Monday, June 27, 2011

Laneige 6th Anniversary

They asked me change my expression...

wo ko ai ma? (我可爱吗?)

Us again

A korean make up artist, Steven Chu, doing a demo

I was asked to go up stage to catwalk and act like I hate the guy standing right there in the middle.

Kher was asked to go up the stage too! To do a sexy catwalk.
You should have gone there to see how kik the aunties laughed.

watch the video:

Sorry that I was shaking too much because I couldn't stop laughing.

Carol won this for the FaceBook Muscial Broadway Competition.

I got this for the cat walking.
I thought I got a consolation prize for the Musical Broadway Competition too, hmmm...

Introduce you this new drink from Fun Wok, Kiulap.
It's Peppermint Aloe Vera Sprite.
It's a nice drink.

P/S: I'm on today's (27th June 2011) Brunei Chinese newspaper showing me at Laneige. You can spot me if you have good eyes LOL

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