Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I don't feel tired when shopping

It's holiday!
so went to shopping this whole day, Gadong and Times Square.
And dinner at Shikai.

These are what I get:
Everyone is crazy of this, even the guys!
So I got the sample.

Aowa salesman approach and gave us a "Free gift" voucher.
We got a container.

Got this at Etude.
Gonna try one.

The bling bling eyeshadow.

Got a nice top too.

Body shop releases a winter series of make up.
They are all bling bling, and very party feel.

This thing below....

What do you think it is?

a perfume?

That's what I'm thinking.

Yvonne sprayed it her hand.
I walk quickly toward Yvonne and smelled her hand.
Yvonne: urrm....It's not perfume. It's.......glitter~

I just inhaled, my nostrils are now bling bling.

I love this kind of make up table.
Laneige and Lawa-Lawa have one!
I feel like I'm a 70's superstar with the bulb beside.

And this door...
any problem that you can spot?
Not clear enough?

Is this clearer?
What's the point of the door?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Your one and only source into the scandelous lives of Manhattan's elite

Ok, it's 4.15am, I'm in the middle of my revision, and I'm so excited that I wanna blog about this now.

I got a friend who born in Malaysia, she then moved to Brunei and now in NEW YORK!

Life's sometimes sad when u think that u're kicked like a ball from here to there.
You need to experience a lot of times separating from your friends and relatives, and those who had taken care of you.

But, think in this way, when you have been to a lot of places where others may not have the chance, you can feel you are lucky.
Some people may not have the experience of living through 4 seasons owh~

I, who like to travel, may not have the chance to go NY too.

What was so excited is, she mentioned Manhattan.
This reminds me about Gossip Girl.
The scenes in Gossip Girl are exactly how NY looks like!!!!
And my friend is staying there!
Ny = a fashion city

Is Kimora Lee NY too? hmmm

ok conclusion, NO ONE will not WOW if you say New York.

Even when the American Next Top Model announced to the girls that, "We are going to New York!!"
And the girls will shout insane-ly, "ARRRRHHHHH!! I'm going to NY!"

You see how cool is New York?

I feel the high class-ness of New York when Serena Van Der Woodson and the 4 women in Sex and the City are walking on the street.

I know I look stupid and ting-san-gua when talking about NY.
What makes the whole story so exciting when your friends know more than you, and they keep telling about that thing.
I'm a curios baby, and I like smart person who knows more than me.

ah ha....when I say "I like smart person who knows more than me",
makes me think of Jason P. His English is super deep compare to a chinese educated person like me.

I got a secret, shhhh:
I always have a dictionary beside me whenever I chat with him, or else I really don't understand what he's talking about. lol
But new words learnt.
If we're talking face to face, "I don't know what are you talking about" occurs a lot in our conversation. haha
Sometimes I just act like I understand.
I don't wish to show people too much of my stupidity.

That's the reason why Kao Yin always WOW when I say I understand.
sometimes very kek sim to hear that WOW


Friday, November 26, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Action turns dream to reality

I'm hardworking because:
- I check my FB 10 minutes a time.
- I read blogs
- Watch youtube

I hope I can concentrate study after blogging. URGH~

Why not nervous?
- Ofcourse I am. Urm, coz I done studying for tomorrow's exam, just need revise nia.

I'm so looking forward to December!
Parties and I'm going to Brisbane!

I asked a friend from New York who is studying Business Management too, like me, asked her about her uni.
Well, I found that those students who take major in Business Management hates Economics and Accounting.
Damn, I got a P in economics, and I can feel my Accounting is getting P.

My lecturer told us that the Accounting exam will be hard, what's the point they set a hard paper and make the students fail?

While I bo xim studying, I watch funny videos like 荃加福祿壽. So damn hilarious.
Hmm...plan to go Hy's house to watch wahahahahahah

I was craving for fish mee yong tau fu at Rooster Crow.
I ate twice this week.
Guess I already sienz eating that mee LOL

I'm gonna save money to travel around the world.
I wish I can go UK, Macau, Canada, Las Vegas before I die.

friends, please save yours too so we can go in a group! ^^

Sunday, November 21, 2010



So looking forward to holiday~~~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Study so hard, but still Got a E8

Exam is coming, and everyone's doing revision.
But I think I have much more pressure than anyone else...teheee...or may be the others have the same pressure as me.

I want to study abroad, who doesn't?

I actually a bit angry when I heard my bro is going to study abroad at Australia.
I don't even want to know anything about him studying abroad.

There's one day I cried when I reach home when I saw my bro, coz he reminds me he's going to study abroad.
Why I can't go abroad? :'(
My parents reached home and I'm still crying non-stop.
However I told them that I got a flu lol

I angry why no one support me when I want to study abroad.

