Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boring Saturday

Today will be my first not exciting Saturday. First Saturday of not making up myself hmph There's a lot of functions today! The expo, plan to watch 3D toy story 3, and go over friends'.

But it's end of October, lots of assignments waiting for me to finish, and exam coming.
Hate x 1000000

Gonna do my assignment today, and go happy tomorrow.
Planning to go the go-cart expo, Boustead family day (Barely There will be there!), and may be watch the 3D Toy Story.

Friday, October 29, 2010

New skin

I change my blog skin!

This is the advantage of taking other faculty's module, which means, learning something new besides business - World Wide Web and Application.

Hey! My blog skin is unique, and only I have it!

I chose a template, get the html, and edit some of the codes to satisfy myself.
I'm not that pro yet, so not that satisfy.
I wanna make my blog name "EaHui の ブログ " a little bit lower on the picture, but hmmm, not sure how.

what u think of my blog skin? ^^

Monday, October 25, 2010

Love cold hate hot

When I was studying in Form 5, was going to decide what to study next, our school brought us to university trips - Curtin, Riam, etc.
First step to uni was like 'sakai', WOW here and there.

I saw students were doing their work on this kind of tables, having own space.
And I wish the Uni that I'm going to study has these tables too ^^
And now I'm sitting in front of this table :)

Library is the most comfortable place in UBD.
Studying in my room just making me sleep, library is a better place.
But but but, the wifi is lousy in some area of library, I'm using broadband now.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Villa Mauri

Went to try at Villa Mauri. I didn't know Grazi Mauri is also Villa Mauri.
Only after 15 minutes, after I ordered then I realised, "Ei? we're at Villa Mauri?" *lui*

Pineapple + mango + honey dew melon + ......etc.... mocktail

This is nice. Bread stick +egg plant.
Love the egg plant sauce

This is the starter.
Fresh sardine with spicy tomato and avocado.
Nice, but too many fish bones inside.


Italian rice with seafood
A bit sour

It's an expensive restaurant.
Went there because I thought they have buffet of $20 per person (Eat all u can)
But it's actually $20 per dish x.x

Sexy boy of the day:

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hungry...what to eat le?

Cadbury Cookies!

It's centre fill with chocolate!

Rice chips!
Rice make you full ma~
Not salty like other potato chips

This abolone mee!!!! Best instant noodle ever!
A bit expensive la $4+

Who wanna know this guy, please call me tonight. LOL

Friday, October 22, 2010

Work does not affect my studies

I forgot about my blog! How can this happen?
I'm VERY busy recently, now I just take few minutes to update ya' all ^^
Busy of part time work, assignments, and accompany friends, family, love ones...应酬应酬.
I have skipped table tennis training and handicap tourney already :(

I know it's a bit outdated talking about Brunei Barracudas VS Philippines Patriots.
But I have different experience compare to most of the audience ^^

I can see them very near because I was sitting VIP seat.
The game was nice! They had OT. and final score was 67-72 if not mistaken. Philippines won.
The DJ was playing with the audience putting the song "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?" and stopped and the audience went ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL.

I had a lot of part time work experiences, but the colleagues I meet this time are friendly and funny.
At least I'm not bored and feel sleepy while working.

But opps! my dad called me when I was working, so he knows that I have a part time work, and said, "有书不读,跑去做什么工?(Why not concentrate in your studies, work for what?)

Well, 24-7 studying doesn't work on me. I will give myself a break time to relax.
So, why not make use of this break time to earn $$?
For me, working motivates me to study. It's kind of hard to understand but that's the way I am.
Working makes you more busy. I know I will be busy, so I'll do my assignments in a faster speed and study in advance.

I got a very headache assignment, makes me feel like paying someone and help me to do.
It's creating a website and create a game.
The html codes are.............!@#$%^&*

There is a dancing audition and a performance for a studio.
I wish I can join, but dance practice needs a lot of time.
For the dance audition, we need to start practice now until Dec 31st. I don't have that much time.
This is more suitable to those full time dancers.
I wonder how my dance mates arrange their time to make this ON. 佩服佩服

Well, need to continue my assignments. Still thinking if I want to join tonight's party....yerrr~

Friday, October 15, 2010


Hostel was organising BBQ and Movie Night.

DDR is always the popular one.

And dinner with old friends...

I'm tired and full today. Like non-stop eating and not enough sleep.
Not enough sleep still semangat go gym this morning xD
Well, because Mall branch is closed, so the members from the Mall all go to Kiulap's. And I always have no chance to use the gym, only manage to go class.
Only few people gym-ing in the morning.
Hope tomorrow noon not that crowded again~

I'm headache doing assignments. 1800 words of essay is tough! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Accounting.....god.....lots of descriptions.

chivas please~

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Loud music + lights = wu~

Uni life stressing me out now.
Few assignments but each of them is so tough!
I like assignments which do not need to use brain.
OK~ this reminds me someone saying me brainless because my brain contains water. It doesn't sound harsh here, but it hurts a lot.

