Sunday, May 16, 2010

Out to celebrate

Today is my day! I don't mean birthday but, me and Hua went out to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and my birthday.

Suppose, gonna celebrate on the real day, which is Tuesday, at Bandar, but I have citizenship tuition!?

Went to Buccaneer to have a dinner.

I'm Sexy

He's Hot

So let's have an Ice Vanilla to cool us down.
hah! whatever
Not sure if it's coffee or cappuccino. I'm not a fan, so can't differentiate.
It tastes nice.

They sometimes give garlic bread but today, they have butter bun.
I don't like butter, but I don't know why it tastes nice in this bread.
The bread is hot and the butter melt inside.

Hua had Mixed Grill.
It has steak, lamb chop and chicken chop, vege, mashed potato, egg and mushroom sauce.
This is what I usually order at Buccaneer, because, confirm, u will be full.

I ordered Fisherman Platter
A plate or tiger prawn, sotong, scallop, french fries, fillet and salad.
The only bad thing is, they are all fried!! U know, I avoid eating fried stuffs.
The tiger prawn is delicious man, very Q. got toing toing when u eat it

Anyway, I like this kind of spaghetti, with cream sauce.
I don't like those red red, with tomato paste, it tastes sour & 腻.
So I think this is nice.

Believe or not? I came back Seria since Thursday and I don't even have the chance to eat my mom's cook until today.

Friday I went to Miri, and mom asked to tapao red kolo mee for dinner.
I told her that I don't want to eat mee, then she said "Just tapao mine, daddy and bros' la". =.=
What I mean is, I want to eat home cook ba.

Today I went out to dinner with ah Hua.
And tomorrow, Sunday, daddy said "Let's think go where to eat tomorrow night."
Monday I will be going back to Bandar again. x.x
I will be alone at night at hostel. Let's force Yvonne to stay then xD

I'm considering want to quit the tuition or not.
Everything I also can tahan, but not the smell of smoke x.x
sorry to say that but it's the fact ma :(

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