Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PSK day 2


Yesterday's woman double, we manage to get it top 8 but after that lost.

Today's woman team, I lost my set.
I can win, but lost. That's when you feel kek sim.
I can't tahan and cried because nervous, scared and feel bad when lost.
However, my team still win la.

July 1st is final. So you can come to Menglait Sport Complex and support IPT ^^
It starts at 8.30am until afternoon.

Wear glasses for 2 weeks.
Wearing glasses makes me don't feel like make up. Because my lashes will touch my glasses, irritating.

That Laneige toner has nice scent.

I use 3 types of mascara with different functions for top lashes

Actually I buy this for top lashes.
But it doesn't really work like it says "Dramatic Long".
So this for 'lower' lashes?

Lazy people use this for eye brows HAHA
It's faster and easier for me.
But if want to look better, will suggest to use the proper eyebrow pencil.

*Whoever coming from KB/Seria to Bandar, can please help and pass me contact lens?
My dad will pass it to u, and we'll meet up at Bandar.
Just call/FB/SMS me.
I know I sound desperate, but glasses is very not convenient for me.

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