There are other unimportant but a bit 烦 issues happened.
Well, since it's not as important as my studies, fine, I'll leave it or ignore it.

I hope this saturday's bbq is ON.
Sunday's party is definitely ON, great!

It's something psychology that, a person feels happier when they listen loud music.
It works on me.
I feel good when there's loud music + flashing lights. Feels a lot more happier if there's other people.
You can experience this in fitness zone, LOL!!! They have the lights and nice music in fitness class.

I can feel how stress my neighbour is. Or may be she's making use of her new hi-fi or something.
We can hear loud musics with heavy bass even it's nearly 12am.
Funny thing is YH asked me, "Is that person doing aerobic in her room?" lol

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kat Deluna- Push

I didn't know Kat Deluna is a cute singer.
I knew Kat Deluna when I heard the song with Akon- Right Now na na na
Her voice doesn't sound cute. I thought she looks wild sexy, but she has a baby face!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Make yourself happy

I'm not sure what happen to me nowadays, but I'm just can't smile, or feel very happy.
I'm not unhappy.
Not sure is it because of tough assignments, or too sienz.
I didn't feel hungry when I forgot to eat my dinner yesterday.
And I don't feel hungry now even I took my last meal at 5+ pm.

Sometimes I'm too 好胜。
I want something, I know I can't get it, or will never get it, I will feel super moody.
Fine, I give up. I don't wanna win. But when I see people having what I want...x.x

I feel excited when I know my friends are studying abroad.
When I'm alone, I'll think, "Will I ever have this chance?"

I feel sienz, may be because there's nothing new in my life.
I like to see new things, learn new, listen new, know new, read new.
Even a simple thing like showing me a BIG house in Brunei (if i never see one), I'll be happy.
Or pretty small house will be good.

Doesn't mean I'm a person who forget old.
I just like to see new things that haven't happen in my life.

Going to gym makes me happy actually. And I'm going to gym tomorrow ^^

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sweat plus sacrifice equals success.

I went to Fitness zone quite a lot of times using the 3 day free pass. SHHHHH....xD
One time I bought the package $15 for 15 days, and one time went there to borrow their studio.
I didnt want to join because you know how expensive it is.

Now, I join the membership. They have special price for students, and there was a HSBC guy who doesn't want his one month FREE pass, so he gave it to me.

Joining the membership is kind of a motivation to go to gym.
I wanna build good body shape LOL. But I don't have fats!
Well, I just hope more exercises can activate my metabolism, thus produce fats in my body ^^

I read an article, it's a opinion page, about gym etiquette.
The author is kind of complaining about people playing with phone while gym-ing, aunties flirting instructor (LOL), gossiping in gym, peeping how fast people run, etc.
Urm, from what I read, it sounds like the author is talking about Fitness Zone xD It's just a guess.

Well well, I sometimes bring phone with me, just in case someone looks for me.
I only peep how fast and how far my friends run ^^

I don't actually mind what other people are doing, as long as they keep the place clean, no littering and dirty the changing room or washroom.

I must at least attend one class if I go gym, because class makes you non-stop moving and sweating.
Treadmill-ing or cycling- you will stop when you feel tired.
So, class makes going to gym meaningful for me ^^

I like going to gym when there's a lot of people. I love crowds ^^
See-ing only one or two people gym-ing with me doesn't motivate.

A friend said that this video motivates, by looking at their body WOAH:

I must eat before swimming, for some particular reasons that I don't wish ALL people know ^^
Well, I still don't know how to swim, because I'm afraid of water.
I did try quite a few times, but, I'm still afraid of drowning, even in shallow area (although I know I won't).

Sweat plus sacrifice equals success.
-Charlie Finley

The best and fastest way to learn a sport is to watch and imitate a champion.
-Jean-Claude Killy

If you don't do whats best for your body, you're the one who comes up on the short end.
-Julius Erving

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

There was a raya celebration at my hostel.
It was crowded.
People start to fight for foods when the mc said, "You can take your foods now!"
I didn't get any soft drinks :( all were finished.

The foods were nice, especially the matabak.

There were lack of plates and spoons.
So I used a BIG empty plate which they put the desserts, and the tongs to eat xD

We had lucky draw and see who can reload your phone credit the fastest.
I was not the lucky one ^^

Tomorrow going to gym.
It has free classes for everyone from 4th to 7th October people! at Fitness zone.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Arch

Went to gym again.
Wanna exercise a lot to gain fats. Can exercise gain fats?
Well, if it doesn't gain, then just for healthy purpose la.
Exercise doesn't rugi you.
What I love about fitness zone....I love the classes.

Then went to The Arch for dinner.

The Bull
I don't like this

The Virgin
I like this! It's a lemon drink

This is the "Most recommended" by Arch- Taurean Chicken, but I don't agree.
It's oily~

Mocha Chicken - I don't like this too.

Only the drinks are good?
I didn't try the others yet..well..... hmmmm