Monday, April 29, 2013

Exam mode

I have done studying for later exam but I haven't start studying Tues's examS. I want to study the Tues's now but I'm afraid I'll get mixed up with the later one =.=" I'm tired and unhappy :(

I'm tired because I feel sleepy everytime I study.

I'm unhappy because I don't understand why some guys just get angry so easily =.=" Don't they know how to make a girl happy by not making those grumpy faces. You are wondering what makes me so pek cek. So I was telling this guy "Don't talk when I talk." I am just fed up with people who start talking when I haven't finish talking. The next thing he said was "I don't talk then". Wtf My fault ah?

But there's something that makes me happy. First, because I'm typing now ^^ I just need to express how I feel sometimes, else I'll die of keeping too much. The main happiness is I'm gonna start my new life in a day. One more day left as a student. Pretty much fun being a student and I guess it's time to earn my own income to pursue my dreams.

Anyway, it's 2am now and I'm gonna have my beauty sleep. Urm...well...2am....not beauty anymore. This might be the last post you hear me complaining about exams. I'm gonna miss student life! Goodnight xoxo

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fun Shabushi

 We bought the vouchers from Social Deal. It was B$9.90 for a steamboat set with Chicken + soup + California Maki.

FunShabushi is located at Gadong Central, next to Lao Di Fang, first floor.

Gadong Central is now like a foods street, and it has 3 Japanese restaurants at that area. Very competitive.  FYI, FunShabushi is a Japanese Steamboat Restaurant.

The table is quite near to the seat and so it's not very convenient to move around, even for skinny people like me. Or may be because my legs are too long....err.....go try yourself.

I don't really order drinks in restaurants because I can't finish it all, either sweet or sour. But I love this!
This is Red Carpet, with oranges, peaches, strawberries. It's not very sweet, just taste good and appetizing. And I can one-go for this!

The basic steamboat set. A lot of mushrooms, vege, two mini eggs, one or two prawns, a dumpling, etc.
It would be better if they have fishballs, a normal-sized egg, etc. 


The California Maki is good.
The choices of sauce is not much.
The waitresses are friendly.
Comfortable environment. 

Not sure when our next gathering would be because we are all graduating soon and have our own different paths and dreams. For me, I'm graduating in 5 days >< 

We are so close because we are always a team in Table Tennis since high school. We are always under the same coach, if we change coach, we change together, something like that. Because we have different coaches in high school, Form 6 and Uni. 

We always join tournaments together, we cried and laughed during tournaments, we support each other etc. But because I was busy with uni, plus a bit lazy and lousy x.x I stopped joining tournaments since last year. But we still keep in touch because we stay together in hostel. And occasionally we would hang out. 

We are four different fruits with different tastes but we blend in well and make a good drink. wth lol

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Modesto Bistro & Grill

Located at Batu Bersurat. Up that hill and next to Shabulicious.

After so many months we said we want to try Modesto, finally~

I was surprised that there wasn't much customers. The ambiance is similar to Charcoal.

Can't remember the name but it's strawberry + grenadine + soda water
I love cocktails, but in Brunei, restaurants only serve mocktail. 

Scallop with cheese. No, I don't really like this. I couldn't really feel the scallop because the shell is too big. 
Around B$5

Carbonara with bacon.
This is good but too much bacon.
Around B$7-9

Sirloin with mashed potato. I like it medium/medium rare and this is good. 
Around B$30+

Hair of the day. Ok, nothing special. I just want to tell you I love buns. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

iPhone 4/4s screen protector

I ordered around 20 iPhone4/4s screen protector and I'm selling them for B$5 only
There's 2 types: Matte and Normal

Feel free to contact me if interested. Comment below, email to, Facebook me, etc. Thanks :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ee Ding's Pool/Beach Party

Very nice picture taken by How using his iPhone!

Fact about me, I love being under the sun. I don't really care if I'm tanned. But I care when I got sun burn, that sucks. 

While waiting for the foods, we just kept taking pictures.

Ee Ding so cute!

xiao kia-s

This is a good idea of making jelly. So cute!

Nice hair.

We didn't realise we stood like that lol

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weeks in Photos

Hello! My exam is in 2 weeks :'( Now I'm rushing to finish my assignments then I have to start studying...hopefully. These are the photos of these 2 weeks :)

I wanted my nails to look like leaked paint, but it turned out just differently. 
Dinner and sing K at Yatch. 


Sammi's fans! 

Dinner with the ladies. They are all professionals *woot* 

2 Giants. Had dinner at the satay and were waiting Lily to pick us up because of the heavy rain. 
It's raining much recently.

First time playing archery and I'm bad at it :( 

Yeng le~ (Cool yea~)

My dad bought me a phone case charger. It's convenient because you can use this as your phone case, then if your phone is low batt then you press the button and it will start charging. 
Bad thing about it is if you want to charge the phone case, you have to remove your phone. Else I think it will only charge the phone and not the case. 

My dad bought me another phone case, Hello Kitty box, a bag and a super neon green dress. I'm not sure where I'm gonna where that neon dress, it's gonna catch much attention =.="
Then my dad said "It's good if you wear that night." lol

Had dinner with the girls at Mac D before we headed to sing again.

Besides party and hang out with friends, I had been doing a video presentation for my assignment, and I wonder how the others are doing. My group is gonna be presenting on this Saturday and I hope the other groups do bad in the video ><
I dislike writing words, so this video assignment is the assignment I enjoyed doing the most. And because I hate doing reports so I have to do it now! tata...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Acer Aspire V5

I got a new lappie! I have used my old one for 5 years and is very lag now. Si beh pek cek when I'm editing video for assignment, and it can't support some updated software. So, it's time! I wanted to sell my old lappie then I changed my mind because it's a gift from my dad when I was 18. 

I was so so so happy when I got my lappie, I even cried. It reminds me how I cried when I first got a smart phone. Because I'm not working at the moment (part time is not considered as working), so whatever I have now are gifts. 

Acer Aspire V5, touch screen (wuuuu)

It's a non-tangled retractable pink mouse.

It's Window 8. So there's no more Start button. This is what you see first when you on the lappie.

The desktop and settings.

The toolbar changes colour that match the wallpaper.

You can open 2 windows/app at the same time. This is when I can watch movie and check my FaceBook at the same time. Very convenient if you're chatting on FB and wanna do something else. 


Nice lights too.

It's good for playing games because of the touch screen. The games include Cut The Rope too!

The only bad thing about it is it only has 3 USB ports and are close to each other. So when a cable is slightly bigger then you only can use 2 ports. So I'm getting a USB port extension.

Credits to Dk because I didn't even use 0.1% of energy to search for this lappie. I only told him what I need bla bla bla. Then he was super hardworking to go to shops and get catalogues (because I was in Seria okay~). Guys know more about technology right? So it's the best to ask guys laah.