Monday, March 8, 2010

Hot weather makes me HOT~

I love to read blogs, especially those who update often. I think it's not enough for me, I want to read more blogs!!

Most of the people like to read with pictures, am I right? Some posts are very long, I may be lazy to read and only read the bold words, but sometimes I do read every words even though it's a long post without picture. I wonder what that attracts me to read such a long post, the font style or the post is interesting? HMM

Uni reopen today. The weather is HOT and hostel's fridge is super full. My room is HIP and I feel sleepy. Oh no, this week I'm not going back to Seria :( because I have tourney this Sunday. It's free participation, but deadline was over.

ok, time's up. Off to studeeh, babeh~

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