Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A.L Salon opening

Remember this photo? My hair was by Andy Law from A.L salon, both color and hair-do. Now they have their own salon at Unit 40, 2nd floor, Airport Mall, Brunei.

With the lady boss. I'm holding one of their products, the hair serum. 

That leng zai is the professional/boss, Andy Law.

They have a promotion package:
2x hair wash
2x hair or scalp hair wash
Free check scalp
1 set shampoo + conditioner (brand T-Top)
If add $20 will be Revlon product. 

They are one of the good/professional salons, you should give them a try. The first time I met Andy was because I saw a friend with a nice hair cut, then I decided to try. It turned out good. 

OOTD. Bit casual but not casual, and not too grand. I never think of trying high waist pants because I thought I would look thinner, but it turns out good tho. 
That day few friends asked me whether we are wearing couple shirts lol. Our style is quite similar I guess, we have few similar outfits, either on the printing or the style. 

This is too crazy. The Muslims buy a lot of soft drinks for Raya huh. 
They should make the game like Boulevard in Miri, get 6 cans for a can of drink you bet if you win. However it's prohibited because it's gambling.

Sticky from Carol in Singapore!

Give the new salon in the town a try!


Anonymous said...

Now Andy has left due to the lady boss's wickedness. Andy was not paid salary for months. And that lady boss even doesn't wanna let Andy get back his passport for a while. Irresponsible and bitter. Boycott al saloon now since Andy left .

Anonymous said...

So unprofessional hairstylist, so slow, doesn't even understand the customer request only messed up people hair, in the end its not even worth it,your hair looks much better before they even cut it, regretted going there in the first place and never coming back there forever.

Anonymous said...

What a shame, the lady boss couldn't keep Andy there. Since he left so have the customers.

There was a lady there who gave me a decent haircut and good service in september. She was gone in October. I hope the lady boss didn't drive her away.

It's probably better to close the saloon since it's mostly deserted.

Anonymous said...

Embarrassed that I even recommended my friend to visit the saloon last October. No customers and the hairstylist was new.