Sunday, July 22, 2012

Miri Haul

1. Fake eyelashes. It's very hard to find the lashes I like, because some of the lashes at the shops are too long, too thick or too fake. Those I bought looks more natural. I like those with shorter in the front eye and longer at the back. Depends on the make up I'm doing, sometimes I like half eye lashes. 
Those are 100 Yen shop.

2. Got a top, a dress and a pant from the boutique at the 1st floor in Imperial, not sure what's the name lol

3. A sandals from E&E because my current one looks so pity already. I love my current one so much that I wear it most of the time, it was once broken and I sew it, now the 'skin' of my heels starts to peel off so much that it's impossible to stick them back. I'm crazy if I stick the peeled off back =.="

4. 老友开心鬼 Ghost Buddies DVD. It's only funny in the beginning, not really a nice movie. May be 5/10.

5. Woman's weekly magazine. 

6. Elva karaoke DVD. Damn it, the quality of the sound not really good.

7. Develop pictures from 2011. Haven't develop for a year plus. Most of the people now don't develop pics anymore because we have FaceBook and we can save it in laptop/hardisk. But how if the laptop got stolen just like few months ago, I was so lucky that everything got stolen, including my hardisk with pictures, except for my laptop.

Having pictures in photo albums, you can show your friends or relatives when they visit your house, showing them through laptop is so not convenient. So, I have few photos albums, all self adhesive so I can design myself :)

I was craving for "xiu long bao" for a long time. Was excited that I can finally go Miri and eat, who knows all sold out when we reached there.

It's always a nice trip if I buy something. I wanted to buy more clothes, it for next time la.

I didn't get to eat xiu long bao, but ate at one of my fav restaurant, Passion Corner.
Like it ever since my friends introduced me.
I like the set meals as they include a soup, salad, rice, vege of the day and a dessert. It costs RM 12.00 and it's quite healthy because not very salty, not very oily, it's just like our homemade foods. 

Where do you eat in Miri? Introduce me :)


~Pinkie~ said...

Where is this Passion Corner ah? :)

EaHui said...

in front of imperial shopping has few blocks of building, it's the block beside 烧包. urm, not much customers de I tell you first hahaha but I like la.