with foods~~~

Happy Birthday to my twins aunt.
We belong to 'liang moi family' category, aint we? XD

Friday, April 3, 2009

Steamboat at Berry wan

I almost forgot few days ago was April fool! I didnt get to play anyone le. Was so free for few days, and today I'm tired. I hate searching for files. The files was like more than 100 I guess, have to flip one by one and check. I wonder why customers like us to seach history, like asking why charge them xx%, and it was the case of last year! x.x


I'm just a beginner, and my collegue is fully stress!

I'm so happy to sleep at home! and tomorrow I'm going back. And going over friend's place. Haven't get to rest whenever I come back from bandar.

New place to intro! Eat steamboat at Berry Wan at Gadong, in front of HSBC. Not sure, but heard that it's $10 per person, I'm not the one paying^^ Many choices but there's no prawn :(

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We have to...

Finally, I lost my way home. Visited my grandma in hospital and start driving back at 6.30pm, driving round and round I reached home at 7.45pm. More than 1 hr!!?? I can go back seria and have a nice dinner.

I know I'm driving the way back to Seria, but I can't find any u-turn until I saw the sign board "EMPIRE HOTEL". Good, even I stop half way, I also don't know where I am, how am I gonna seek help? So saying that I'm at Empire is better.

I think HND (Higher national diploma) is higher than A level right? My colleague is HND, and she's doing the same thing as me. If after I finish my education, as if the work I do can be done by a A level student, what for I continue my studies?

I believe that even you study Uni, you might not find a better work. For me, working with high income is better than high education. Pehin Hua Ho really my idol. He studied until primary 6 and he's one of the richest man in Brunei. So why uni?

I always think how to earn money, almost everyday, I can't sleep because of this question. Now I got a work, and makes me think, how to earn more? It's always not enough isn't it?