Monday, March 29, 2010

Fire alarm doesn't work in Brunei

Currently in my hostel room, and I heard someone's alarm is ringing, or that may be the fire alarm.
How funny that, Bruneian will always stay calm or ignore when they heard fire alarm rings.
I have experienced quite a few times, in restaurants, at airport, or the hostel block beside, there was fire alarming, and people still continue eating, walking, or checking in for their flights.

Is this because we never have proper training for fire breaking out? I think schools should have this kind of training, at least we train from young.
Sometimes the fire brigade would arrive late to the happening place, at least people know how to save themselves, knows how to escape.
Most homes have fire extinguisher, and I believe not all the members in the family know how to use it, just like my mom.

I did imagined how to escape from fire, the knowledge I have is from movies I watched xD
1st, I will bring all my money, passport and IC with me, take my fav clothes and bolster, wet my blanket and RUN! Am I escaping correctly?

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