Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello Kitty says Blog Me, I'm Famous

Yesterday, I went up Bandar to do all the submissions of my scholarship application and attachment report. 

I bought this Blog Me I'm Famous Hello Kitty tee last week at the kitty shop. 
It's a kids wear, but I really like the printing and the color, and it's not TOO small afterall, I still can breath. 
I rarely wear my bling sneakers, only wear it for dancing, it's been more than a year not dancing hip hop. So I decided to wear it yesterday.
My fashion yesterday ^^

Was waiting at my uni hall, because the office opens only at 2pm! So late...
I was vaining, Eldy laughed because I suddenly made that face and he captured this.

The next second is when I pressed that shutter and captured Eldy's laugh.
I was wondering what was he laughing then we exchanged photos. lol Never expected we took each other's photo at the same time.

Imitating the kitty

Bought this earing last month, pretty gorgeous for dinner or party with dress. 
It's less than $5 from Lawa Lawa.

I forgot to take another pic of me wearing the kitty glasses with eyes open. I was bit dizzy that time so closed my eyes a while. The weather was so hot.

We went to Grazi Mauri because they have 50%, and also visited my friend who is working there.

Ordered Carbonara. It's been a loooooong time I didn't eat carbonara.
I don't really like pasta with tomato sauce, I prefer creamy one. Ideal's spaghetti is exceptional :)

Free cakes for us.

 Yes yes!

I finally got a hard disk. My lappie is already full and I couldn't download anything anymore.
Brand: WD
Size: 1 TB
Price: $200+ $188 $185 
I bought this from Lihfa. They are having offer so $188. But I was too annoying so gave me another $3 discount :)
I have no knowledge about hardisk so must get suggestions from friends. My friends said it's consider cheap. 

Nice casing too.
Was attracted to a hot pink hdd, but it's only 500gb.

DT got this big pack of 11 mask sheets for me from Face Shop Korea :D
I'm finishing my masks anytime soon, and now I have new yay~


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