Now my dad asks me to tell him if I want to study abroad, but it's too late.
Only top 20 are allowed to go, and I'm definitely not one of them, unless the good one doesn't want to go~ duh~ impossible.

Few days ago, my dad asked me to fill in the Australia form. He didn't tell me what forms are those.
The 1st thing that came to mind is my bro's study abroad form.
So I answered beh-song-ly "Why di di's not the one who fill in?"
Dad "If you don't want to fill in then don't, I'm just asking if you are free to fill in or not. It's the visa form."

And I almost forget that we are going to Brisbane this December.

All my cousins study abroad. May be that's the reason why......

It's not hard work that can make you the top.
It's NOT hard work.
It's the matter of SMART.

Watch this, and you will understand how I feel:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Before revision week...

It was Jia Ern's big day at Rizqun!
There were a lot of wedding party yesterday.

Then head to Zhen's birthday.

skill wasn't good. a lot of fail shots


Friday, November 12, 2010

My first game and web pages

I created my first web pages.
It's my assignment actually ^^

And created my first game 'Tic Tac Toe".
You can click image to enlarge.

Both of these are created using complicated html codes.

I take this course for three months and only this week then my lecturer told us that we don't need to remember all the codes to create a web page.
We learn the html codes, so we know what the problem is when a web page is not functioning.
There's another program to create a page easy and convenient, just like Microsoft Word.

*kek dao* I thought, at first, "Wow! All the website designers are so brilliant. They create each web pages, using those codes."
U can ctrl+U to check out a web page's codes.

hah! I should have thought of this. Technologies are so advance today, there must be a creator that creates a program that makes life easier.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Proud to be a Dancer

I watch this more than 30 times, still I'm not bored with it.

I hope I can perform this song :p

It's not like u can perform whatever u want, and anytime u want.
Performance is all depends on what the event is and what time it is.

Time matters I think hehe
I'm more energetic in dancing at the night time than the day time.
I get high when the music is LOUD.

Chinese, Japanese, english, korean modern dance, they all differ!
English has more booty shaking.
I actually like the style of chinese, Japanese and korean modern.

When I start dancing?
I didn't know I can dance until I performed at Sengkurong in front of government! a chinese modern dance.
I danced Jolin Tsai's 睁一支眼,闭一支眼 with Hy and Minna。you can check the video out.
I'm not sure how good it is, as I didn't record a video.
But I was shocked + excited + I-can't-believe-it when the judges said they actually chose us to be the champion.
But, they found that we are just performing, and not joining the competition. *bad*
However, our certificate had written "Dancing competition- Police Cadet - Champion!" although we didn't get the trophy.

After than, it boosts my confidence in dancing field.
Then I start joining lots of performance and competitions.
I really learn A LOT from the experiences, learnt from mistakes is the most important.

Before, I joined every performances even though I didn't practice well, even though I didn't lead my team well.
And it sometimes resulted in a mess, and it was embarrassing.
From this experience, I will always make sure I'm clear of every dance steps, and make sure my dance mates do well too.

Believe it not?
I never lose in dancing competition, this is the truth!
All the competition that me and my dance mates joined, my team always got Champion, and only one time got the second.
Few dances are lead by me *paiseh*
I have few different dance groups actually...

There are few times that I'm afraid of joining competition, because I'm afraid I'll lose.
Ofcourse I understand that a competition has a winner and losers, you learn from mistakes when you lose.
Well, if I'm not the one who lead the dance, I might not be that hurt if we lose :p

Ya la, I know I kiasu, but who doesn't want to win?

It's been a long that I didn't dance chinese modern dance, because few of the performances recently I joined the malay dance group.

These are the videos of dances that I performed.
I regret that not every dance I joined have recorded *urggg*

We got champion in this:

Champion too:

Champion ^^:

Performing for chinese new year, it's a bit UMMMM at the end:

This is practicing, a bit messy. Eldy was my best dance partner, we have a chemical bond:

I don't like interpretative dance:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another expo

Brunei Barracudas and Phillipines Patriots again. Brunei won!

This is very kua jang, they brought a chinese drum lol

Went to Tech Expo.
People selling laptops, TV, etc. I think they had Robots shows.
They set up a Alien Booth, people can take pictures with alien in spaceships (from what I see from outside, I didnt enter, I believe it's something very 'fei')

There are car racing too.

Yesterday I slept at 6am. because of assignments.
Super stress~~

and tired

No, I didn't break record. Coz there's a time I slept at 7am and woke up at 9+am for class.
But wasn't too exhausted that time, still got energy to party at night ^^

Friday, November 5, 2010

When the day comes...

I receive friend's red bomb again!

In this century, if u get married at your 21, 22, 23 or 24, people will start asking the same question, "miss Q?" lol

Some of my friends married at their young age, but 50% of them are because of pregnant, 50% of them just feel like want to marry.

