Thursday, June 2, 2011

I don't do World-Vision

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World-Vision is an organization where you can sponsor a child.

I have lots of friends, teachers or family members who sponsor a child, or more than a child.

Common sense-ly, people sponsor a child to help them, to give them money to provide their basic needs such as foods and shelter.

My friends asked me whether I want to join World-Vision, I never say Yes.
Not sponsoring a child doesn't mean I'm a bad and cold-blooded person, okay~

I don't feel like doing something or helping someone who I can't see. If you get what I mean.
I only help people when I see them in front of me, and when I feel like they really need a help.
Like the other day, I helped an old woman to get a can food which is displayed high on the rack.
I donated money for Japan in a charity event, when my Japanese lecturer was trying to choose some clothes for me to buy. But instead, I donated by buying the sushi.

When you sponsor a child, the child sometimes may send you letters.
I saw a photo sent by a child to my friend. The kid in the photo, is wearing gold bracelets. And this doubt me.

Maybe not all the kids are that poor, but lack of the basic needs.
Maybe the gold bracelets are inherited from the ancestors.

I don't donate money to beggars too.
I think they can actually work and earn money when they have legs and hands, they don't actually need to beg.
I don't dare to donate money to beggars who are leg-less. One is because I'm afraid a GROUP of beggars would approach me and ask for money. Or they are actually instructed by some organizations to beg for money, and those people actually cut off their legs. Urm, yea, I do pity these people who kena forced to beg, but....what can I do? ><

Well, I'm NOT not supporting you to join World-Vision.
This world can be more prettier when a nice person like you sponsor a child.
But, in my shoe, I only help those who are near me and those I can see.
I don't sponsor a child, but I can help the society in other ways.
Who knows I would actually sponsor a child when I start working and earn money.


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