Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tasty Corner Steamboat

Hello dolls, I'm having holiday now and I haven't meet boredom YET. Been good these days, dinners with friends, happy hour and do my own stuff. I plan to start working in June if any company is going to hire me. I just need one month to rest and do my own things, that's isn't too long right? Because my mom asked me why not I start now. Noooo...I need holiday! I want to be super ON if there's any function. Urm, but not really, not ON if I have some other things to do. 

Have you been to Tasty Corner's Steamboat, I just went last week after so long lol Located at Gadong, under the bridge. 

It's renovated. I'm not sure if they have steamboat only at night, or whole day. I'm not sure they have other foods except for steamboat. opps ><

This is the steamboat menu, a menu full of words that I really lazy to look through. They should put pictures.

We ordered a steamboat set with one prawn soup and another is their famous porridge soup.

Cool Fish paste.

Their seafoods are fresh. 
They have some special foods comparing to other steamboat restaurants. Some restaurants they only have fishballs, toufu, vege etc which are quite normal, but Tasty Corner has a bit special.
It's a nice place for a group of people, especially family. 

I'm right now not feeling well and got annoyed by my brother's voice, he is so annoying and noisy and super terik voice!!!! sigh...ok, tata.

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