Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A.L Salon opening

Remember this photo? My hair was by Andy Law from A.L salon, both color and hair-do. Now they have their own salon at Unit 40, 2nd floor, Airport Mall, Brunei.

With the lady boss. I'm holding one of their products, the hair serum. 

That leng zai is the professional/boss, Andy Law.

They have a promotion package:
2x hair wash
2x hair or scalp hair wash
Free check scalp
1 set shampoo + conditioner (brand T-Top)
If add $20 will be Revlon product. 

They are one of the good/professional salons, you should give them a try. The first time I met Andy was because I saw a friend with a nice hair cut, then I decided to try. It turned out good. 

OOTD. Bit casual but not casual, and not too grand. I never think of trying high waist pants because I thought I would look thinner, but it turns out good tho. 
That day few friends asked me whether we are wearing couple shirts lol. Our style is quite similar I guess, we have few similar outfits, either on the printing or the style. 

This is too crazy. The Muslims buy a lot of soft drinks for Raya huh. 
They should make the game like Boulevard in Miri, get 6 cans for a can of drink you bet if you win. However it's prohibited because it's gambling.

Sticky from Carol in Singapore!

Give the new salon in the town a try!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hair of the Day

This was Friday, urm, not that outdated right? Because I don't normally blog when I am outside for the whole day, and I don't normally blog on the weekend because weekend has lesser readers, and we normally busy having fun during the weekend, right? But it depends on my mood. 

I tried out this hair bun on Friday. Supposedly wanna make it looked sporty but it turned out so girly like a bride.  

I always use my cam to check the side and back view of my hair. Here's a little view of my room.

Here's another side.

Back view.
My hair is long and I don't have eyes behind so it's kinda hard for me. I only can "feel" it.

Added a ribbon to make myself not too bride-y.

He is my childhood friend, and soon to be Drag Queen I guess. lol

Insta photo by @zachisnotdead. He wanted to take a pic of me and my kitty, but...I'm not sure why I was photogenic in the morning but not in the noon =.="

I went to my first sungkai at Bello cafe. "Good value of Sungkai 3 course set @$9.90 only: Black galaxy/tire juice, 3 choices of main course, either nasi lemak with fried chicken, or beef rendang with rice, or spaghetti bolognese with meat balls, and choco lava cake pudding."

I ordered tiro juice and the bolognese. It's OK for me because I'm not a bolognese fan.

Their signature dessert, lava cake! 

My new semester starts today! So I am staying in hostel again. It took me hours to upload these pics because the connection here is very low. x.x

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Google image

It's been long that I didn't watch movies in the cinema, since Eldy and I had nothing to do just now after I settle my things, we decided to watch the bloody 3 hrs of movie. Like usual, I fell asleep, but only in the beginning of the movie. 

The ticket counter told me that the movie ticket is B$12. Then I "HA!? Why so expensive!?" Somemore it's weekday day time. Then the counter told me "Yea, because it's 3 hrs movie." Then I still felt weird and thought this batman movie is really that famous and nice huh. Then in fact, it's B$6 per ticket, B$12 in total =.=" The counter should say "huh? usual price ma." 

Anyway, this movie is rather blur to me because I didn't watch the previous one. But still OK~ I still enjoy the actions and Eldy explained all my Whys. I also wondered if the catwoman is the Princess Diary girl. I Google searched, yes, Anne Hathaway is the princess in Princess Diary and the catwoman. 

Google image
She was so geeky in Princess Diary.

But the catwoman is so hawt!

Google image

Google image

Google image

It's a good movie and I suggest you to watch at Kiulap mall because the seats are more comfortable because it's a 3 hrs movie. Happy weekend :) and I'm starting my semester next Monday. Oh-no to non-wifi life.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I don't eat kuih

Do you like to eat layer cake layer by layer?
Most kids like to eat that way I guess, just like we did.

Random fact about me: I don't really like to eat kuih, there's no reason for it, kuih is just not my thing. Unless someone have bought it, and ask me to eat, I'll still eat. The only kuih I eat is chai kuey. Urm, is chay kueh consider as kuih? =.=

I don't eat nasi lemak or nasi katuk too. However, just like kuih, if someone buys it and ask me to eat, I will eat. These are foods that I dislike, but I can eat.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Miri Haul

1. Fake eyelashes. It's very hard to find the lashes I like, because some of the lashes at the shops are too long, too thick or too fake. Those I bought looks more natural. I like those with shorter in the front eye and longer at the back. Depends on the make up I'm doing, sometimes I like half eye lashes. 
Those are 100 Yen shop.

