Thursday, June 30, 2011

Outfit of the day

Like the Bunny Hoodie much.
It's just $10 bought at Lawa Lawa Boutique at Batu Bersurat.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The first fishing

No, it's not using hook nor sit down there and wait for the fish.

It's more adventurous where to the men went down to the deep sea holding a net and catch the fish.

It was my first time fishing. There was few times where the girls asked me to go fishing, I was lazy, tired, or may be the weather is hot, or may be I was not interested in sitting there and wait the time to pass.

Since now I'm on my holiday, why not? hehe

One person would be on the shore

Another one will go down to the deep sea, coz there's where the fishes are

It's cool when they start to pull the net on shore, and you can see fishes stuck into the net. may somehow look a bit cruel and pity the fishes, but well, you eat fish too, and that's how the fishes are caught.

this fish has its eyes on top

If you think Brunei beach doesn't have jelly fish, uh huh, you better watch out.
We caught few of them, and it's dangerous if you got sting by them.

the fishes we caught

see the sharp mouth fish?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Laneige 6th Anniversary

They asked me change my expression...

wo ko ai ma? (我可爱吗?)

Us again

A korean make up artist, Steven Chu, doing a demo

I was asked to go up stage to catwalk and act like I hate the guy standing right there in the middle.

Kher was asked to go up the stage too! To do a sexy catwalk.
You should have gone there to see how kik the aunties laughed.

watch the video:

Sorry that I was shaking too much because I couldn't stop laughing.

Carol won this for the FaceBook Muscial Broadway Competition.

I got this for the cat walking.
I thought I got a consolation prize for the Musical Broadway Competition too, hmmm...

Introduce you this new drink from Fun Wok, Kiulap.
It's Peppermint Aloe Vera Sprite.
It's a nice drink.

P/S: I'm on today's (27th June 2011) Brunei Chinese newspaper showing me at Laneige. You can spot me if you have good eyes LOL

Friday, June 24, 2011

iPad 2 in fitting room

Hi, I'm trying to use iPad to blog.

Unfortunately, it's kinda hard to blog here. I cannot post pictures, and I need to use HTML to type.

Because I'm still considering of buying another iPad for myself, so I'm checking whether I can Download attachments Since my point is to study my notes using iPad.

Thumbs up:
- can download the PDFs, my notes etc
- nice when watching you tube
- play games
- cool appearance lol

Thumbs down:
- not a good gadget for blogging
- videos need to convert to mp4 in order to watch in iPad
- to have my notes to be downloaded in iPad, I need to connect to laptop

So should I buy?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mr. Ho's Fine Foods

Located in Miri, near Cherry Berries / Survey / Grand Palace Hotel.

It's a western restaurant with a cozy environment.
Have a very nice lighted bar where the bar tender serves you cocktail and beer.

Ribena Sprite, it tastes nice like sparkling juice.
I always mix Ribena sprite with Raspberry Vodka, how could I not think of emitting the vodka can make a good drink too.

Menu of the day

Mixed grilled
I find it salty for me, but you may like it.

The big sausage which the guys excited about.
yea, sounds very wrong and gay.

This salmon is nice cooked.
It's soft and a bit juicy.

Next try gonna be Fine's restaurant.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When the ladies get on the floor

What's the happiest thing?

When all the sexy girls are around!

It was ladies night organized by KT.

Opps! Why are there guys? Because......girls got crazier when they see hot guys out there LOL

Didn't take much photos yea i know.
There are actually hell lot of people, however I don't know most of them lol

waiting for the next party~

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pesta Sukan Remaja V- Table Tennis

What I will be doing in the semester break? It will always be table tennis training.

Last year we prepared for PSK (Pesta Sukan *something*).
This year we prepare for Pesta Sukan Remaja, and we are representing IPT (means University). So we have members from the combination of Universiti Brunei Darussalam and ITB.

During the opening ceremony

We support our team mates.

the coach

I played Girls Double and we got a Bronze!

the team

All the participants

The time when we had fun.
It was Robin Bieber's birthday.

the time when we jumped into the pool


Friday, June 17, 2011

Asian version of "Burlesque"

Yes, I joined, and I chose to be the character from "Burlesque"....the Asian version lol

Took a few pictures and I decided to choose this for the competition. Do you like it? ^^

If you like it, then vote me in FaceBook by clicking "Like".
1st "Like" the page of Laneige Brunei Darussalam.

then "Like" my photo.

It just takes a minute to vote, so...

thank you ^^