Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lui times

I'm so lui at times.

Normally, Hua is the one who bring my car (Suzuki Vitara) to service.
This morning, I made appointment myself, I called:

Me: Hello, is this Suzuki Vitari? I mean, Suzuki?

She: This is Boustead.

Me: *paiseh*

Yesterday at tuition, teacher gave us the countries in Malay.
For eg, Cambodia is Kambodia in Malay.
He asked "what else"?

Me: Spanish!

Teacher: U mean Spain?

Me: No, Spanish.

Grayson: Spanish is the people. It's Spain.

Ok ba, I'm not good in geography ba.
I was thinking the word Sepanyol is more 'nearer' to Spanish.

I'm running out of rice.
I only remember that I need to go Giant when I passed Giant =.=

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