Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wayne's Buuurpday

Woke up in the early morning to have my hair cut and collect my photos.

Noon went to Rizqun hi-tea!!!!!!!!!!

Everything are delicious! They have different menu every time I go.

They have Japanese foods, the spaghetti salad is nice!

The pasta is nice!

Chefs now are multi-talented huh? They play guitar and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

How sart that hair is.
Similar hairstyle as Izan's. xD

Met Izan again!
My heels not included in this pic! I have nice heels wa.

Hua's shoes touched my heels, my dad dropped my heels!!! I can't say anything when my dad dropped it, but I kept complaining and felt heart pain when hua accidentally made a lil black mark beside my heels! Luckily it was cleaned. If not, you can see me moody whole day.

The kids are always excited when they have party at Rizqun, because that's mean they can swim!

The massage place.
Nice "garden"? interesting chair~

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