Sunday, October 10, 2010

Make yourself happy

I'm not sure what happen to me nowadays, but I'm just can't smile, or feel very happy.
I'm not unhappy.
Not sure is it because of tough assignments, or too sienz.
I didn't feel hungry when I forgot to eat my dinner yesterday.
And I don't feel hungry now even I took my last meal at 5+ pm.

Sometimes I'm too 好胜。
I want something, I know I can't get it, or will never get it, I will feel super moody.
Fine, I give up. I don't wanna win. But when I see people having what I want...x.x

I feel excited when I know my friends are studying abroad.
When I'm alone, I'll think, "Will I ever have this chance?"

I feel sienz, may be because there's nothing new in my life.
I like to see new things, learn new, listen new, know new, read new.
Even a simple thing like showing me a BIG house in Brunei (if i never see one), I'll be happy.
Or pretty small house will be good.

Doesn't mean I'm a person who forget old.
I just like to see new things that haven't happen in my life.

Going to gym makes me happy actually. And I'm going to gym tomorrow ^^

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