Friday, July 6, 2012

Typical Bruneian

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For me, a typical Bruneian:

- Walks slow. Bruneian enjoys walking, even crossing the zebra, they walk like a king, like there are no cars waiting for them. I'm a fast walker, quite often said by my friend "You're rushing to somewhere?" Why walk so slow? Time's precious.

- Lazy. We often receive a service quite slow because Bruneians are lazy. They put aside the work and do later. Sometimes you need to rush or remind them, then they do it; Bruneians use the lift everytime even though it's just one floor to walk to.

- Slow slow slow. Basically, Bruneians do everything slow. 

- Love loan. You see a lot of cars in Brunei, majority are loan. When they cannot afford to loan anymore, they have no loss, just pull back by the bank la. 

- Wasteful. Bruneians waste water, waste foods, waste electricity so on the aircon 24-7. It's either the resources are too cheap, or Bruneians are rich that they are able to afford all these. We should save the earth!

- Love to travel. We travel a lot because Brunei has not much shopping centers, not very updated (eg, fashion), more expensive (eg, gadgets), boring, Bruneians are rich? 

- We queue. No matter how long we need to Q going to Miri custom, 3 hrs 4 hrs, you seldom see people cut Q; even at fast food restaurants, or waiting for our turn to pay for our shopping stuffs, we Q. The worst I've seen is Chinese from China, they don't understand what is Q, they scold you even they are the one who cut Q. 

- Bruneians are friendly!!! :)

What else shows a typical Bruneian?

A photo of prawn salad that I just made. Very nice :)

Eldy thumbs up too :)

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