Monday, November 1, 2010

brainy month

Yesterday, Sunday, Bandar had lots of functions.
Boustead family day, Go-Kart Expo, etc etc.

Just felt like enjoying myself and looked around, so didn't take much pictures.

This is the touch screen PC.
I was so sakai, quite fun when you first play it.
But if I own this pc, my finger will get flatter anytime soon.

It's November, and my brain need to be more active.
Exams coming, so need to plan my study time.
Gao dim my assignments.

The TOP headache issue is my passport.
I never thought a country has a time when it's out of passport.
They have limited passport just for those who is urgent. FINE
Today, they told me the machine is not working. GOD!!
I'm going to Brisbane in December. I have been waiting for years, finally this year we can make it to Brisbane.
And now I might not be able to go because of my passport.
If I'm not going, my family is not going too! I feel bad~


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