Thursday, July 19, 2012


Saw few of these at KB beach, the owner said they have been there since April. Today is the last day and will continue after puasa.
Some costs $10/15 min, some $20/15 min.

Eldy rented this $20 for 30 min.

Really blue sky

Saw few people poking the sand. They are looking for big clam.

Found this at my grandma's store room. It's Big Man Lighter.

One week plus to go back uni again. Missing uni life. Looking forward to register interesting modules!


~Pinkie~ said...

haha.. lol~ the lighter made me laugh and go "errr" hahaha~~ But its a collection for some other ppl. collecting different kinds of lighter.. hehee~~

EaHui said...

haha yea. so I get it and display it