Sunday, May 30, 2010

Secret Recipe & Laneige Brunei Darussalam

If not mistaken, this function will end on 31st May, at The Mall.

Izan's voice always attracts me.
She always makes the environment go lively.

Felt like want to eat, so chose Secret Recipe.
I don't really secret recipe la actually, may be because I'm not a cake lover.

Appletiser tastes a bit sour like champagne.

Chicken cornish.
It tastes like curry puff.
A very big size, pretty full after u finish it.

Ordered Aussie Beef steak.
It comes with the Appletiser and brownies.
Costs $11+.

Cheese brownies.

Just now went shopping with mommy at Seria to boutique, KB's Lapech Boutique, Laneige, Seria Milimewah then Soon Lee.

Feels good when people remember you. hahaha
The sales girl at Laneige, she asked if I'm one of the Bollywood's dancers.

My mom bought foundation, I gave the sample of snow crystal foundation to my mom, and she said it's good. It has a bit shimmering.
But the original 'bottle' of Snow crystal foundation (see pic below: the one beside the green tube) comes with concealer and mirror inside! So it's quite convenient la.
She gave us lots of samples too.

I have the sample of one of their toners, blue in colour, got it at the roadshow.
Nice smell, and I think not bad.
I don't use it everyday, that's why I'm not sure.
I use it everytime before I put on my make up la, so I think OKAY.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuition times

People, I have been a busy lady lately.
Because I have tuition from 9 am to after 9pm, depends on teacher's mood.

Since I'm at tuition like 24-7, so nothing special beside having class there, having lunch and dinner there, having duty roster, and bird-ing with friends.
My tuition isn't that serious, we have fun and fear.

Fun as in, teacher insults people funnily, tells jokes and classmates are interesting too.
Teacher sometimes treat us "hi-tea".
Fear when being asked questions, and something else.

OK bye, I have to continue my work!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Negaraku Brunei Darussalam

I find my skin nice today. ONLY TODAY!!!

So bored la Brunei. I can shop all the shops in The Mall just for few minutes.
Hope One Utama open a.s.a.p. So bruneians have more place for shopping ba.

Wanted to go to Empire beach, but raining :( Boring~
Wanted to have steamboat tonight, but need to order the pork early to cook soup.

Next week I will be having tuition 12 hours, hopefully from Monday to Friday only, not Saturday.
I forgot something so important to have us getting a yellow IC. We better behave as a good citizens, eg, no speeding, no drunk while drive, bla bla bla.
If caught by police....BOOHH....hard for you to get citizenship I think.

The 24th is Energy Day, that's mean there will be a great price for petrol on that day!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

18th May

Today's tuition, we watched Pursuit of Happyness. The teacher wanted to show us personal values that we should have, being tough.
Was a late one, I almost can't enter hostel. Managed to reach hostel at 10.53pm, the curfew is 11pm.
I am very sensitive to anything related to foods, teacher mentioned pizza when we were about to leave, and when I was rushing to my car.
He said that he wanted to order pizza but the deliverer doesn't know the place.
Too bad~

Yesterday, Jason P. invited a group of us for badminton meet.
I don't know how to play badminton actually, Jackie said I have the style of table tennis.
Although I used a LOT of energy to hit the feather ball, but the ball never fly far lo.
Play a little while then I'm tired.
And now I'm suffering from muscle ache on my arms and my sexy legs.

Went to supper after tuition.
Went to KTM to eat seafood, because my appetite telling me that it wants to eat clam!

This is cheese prawn. And the cheese is just a lil bit.

Now I'm gonna show off my pressie from my lovely friends!

Hy gave concealer, what does that mean huh? xD
anyway, that's what I was going to buy lar!

JP gave mirror.

My boy gave me....

Photo album with photos

It has little notes inside it!!!

this thin piece of thing is actually...

a 3D card!!

I went to Hua ho.
After I paid for my stuffs, she asked "Have you receive ur birthday present?"
2 things come straight to my mind "Do I know you?" "How you know it's my birthday?"
Ok, she knows because I have Hua Ho member card, and she asked me to collect it at the...reception?

From seng yee

from chien and huey lu.

Do I miss anything? hope not.

And also thanks for the greetings.

I said in the previous post, my birthday reminds me the unhappiness happened last yr.

Receiving the greetings, gifts and love from my family and friends really make my day, feel loved and I appreciate.

hua hi tio ho (开心就好)!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Vanilla Ice cream cake that my family bought me.


