Sunday, May 30, 2010

Secret Recipe & Laneige Brunei Darussalam

If not mistaken, this function will end on 31st May, at The Mall.

Izan's voice always attracts me.
She always makes the environment go lively.

Felt like want to eat, so chose Secret Recipe.
I don't really secret recipe la actually, may be because I'm not a cake lover.

Appletiser tastes a bit sour like champagne.

Chicken cornish.
It tastes like curry puff.
A very big size, pretty full after u finish it.

Ordered Aussie Beef steak.
It comes with the Appletiser and brownies.
Costs $11+.

Cheese brownies.

Just now went shopping with mommy at Seria to boutique, KB's Lapech Boutique, Laneige, Seria Milimewah then Soon Lee.

Feels good when people remember you. hahaha
The sales girl at Laneige, she asked if I'm one of the Bollywood's dancers.

My mom bought foundation, I gave the sample of snow crystal foundation to my mom, and she said it's good. It has a bit shimmering.
But the original 'bottle' of Snow crystal foundation (see pic below: the one beside the green tube) comes with concealer and mirror inside! So it's quite convenient la.
She gave us lots of samples too.

I have the sample of one of their toners, blue in colour, got it at the roadshow.
Nice smell, and I think not bad.
I don't use it everyday, that's why I'm not sure.
I use it everytime before I put on my make up la, so I think OKAY.

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