Friday, March 12, 2010

Fashion Competiton

It's sometimes funny to see how my hostel deal with things.
It took a long time like few months, to have my friend's room's door repaired.
Our living room's table had broken, I'm not sure how long they going to take to buy a new one, as they said they have no budget now. Only April they will get the budget, they will write to MOE to request to buy a new table, then wait for the reply from MOE, after that send quotation to them, and wait another reply. How long it takes? It's just a table haha

I feel pain somewhere on my cheek and under my head, or somewhere my jaw. I wonder is it my gum cause the pain, or is it headache? I'm not sure. If this continues for about a week, then I'm gonna visit a doctor. I feel like going to visit doctor tomorrow..hmm....Should I visit a dentist or who? Because I'm not sure what part it is the pain. urgh..

Japanese Clothes Trend Competition

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Before announcing we knew who will win xD 100% chia yee (spelling?) and Sim la. Because their costumes are special and extra-ordinary, and may be expensive xD.

Tomorrow last day, do go and have a visit.

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