Friday, October 22, 2010

Work does not affect my studies

I forgot about my blog! How can this happen?
I'm VERY busy recently, now I just take few minutes to update ya' all ^^
Busy of part time work, assignments, and accompany friends, family, love ones...应酬应酬.
I have skipped table tennis training and handicap tourney already :(

I know it's a bit outdated talking about Brunei Barracudas VS Philippines Patriots.
But I have different experience compare to most of the audience ^^

I can see them very near because I was sitting VIP seat.
The game was nice! They had OT. and final score was 67-72 if not mistaken. Philippines won.
The DJ was playing with the audience putting the song "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?" and stopped and the audience went ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL.

I had a lot of part time work experiences, but the colleagues I meet this time are friendly and funny.
At least I'm not bored and feel sleepy while working.

But opps! my dad called me when I was working, so he knows that I have a part time work, and said, "有书不读,跑去做什么工?(Why not concentrate in your studies, work for what?)

Well, 24-7 studying doesn't work on me. I will give myself a break time to relax.
So, why not make use of this break time to earn $$?
For me, working motivates me to study. It's kind of hard to understand but that's the way I am.
Working makes you more busy. I know I will be busy, so I'll do my assignments in a faster speed and study in advance.

I got a very headache assignment, makes me feel like paying someone and help me to do.
It's creating a website and create a game.
The html codes are.............!@#$%^&*

There is a dancing audition and a performance for a studio.
I wish I can join, but dance practice needs a lot of time.
For the dance audition, we need to start practice now until Dec 31st. I don't have that much time.
This is more suitable to those full time dancers.
I wonder how my dance mates arrange their time to make this ON. 佩服佩服

Well, need to continue my assignments. Still thinking if I want to join tonight's party....yerrr~

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