Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Words affect water

I received an interesting e-mail.

Believe or not? Water can be affected by our words.

Dr Masaru Emoto has proved that.

He tried to say, “You make me sick. I will kill you.” and the water droplets look like this through the microscope.

Below is how water looked like with the words “Love” over it.

72% of our body is made up of water.
No wonder people say if you are angry, u will look old faster.
So, let's say nice words from now on. "I'm pretty."

Yes! done one assignment and there is 2 more I think.
Tomorrow Japanese test, Ganbatte kudasai!

I thought I can't go back Seria this week, as I have mistaken, I have joined table tennis tournament for double next week, not single this week! Yay!

I got a dancing performance in conjunction with the earth hour. Hope it jadi la.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Boopday



1 year old


in Blogger!

Picture by MrFatso

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fire alarm doesn't work in Brunei

Currently in my hostel room, and I heard someone's alarm is ringing, or that may be the fire alarm.
How funny that, Bruneian will always stay calm or ignore when they heard fire alarm rings.
I have experienced quite a few times, in restaurants, at airport, or the hostel block beside, there was fire alarming, and people still continue eating, walking, or checking in for their flights.

Is this because we never have proper training for fire breaking out? I think schools should have this kind of training, at least we train from young.
Sometimes the fire brigade would arrive late to the happening place, at least people know how to save themselves, knows how to escape.
Most homes have fire extinguisher, and I believe not all the members in the family know how to use it, just like my mom.

I did imagined how to escape from fire, the knowledge I have is from movies I watched xD
1st, I will bring all my money, passport and IC with me, take my fav clothes and bolster, wet my blanket and RUN! Am I escaping correctly?

Sunday, March 28, 2010


It's a nice HK series! Very funny, I like the main character, 陳豪, and 胡杏兒 in this series. He's funny and she's pretty here.

From HD:

y v�A8^ h,j l:O#P�T _ w9k#c#G
F N k4m
F1i { \
明朝年間,才子唐伯虎(陳豪飾)文采風流,享負盛名,但為人極度低調,只考取解元,後來上京赴科舉,因看透明朝官場黑暗,刻意逃避任何官職,絕不沾朝廷中事。但朝廷中人往往賞識其文采,軟硬兼施招攬,伯虎總一一耍過。+Z(R q c ^ x r
伯虎才情橫溢,故異性緣極佳,然而仍未遇上一生真愛。伯虎一生心願,乃繪出一幅「九美圖」,當下已繪畫了前朝八名絕色美女,獨欠代表明朝之佳人。皇天不負 有心人,伯虎於蘇州邂逅華府丫環秋香(胡杏兒飾),秋香武藝不凡,伯虎被其「武姿」深深吸引,認定秋香就是九美圖中最後一美!加上秋香對伯虎三笑,令伯虎 更為癲倒,決心追求美人歸。HDzone r4C V c4e1v V

My dad back from Vietnam already, bought so much things @.@

I found that I can't drink Milo. I thought I feel stomachache if I drink Milo in the morning right after I wake up.
But last Friday, there's a Milo car distributing free Milo, that also made my stomach not feeling well.
I only can drink Hot chocolate, and I love it ^^

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bukit Shahbandar trip

I bought a new bat, cost $108, the cheapest. My coach helped me to choose.
Coach: What bat u use?
"No! Just like when I ask u, what car u drive? You tell me suzuki. Suzuki has many models too."

Of course, I hope I can play well and become national player when I have this bat. Then it's worth and meaningful xD. *dreaming*. I want to win in PSK!

For a person who plays table tennis everyday, they change their bat's skin very often, about 1 week or 1 month I forgot what the coach said. And one skin can costs more than $50. The more expensive it is, the better la I assume.

Went to Bukit Shahbandar with the hostel mates. It has 9 hills altogether, and we hiked 5 of them. Quite fast, we finish the journey at about 1 hr+.

Warm up 1st.

The 1st hill is si beh tired, because we have to climb stairs. I breathed hardly in the beginning of the 1st hill, my heart almost pumped out xD

This is adventurous, yet dangerous. It can be slippery.

And we kept resting halfway.
While we were inhaling some oxygen, the ang moh said he wasn't even tired =.=

Min (my coach) said, "what's so fun about hiking? It's just walking!"
ok~ let's run the mountain!

We can see clearly that, UBD is at the very right,
and Empire Hotel is at the very left.
Brunei so small!

See, that's the empire at the very left.

We continued the hike...

Rest again.

And we had a nearer view of Empire Hotel.

Finally finished the hike.
They have a playground, not really a playground...
But things for you to exercise...
exercise ur legs...


and legs...

They have other things too actually.

Foot massage!!


I sometimes being very emo.
My dad currently abroad, and he sms-ed me that he bought many things for me. awww...:'( touched

I accidentally dropped my E-sprit watch on the floor, I heart pain la, moody again.
Hua said, it's just a watch. No! It's from my dad.

Hua said that he didn't want to watch Alice in Wonderland. My tears dropped. "It's just a movie~"
No! My friends invited me, I choose to go with you. But in the end, I still slept in the cinema xD

A not-so-close friend offered me a drink when I was waiting for someone. oww....

