Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nur Wanita

Went to Nur Wanita at Kiarong the other day. It's a Thai restaurant.

This tom yam soup is very SOUR

This is nice. Omelete + Minced meat

Nur wanita Pad Thai. Omelete + rice noodle
Big portion, very full, delicous!

I went to work this morning. Had lunch and groceries shopping all alone for the 1st time. I feel so lonely~ not really la...

Because I was busy. Since I have to rush back hostel to prevent my vege and hotdog turn bad, so I prefer not asking anyone to accompany me, since I last minute decided that I want to have lunch at Kiulap.
My 1st time eating alone, and every friends I met this noon asked the same question.
1st ques: Alone? 2nd ques: How come? / Ah Hua le?

These are what I normally shop for xD +vege + hotdog + fruits + fishballs

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