Thursday, November 18, 2010

Study so hard, but still Got a E8

Exam is coming, and everyone's doing revision.
But I think I have much more pressure than anyone else...teheee...or may be the others have the same pressure as me.

I want to study abroad, who doesn't?

I actually a bit angry when I heard my bro is going to study abroad at Australia.
I don't even want to know anything about him studying abroad.

There's one day I cried when I reach home when I saw my bro, coz he reminds me he's going to study abroad.
Why I can't go abroad? :'(
My parents reached home and I'm still crying non-stop.
However I told them that I got a flu lol

I angry why no one support me when I want to study abroad.

Now my dad asks me to tell him if I want to study abroad, but it's too late.
Only top 20 are allowed to go, and I'm definitely not one of them, unless the good one doesn't want to go~ duh~ impossible.

Few days ago, my dad asked me to fill in the Australia form. He didn't tell me what forms are those.
The 1st thing that came to mind is my bro's study abroad form.
So I answered beh-song-ly "Why di di's not the one who fill in?"
Dad "If you don't want to fill in then don't, I'm just asking if you are free to fill in or not. It's the visa form."

And I almost forget that we are going to Brisbane this December.

All my cousins study abroad. May be that's the reason why......

It's not hard work that can make you the top.
It's NOT hard work.
It's the matter of SMART.

Watch this, and you will understand how I feel:

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Anonymous said...

dear, don't be sad. you have to try your best but you have to know, at the end of the day, not everyone get what they want, no matter how hard they tried. i missed my chance of doing well in 1st semester, i slacked, skipped class. and whats more, i missed of chance of applying for citizenship when i first turned 18, so i only managed to get it by the end of my 3rd year, hence, missed the chance of going abroad during the 2nd year. i know how you are smart, just may be not so much in academic. don't worry, if you don;t get to go this time, you might have the chance to do it next time. i m trying hard for scholarship to do my master in UK next year. i hope i can, worst come to worst, do it in UBD and try for PHD sometime later. there's always chance out there, just don't shut yourself down after 1 failure. good luck