Hostel mates cook for me everytime...owww! I help also okay, but recently kinda busy nia.

ok, emo ends.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nur Wanita

Went to Nur Wanita at Kiarong the other day. It's a Thai restaurant.

This tom yam soup is very SOUR

This is nice. Omelete + Minced meat

Nur wanita Pad Thai. Omelete + rice noodle
Big portion, very full, delicous!

I went to work this morning. Had lunch and groceries shopping all alone for the 1st time. I feel so lonely~ not really la...

Because I was busy. Since I have to rush back hostel to prevent my vege and hotdog turn bad, so I prefer not asking anyone to accompany me, since I last minute decided that I want to have lunch at Kiulap.
My 1st time eating alone, and every friends I met this noon asked the same question.
1st ques: Alone? 2nd ques: How come? / Ah Hua le?

These are what I normally shop for xD +vege + hotdog + fruits + fishballs

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Boring and funny

Last Friday, there was something wrong with one part of my body, I then went to RIPAS to check. I got an infection, but to make sure everything is OK, I was asked for blood test and get the result in the other day.

I was gave antibiotics and I guess I have recovered.
I thought for a long time whether to get my blood test result because it's wasting time to wait for hours. I actually don't need to see results since I'm feeling OK, right? I thought of bringing my laptop to do my work while waiting.

But the result is still something crucial la. I went to check today, and my blood test is normal.
It was so paiseh that a male doctor explaining the female parts to me.
I thought cholesterol is something dangerous, but the doctor said it's normal to have a slightly high cholesterol.
I told the doc that I checked online the possibilities of my problem, one of the possibilities is bladder cancer. He laughed and said, "I haven't see any patient at ur age has a bladder cancer." x.x

And another possibility is STDs. God, u won't know how much I worry.
C told me that STDs only happen when you have sexual intercourse. But I have a doubt that, how the 1st person who has STDs got STDs?
I wonder beside having sexual intercourse, are there any other ways to get STDs?
But I know it wont be STDs la, =.= worry bout the bladder cancer only. HAHA


Tell u a joke of a chicken.
That day, when Hua wanted to rest a while in his car before going to work, he suddenly smelled something gross. He thought that may be there's some POO or what.
He opened the back of his car, and found a chicken inside his car POO-ing.

He recalled, he washed his car the previous day and opened the doors of his car, may be that time the chicken jumped in. Without noticing it, he closed the door, and the chicken overnight in his car. HAHA

How funny that he brought his chicken to work. HHAHAHAHAHHA

Too bad that chicken been taken by someone else, if not, that chicken can be sold to restaurants nearby.

His mami must be sad, because the chicken is hers.

Many works to do...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wayne's Buuurpday

Woke up in the early morning to have my hair cut and collect my photos.

Noon went to Rizqun hi-tea!!!!!!!!!!

Everything are delicious! They have different menu every time I go.

They have Japanese foods, the spaghetti salad is nice!

The pasta is nice!

Chefs now are multi-talented huh? They play guitar and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

How sart that hair is.
Similar hairstyle as Izan's. xD

Met Izan again!
My heels not included in this pic! I have nice heels wa.

Hua's shoes touched my heels, my dad dropped my heels!!! I can't say anything when my dad dropped it, but I kept complaining and felt heart pain when hua accidentally made a lil black mark beside my heels! Luckily it was cleaned. If not, you can see me moody whole day.

The kids are always excited when they have party at Rizqun, because that's mean they can swim!

The massage place.
Nice "garden"? interesting chair~

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alice in Wonderland?

Aiya, no update for a long time.
Quite busy because I have presentation this morning, which went.....urm....a bit not so good. They asked a question about Islam, although I presented that part, but I read about Islam in books, so I just present whatever I read in that book. But they don't agree that point...
& & I didnt get to answer properly also because I don't know how to explain in Malay.
A big NO NO that I done, I forgot to say "Selamat Pagi" then straight away start to present. opps

Recently, people talk about Alice in Wonderland. I watched it today, wondering how interesting it is. But oh-no I slept....for few minutes xD I still don't know what's the main point of the movie.
I think what so nice about it, is it has 3-D, which we cannot watch in Brunei.

Her dresses are nice.

So many movies now in 3-D. Avatar, and soon, Dragon.

It's been long time that I don't shop for my own things. Most of the time groceries nia.
I bought 3 hairbands, actually want to buy one only, but cheaper price buying in 3 wa, business strategy, urhhh
They are all so nice. Since I only need one, so I thought about giving it to anyone who birthday, or may be just sell it to someone else. Let's see.

My bling bling butterfly pinned had broken :'(. That's my nicest pin.
Bo bian, so I need to buy one more. Pin is so useful you know, especially for people who are skinny, and can't fit the clothes, pin can help!
So I bought this, not as shiny as my previous one which costs $20+. This costs $10 and I "kill price" until $7.

Yay, tomorrow another hi-tea party at Rizqun! Love foods~