Saturday, May 22, 2010

Negaraku Brunei Darussalam

I find my skin nice today. ONLY TODAY!!!

So bored la Brunei. I can shop all the shops in The Mall just for few minutes.
Hope One Utama open a.s.a.p. So bruneians have more place for shopping ba.

Wanted to go to Empire beach, but raining :( Boring~
Wanted to have steamboat tonight, but need to order the pork early to cook soup.

Next week I will be having tuition 12 hours, hopefully from Monday to Friday only, not Saturday.
I forgot something so important to have us getting a yellow IC. We better behave as a good citizens, eg, no speeding, no drunk while drive, bla bla bla.
If caught by police....BOOHH....hard for you to get citizenship I think.

The 24th is Energy Day, that's mean there will be a great price for petrol on that day!

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