2. Got a top, a dress and a pant from the boutique at the 1st floor in Imperial, not sure what's the name lol

3. A sandals from E&E because my current one looks so pity already. I love my current one so much that I wear it most of the time, it was once broken and I sew it, now the 'skin' of my heels starts to peel off so much that it's impossible to stick them back. I'm crazy if I stick the peeled off back =.="

4. 老友开心鬼 Ghost Buddies DVD. It's only funny in the beginning, not really a nice movie. May be 5/10.

5. Woman's weekly magazine. 

6. Elva karaoke DVD. Damn it, the quality of the sound not really good.

7. Develop pictures from 2011. Haven't develop for a year plus. Most of the people now don't develop pics anymore because we have FaceBook and we can save it in laptop/hardisk. But how if the laptop got stolen just like few months ago, I was so lucky that everything got stolen, including my hardisk with pictures, except for my laptop.

Having pictures in photo albums, you can show your friends or relatives when they visit your house, showing them through laptop is so not convenient. So, I have few photos albums, all self adhesive so I can design myself :)

I was craving for "xiu long bao" for a long time. Was excited that I can finally go Miri and eat, who knows all sold out when we reached there.

It's always a nice trip if I buy something. I wanted to buy more clothes, but...nah...save it for next time la.

I didn't get to eat xiu long bao, but ate at one of my fav restaurant, Passion Corner.
Like it ever since my friends introduced me.
I like the set meals as they include a soup, salad, rice, vege of the day and a dessert. It costs RM 12.00 and it's quite healthy because not very salty, not very oily, it's just like our homemade foods. 

Where do you eat in Miri? Introduce me :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Useless Vid: Call me maybe (cross sea lip sync)

I made a mistake, only realise after I upload to youtube and I lazy to amend again. I'll be happy if you can't see what's wrong. Let it be la...heh

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Saw few of these at KB beach, the owner said they have been there since April. Today is the last day and will continue after puasa.
Some costs $10/15 min, some $20/15 min.

Eldy rented this $20 for 30 min.

Really blue sky

Saw few people poking the sand. They are looking for big clam.

Found this at my grandma's store room. It's Big Man Lighter.

One week plus to go back uni again. Missing uni life. Looking forward to register interesting modules!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello Kitty says Blog Me, I'm Famous

Yesterday, I went up Bandar to do all the submissions of my scholarship application and attachment report. 

I bought this Blog Me I'm Famous Hello Kitty tee last week at the kitty shop. 
It's a kids wear, but I really like the printing and the color, and it's not TOO small afterall, I still can breath. 
I rarely wear my bling sneakers, only wear it for dancing, it's been more than a year not dancing hip hop. So I decided to wear it yesterday.
My fashion yesterday ^^

Was waiting at my uni hall, because the office opens only at 2pm! So late...
I was vaining, Eldy laughed because I suddenly made that face and he captured this.

The next second is when I pressed that shutter and captured Eldy's laugh.
I was wondering what was he laughing then we exchanged photos. lol Never expected we took each other's photo at the same time.

Imitating the kitty

Bought this earing last month, pretty gorgeous for dinner or party with dress. 
It's less than $5 from Lawa Lawa.

I forgot to take another pic of me wearing the kitty glasses with eyes open. I was bit dizzy that time so closed my eyes a while. The weather was so hot.

We went to Grazi Mauri because they have 50%, and also visited my friend who is working there.

Ordered Carbonara. It's been a loooooong time I didn't eat carbonara.
I don't really like pasta with tomato sauce, I prefer creamy one. Ideal's spaghetti is exceptional :)

Free cakes for us.

 Yes yes!

I finally got a hard disk. My lappie is already full and I couldn't download anything anymore.
Brand: WD
Size: 1 TB
Price: $200+ $188 $185 
I bought this from Lihfa. They are having offer so $188. But I was too annoying so gave me another $3 discount :)
I have no knowledge about hardisk so must get suggestions from friends. My friends said it's consider cheap. 

Nice casing too.
Was attracted to a hot pink hdd, but it's only 500gb.

DT got this big pack of 11 mask sheets for me from Face Shop Korea :D
I'm finishing my masks anytime soon, and now I have new stock...so yay~