Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My week in photos

I wanted to blog few days ago but I'm writing a report which dues on this coming Saturday, so kinda tired to do other things. And my attachment ended last week, so I have a month at home for my brain to rest before the coming semester starts. 

These are the foods I got treated during my attachment period, my colleagues are just that friendly and nice.
Every Friday we will have an eating gathering, where the staffs bring foods to share. 

Went up Bandar with Eldy and Ling to walk walk and visit Deseo grand opening at Gadong.

Visited Hello Kitty shop at Batu Bersurat. 
The shop is full of Kitty stuffs that will make you insane if you're kitty lover, oh-so-cute the stuffs.

Visited my high school on last Wednesday because every Wednesday the canteen sells their home-make mee goreng.
I thought I am too senior that I would not meet anyone familiar, but there's actually little boys and girls whom I know. Met my friend's little cousin and he called me “大姐!(da jie) Ling and I were stunned for a while. I suddenly felt like I'm the head of a mafia and he's my "leng".
By the way, that's my big bottle.

Accompanied her to salon for hair treatment. What a girly day out.

We played ocarina together.

My brother was making rubber band skipping rope. That was a hit when I was in primary school.

I made orange cake. Looks yummy, isn't it? Don't you want to try? ^^

Everyone says it's nice :) 

Went to facial and saw this promotion.
Not only we need to take good care of our face and body, but also vagina *I see*

Went to Deseo grand opening. 

Love this dress so much, it has 10% discount, and if you wear it on spot then 30%, how awesome!?
But I didn't buy, was hesitating because I saw someone buying this dress too, how if we meet at the same party wearing the same dress? embarrassing ><


~Pinkie~ said...

oo..the dress is very pretty~!! how much is it?

EaHui said...

$69.90 before discount. quite expensive ho

~Pinkie~ said...

wa~! thats really expensive!~! >_<