Since it's holiday, so I don't actually check what date was yesterday, today and tomorrow.
So, actually, if no one reminds me, I can forget my birthday.
It's 20th, nothing special la.
Moreover, my birthday just reminds me the unhappiness happened on my 19th b'day.

Will be having dinner at home tonight!

Out to celebrate

Today is my day! I don't mean birthday but, me and Hua went out to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and my birthday.

Suppose, gonna celebrate on the real day, which is Tuesday, at Bandar, but I have citizenship tuition!?

Went to Buccaneer to have a dinner.

I'm Sexy

He's Hot

So let's have an Ice Vanilla to cool us down.
hah! whatever
Not sure if it's coffee or cappuccino. I'm not a fan, so can't differentiate.
It tastes nice.

They sometimes give garlic bread but today, they have butter bun.
I don't like butter, but I don't know why it tastes nice in this bread.
The bread is hot and the butter melt inside.

Hua had Mixed Grill.
It has steak, lamb chop and chicken chop, vege, mashed potato, egg and mushroom sauce.
This is what I usually order at Buccaneer, because, confirm, u will be full.

I ordered Fisherman Platter
A plate or tiger prawn, sotong, scallop, french fries, fillet and salad.
The only bad thing is, they are all fried!! U know, I avoid eating fried stuffs.
The tiger prawn is delicious man, very Q. got toing toing when u eat it

Anyway, I like this kind of spaghetti, with cream sauce.
I don't like those red red, with tomato paste, it tastes sour & 腻.
So I think this is nice.

Believe or not? I came back Seria since Thursday and I don't even have the chance to eat my mom's cook until today.

Friday I went to Miri, and mom asked to tapao red kolo mee for dinner.
I told her that I don't want to eat mee, then she said "Just tapao mine, daddy and bros' la". =.=
What I mean is, I want to eat home cook ba.

Today I went out to dinner with ah Hua.
And tomorrow, Sunday, daddy said "Let's think go where to eat tomorrow night."
Monday I will be going back to Bandar again. x.x
I will be alone at night at hostel. Let's force Yvonne to stay then xD

I'm considering want to quit the tuition or not.
Everything I also can tahan, but not the smell of smoke x.x
sorry to say that but it's the fact ma :(

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holiday Day 5

I went to the citizenship tuition yesterday. Was okay like normal.
Many kb-ians go there.

What to do on the holiday?
- gonna get my lappie skin done...
- and...go lim teh?

Giant is having the 1st step of protecting the earth.
You need to pay for plastic bags for $0.10, so bring your recycle bag!

Do you know the Brunei magazine named Copycat?
I'll take a pic of it next time.
I find it interesting as they have interesting topics.
They talk about people, latest gadgets, recipe!, fashion, etc.
It's thin, hope it's a thick mag to read.
I think it's free at the moment, if majority likes it, I think can consider selling it.

Tomorrow going to tuition again, and I'm going to drive back Seria late night.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day


And I said in the previous post that we celebrate the day!

Awesome MENU
1. Mashed Potatoes i'm a potato lover!
2. Prawn Fruits Salad
3. Chicken Ham with Mushroom Quiche
4. Vege Salad Roll

Main Course
1. Cheesy Wedges
2. Prawn & Tuna Lagsana
3. Japanese Curry Chicken
4. Rendang Chicken
5. Delicious Lo Mai Kai
6. Vietnam Spring Rolls/Vietnam Noodles
7. Rice

1. Cheese Cake
2. Chocolate Orange Mousse
3. Strawberry cheesecake

1. Coffee
2. Sky Juice/Cordial/Soft Drinks

1. Bingo
2. Mother's Day Card Contest (Below 12)
3. Mother and children Relay Game (Giant paws)
4. Twister

See how great our foods are?
So excited when I saw 3 diff potato dishes.

The gifts for the games:
1) A. Ayam Berjaya Restaurant Meal Voucher for B$20.00
2) The Mall Cineplex tickets for 2 paxs + 1 Pop-corn.
3) KFC Meal Voucher for B$15.00
4) Jollibee Meal Voucher for B$20.00


The giant paws

who is the fastest?

Me and my bro won for the 1st round, and final lost :(


kids 1st

Then the teens.

Too bad the adults didn't want to play. It will be funny for sure.

Strawberry cheese cake

chocolate moose

BINGO is a traditional game in our family
Attractive prizes too! *brows*

Rich man

Wu~ HD2