Monday, April 29, 2013

Exam mode

I have done studying for later exam but I haven't start studying Tues's examS. I want to study the Tues's now but I'm afraid I'll get mixed up with the later one =.=" I'm tired and unhappy :(

I'm tired because I feel sleepy everytime I study.

I'm unhappy because I don't understand why some guys just get angry so easily =.=" Don't they know how to make a girl happy by not making those grumpy faces. You are wondering what makes me so pek cek. So I was telling this guy "Don't talk when I talk." I am just fed up with people who start talking when I haven't finish talking. The next thing he said was "I don't talk then". Wtf My fault ah?

But there's something that makes me happy. First, because I'm typing now ^^ I just need to express how I feel sometimes, else I'll die of keeping too much. The main happiness is I'm gonna start my new life in a day. One more day left as a student. Pretty much fun being a student and I guess it's time to earn my own income to pursue my dreams.

Anyway, it's 2am now and I'm gonna have my beauty sleep. Urm...well...2am....not beauty anymore. This might be the last post you hear me complaining about exams. I'm gonna miss student life! Goodnight xoxo

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