I won't get married that early, and I don't want to.
I want to enjoy my life till the end of my 20's. I believe once you marry, there will be another responsibility entering your life.
"miss Q" won't get into my life before I marry. WILL NOT! I will not allow that to happen on me.

I can't imagine if I get pregnant before marriage, especially when I'm young (26 is still young).
I think I will become crazy as I will not accept this fact.
It's a BIG problem to me.
It's ok that my friends marry in their early 20's, but it's NOT ok to happen on me.
I always feel happy when I my friend has a baby. Coz I can play babies!
I love babies, but not taking care of them.

But, 25 is the best age to give birth.

I want my wedding to be special!
I want my hubby propose to me at Ferris wheel ^^ *dreaming*

Congrats to my friend who is engaged ^^

Seria had no current this afternoon for 5 hours! Wasted my half day which I can actually do my assignment.

When they need friends...

Guess you have heard the commit suicide case at government building. I think the police blocked the road and caused traffic jam for 3 hours.

When I heard about this, I thought the next day the press will post about the case with reasons why the girl commit suicide.
Sometimes when I read the newspapers about a special case, people would like to know the reasons behind, and expect the reporters will find out. However, sometimes the articles just tell you WHEN WHAT HOW's the case, but never mention WHY.

People are more interested in everything, especially WHY.

Commit suicide is a stupid act. But I believe when a person is over depress, they cannot think wisely and this lead them to do something stupid, or may be something that they will regret.
I did stupid things too, and regret for most of the time.

A friend of mine just broke up with the boyfriend and felt sad.
She called me and asked if I can accompany her.
I will accompany her to do whatever she wants (exclude dying), because I understand how sad it is and how much they need friends.

I experienced this before, and thanks to the friends who accompanied me.
Which actually turned the saddest time to my happiest moment ever.
Oh, I miss the July ^^
And that time was one of my most busy time, as I have citizenship tuition for a month, dance practice for a month and party for a month LOL
And I can look for my lovely cousin anytime I want, but she's in UK now :(

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wise decision

Whenever I make decision, I always think whether this decision will make me regret or not.
Some decisions are hard to make, really!

You can get advice from people, but don't blame people if u take people's advice.
Because I'm afraid that I will blame people if I take their advice, so I normally will decide myself after listening to different advices.
Or I'll just decide myself without asking anyone.

But I will stick to my decision once decide.
That's when my friends say I am a stubborn girl ^^

Whether I should go study abroad, is a big decision too.
I'm afraid I can't cope.
I'm afraid I fail and waste the money.
But if I don't go, I'm afraid I will regret that I didn't take the chance to study abroad when I'm young.
But I plan to study master, all depend on my degree's result.

Whether or not to cancel the Australia ticket is a decision too. haha
But daddy ask me to concentrate study.
But but....I will sometimes think of it to make myself happy, I LOVE to travel.
I will marry a husband who is willing to bring me travel at least once a year ^^

Oh, I thought of going travel alone like my friends.
But I don't think I can make it, I'm afraid of boredom. I like to talk.
I don't feel safe walking on a unfamiliar street.
I like to travel with friends ^^
I want my travel photos consists of more than one person.

Even in Brunei, I don't like to shop or eat alone.
I will at least ask a friend out to accompany me, unless I'm busy.
But sometimes do things alone is OKAY because I'm a slow shopper.
I take a long time to choose my thing lol

I dislike when I need to make decision.
Sometimes, I will just ask my friends to decide those small matter, like where to go lunch.
Decision that affects my life, I will never ask people to decide.
May be I will ask my parents, since parents are the only one I will listen to.

If my friend ask me out, at the same time my parents ask me out too, I will go and accompany my family.
Good daughter I know ^^
Now u know I will never listen to anyone, but my parents.

The only thing I wont ask my parents, is my love life.
Boyfriend/husband is mine, not my parents'.
Of course, I will worry whether I choose the right partner or not.
I don't support divorce, unless my partner betray me.

I'm not a god, there are times that I make wrong decision, and I regret...

Monday, November 1, 2010

brainy month

Yesterday, Sunday, Bandar had lots of functions.
Boustead family day, Go-Kart Expo, etc etc.

Just felt like enjoying myself and looked around, so didn't take much pictures.

This is the touch screen PC.
I was so sakai, quite fun when you first play it.
But if I own this pc, my finger will get flatter anytime soon.

It's November, and my brain need to be more active.
Exams coming, so need to plan my study time.
Gao dim my assignments.

The TOP headache issue is my passport.
I never thought a country has a time when it's out of passport.
They have limited passport just for those who is urgent. FINE
Today, they told me the machine is not working. GOD!!
I'm going to Brisbane in December. I have been waiting for years, finally this year we can make it to Brisbane.
And now I might not be able to go because of my passport.
If I'm not going, my family is not going too! I feel bad~