Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holiday Day 5

I went to the citizenship tuition yesterday. Was okay like normal.
Many kb-ians go there.

What to do on the holiday?
- gonna get my lappie skin done...
- and...go lim teh?

Giant is having the 1st step of protecting the earth.
You need to pay for plastic bags for $0.10, so bring your recycle bag!

Do you know the Brunei magazine named Copycat?
I'll take a pic of it next time.
I find it interesting as they have interesting topics.
They talk about people, latest gadgets, recipe!, fashion, etc.
It's thin, hope it's a thick mag to read.
I think it's free at the moment, if majority likes it, I think can consider selling it.

Tomorrow going to tuition again, and I'm going to drive back Seria late night.

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