Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Loud music + lights = wu~

Uni life stressing me out now.
Few assignments but each of them is so tough!
I like assignments which do not need to use brain.
OK~ this reminds me someone saying me brainless because my brain contains water. It doesn't sound harsh here, but it hurts a lot.

There are other unimportant but a bit 烦 issues happened.
Well, since it's not as important as my studies, fine, I'll leave it or ignore it.

I hope this saturday's bbq is ON.
Sunday's party is definitely ON, great!

It's something psychology that, a person feels happier when they listen loud music.
It works on me.
I feel good when there's loud music + flashing lights. Feels a lot more happier if there's other people.
You can experience this in fitness zone, LOL!!! They have the lights and nice music in fitness class.

I can feel how stress my neighbour is. Or may be she's making use of her new hi-fi or something.
We can hear loud musics with heavy bass even it's nearly 12am.
Funny thing is YH asked me, "Is that person doing aerobic in her room?" lol

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